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Michael Hickey (mikestomcat)

Bf 109G-6/R6 Trop 7./JG 53 "White 3"

This Bf 109G-6/R6 Trop will be done in the markings of "White 3", from 7./JG 53, Sicily, June, 1943.


3. September 2019, 01:02
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Michael Hickey
Finally getting this Gruppe close to the paint shop.🙂
3. September 2019, 01:10
Holger Kranich
Looks impressive, all together! What happened to the left wing at the wingroot?
3. September 2019, 06:37
Michael Hickey
Thanks Mates, Holly, it's just a little sanding dust nothing to worry about, and Lode I should have called them half a Staffel. I'm now thinking these will go on a diorama set around olive trees in Sicily.
3. September 2019, 07:25
Holger Kranich
Pheew, only sanding dust...
The idea with them all together in Sicily sounds awesome to me!
3. September 2019, 07:55
Slavo Hazucha
109 shades of Bf 109 :o - really impressive... I´m having trouble keeping track of the parts for one model on the bench + already falter when something mildly identical has to be done 2x (like 2 engines for one plane... 😄). This is several levels beyond... Looking great, keep up the good work 👍
3. September 2019, 10:27
Michael Hickey
Thanks Slavo, and Holly I need to do more research for the country side.
3. September 2019, 10:41
Hello Michael :) The Luftwaffe lands in Pearce :) I have never done, 6 models, even if it is as good as the 109 from Eduard, to build the same, but then makes sure fun in the colors, a nice project, have fun 👍 👍 👍
3. September 2019, 14:33
Michael Hickey
Welcome Jens, yes you are right, it is fun doing so many enjoyable kits at one time. Today I'll start the clean up of the first aircraft and put the scratchbuilt wingtip lights in place, then painting on plane No. 1 will start.😄
3. September 2019, 23:59
Michael Hickey
This ones not to far from the finish line but I'll do some more decaling on the other 5 in the Sqn.
6. October 2019, 10:36
Michael Hickey
Almost at the end only waiting for some Rigging Wire to turn up in the mail so I can do the antennas.
31. October 2019, 09:51
Predrag Ivanovic
Great project, so inspirational
31. October 2019, 10:28
Michael Hickey
Thank You Predran, it's been very pleasurable to do.
31. October 2019, 11:17
Holger Kranich
Wow what a squadron!!!
31. October 2019, 11:26
Stephan Ryll
That's a nice bunch of 109 👍 I call it „Michael's swarm"😉
31. October 2019, 17:40
Michael Hickey
Thanks everybody, it gives me a huge smile that this project pleases you all.😄
1. November 2019, 00:18
Nathan Dempsey
Woah! How did I miss this?! I guess I'll just enjoy the progress from here on out 🙂 Beautiful work so far!
1. November 2019, 02:24
Tim Heimer
Wow , just wow!
1. November 2019, 02:50
Tim Heimer
Does Germany know you're trying to restart WW2?? LOL
1. November 2019, 02:52
Bob Hall
He requires the Polish boys desk and the Czechoslovakian boys Desk as well !
1. November 2019, 03:00
Michael Hickey
Got my Rigging Wire in the mail today so I can now finish these off real soon.
1. November 2019, 03:06
Michael Hickey
Hey Mothman welcome aboard, better late than never.🙂
1. November 2019, 03:07
Peter Hardy
Wait until Mick starts on the 1000 bombers to go with the 109s!
1. November 2019, 07:37
Konrad Limmer
Now they know ;)!

Great work on all these 109ers.
1. November 2019, 07:40
Michael Hickey
So now the secret is out, thanks Peter, and thank you Konrad, and Tim you cracked me up.😄
1. November 2019, 09:18
Michael Hickey
White 3 is completed so I only have another 5 109's to go and then this project will be finished. If I pick them off one at a time I should have them all finished by the end of the weekend.🙂
1. November 2019, 10:33
Michael Hickey
Thanks Lode, I was going to fish off "White 5" but it's getting a bit late so I think it's probably best if I leave her for tomorrow when I finish her sisters "White 6" and "White 7".
1. November 2019, 11:19
Michael Hickey
Aircraft 1 and 4 didn't have cartoon characters possibly due to not being in the unit anymore i.e shot down, and aircraft 2 also didn't have any cartoon on her that I could find. Interestingly the Illiad decal sheet calls out aircraft 2 to be used, the instructions say to use the Bugs Bunny in the cradle artwork, but I found a photo of aircraft 7 with the exact same cartoon. Because I found the photo that showed aircraft 7 with the artwork and couldn't find anything on aircraft 2 except for one photo showing clearly it did not have any artwork I went with aircraft 7.
1. November 2019, 16:22
Michael Hickey
Hey Peter I still got over 55 109's in the stash ranging from Eduard, Fujimi and Hasegawa, unfortunately I only have about a handful of Luftwaffe bombers to go with them. Why so many 109's, simples, there fun easy quick little builds, and take up bugger all space in the cabinet.🙂
1. November 2019, 16:39


1:48 Bf 109G-6 (Eduard 8268)

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