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Dominik Weitzer (Dominik)

1958 Ford T-Bird Convertible - Old and abonded

This model is special.
I built it years ago, paint stripping failed, that's how I aged it. I wanted "something" like a HotRod and gave it the whitewall-wheels with chrome rims and red hubcaps. Engine and interior was in nearly new shape.
But something was wrong, I didn't like it.
Then Brian (SHORELINE, WA) found the model in my shop in the first lockdown in 2020 and asked, if I could modify one or the other thing. And THAT was what was missing!
The communication was perfect - I implemented his wishes and now the T-Bird was perfect from my point of view!
I cast different wheels, weathered the interior, enginebay and lights, removed a headlight and worked on the windshield....a.s.o

The first pictures show "that's how he was" - the following ones how he is now.
At this point, thanks again to Brian! Now it is perfect and has found its place.


15 | 8. January, 12:13
Nigel Chapman
Like what you have done Dominik, however you should do another one as a rat look with the original wheel & tyre combo as it really popped !
8. January, 13:54
Cool! Interesting to see how the wheels have changed over the years .............
8. January, 14:41
8. January, 14:49
8. January, 14:58
Dominik Weitzer
Thanks mates ;) . much appreciated
8. January, 16:47
Christian W
So cool. The rework on this is paying out.
13. January, 09:47


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