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Dominik Weitzer (Dominik)

1965 Lincoln Continental


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Christian W
I wish, it would be offered as a sedan.
13. January, 09:50
Dominik Weitzer
I have a Sedan in my collection. but it is waiting for a resauration.
13. January, 15:47
Christian W
I sold mine last year. But again: it is here, the feeling to buy one again.
15. January, 05:06
Tom ...
My god, Dominik! How many models have you built?
15. January, 10:26
Dominik Weitzer
Tom, my collection is around 300 models - without the outsorced and sold ones. And Trucks. Oh, have some trucks to grab...

My last builts of past Year will follow the next days, than my Album is "updated and done".
Each Year since ten-15 years are about 20 kits built.
15. January, 10:37


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