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Dominik Weitzer (Dominik)

1965 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback

After a really fast built, the Mustang is ready.
It is painted in original paint, called ivy green, light tan interior, 5-spoke-wheels. upgrades are seatbelts in the front, interiorlights in the back and of course the wheels.


Christian W
Still love that color combination. Well done!
21 November 2021, 17:10
Nice Finish~ How about the quality of this kit?
7 December 2021, 04:52
Bob Hall

You nailed it perfect, Dom !
7 December 2021, 05:40
Dominik Weitzer
thank you very much!

Spike, the kit goes together very well. it is simple.
the only issues i had on both i build after mounting the chassis into the body:
-> the chassis is deformed (i think the rear half), so i had to remove the rear axle after slide the chassis in the body and corrected the stance left/right with using some styrene to lift the left side up.
-> the rear panel is tricky to glue in after the mounting
-> the front end had contact with the front frame from the chassis. so it was very hard to glue on. on the other Mustang i will sand that frame down that it fits without touching the front end.

a side note are the rear sidewindows / lowers. the have to glue in very carefull because they have no ledge to adjust.

ah! and i remember the fitting from the hood. i thinned out the hinges and the point on the body where the hinges touches the front panel under the windshield
7 December 2021, 08:13
Dominik Weitzer
Awesome picture Bob!
7 December 2021, 08:16
Revell kits are very likely to have warped parts with a high probability.
I think Revell should change the way the package style. ಠ_ಠ
7 December 2021, 12:02


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