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Dominik Weitzer (Dominik)

Volkswagen Golf (2) GTI

Built this Golf for a good friend of mine. It's his second car he owens and still has it today.
The kit is the Golf 2 2.Gen with Facelift and other changes. I had to rebuilt it to the first Gen Gof 2.

The changes are:

- removed the rear seats, made his hifi-intallation there in the back.
- Used Seats and wheels from Clearly scale (awesome parts)
- changed the GTI-Grill to a stock with two headlights
- removed the VW-Logo on the grill
- built this "bad look"
- built reacebelts
- some detailwork on the Dashboard
- installed armrests on the doorpanels
- brushed sunvisor on the windshield
- droped the Suspension
- engraved the sliding roof

Changes to the 1Gen Gof 2:
- built sidetrim from scratch
- built the old side Windows

Painted out of the rattlecan in original Color. Of course, he gets his numberplates.

The last Picture Shows the original and the Showcase. The Showcase is his driveway of his new home.


19 July 2019, 09:05
Christian W
This model kit looks so fantastic! With all it's small details it's really well done. Maybe you'll get some pictrues of it with the original car.
22 July 2019, 09:29
Dominik Weitzer
Thank you Bro. not thought about it, to make some Pictures with the real Golf.
22 July 2019, 14:38
Ahh that's excellent! What brilliant work, looks so realistic, I'm very impressed
22 July 2019, 14:52
Patrick Hagelstein
Looks really awesome! Are you going to replicate that Nürburgring sticker on the hood as well?
22 July 2019, 15:29
Nigel Chapman
Wow looks great, I love the display case with that photo, looks amazing
22 July 2019, 20:46
Dominik Weitzer
Thank you very much!
Patrick, in the first meaning i would like to fix that Sticker in scale on the Hood. But he will restore his car (sitting in a Garage since years) and told me, it is not that important to make it.
23 July 2019, 10:46
Patrick Hagelstein
😄 Gotcha!
23 July 2019, 12:52
Schöner Golf im passenden Ambiente!
23 July 2019, 14:02


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1:24 Volkswagen Golf GTI 16V Rabbit (Fujimi 12498)

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