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Michael Hatch
Michael Hatch

IS-2m Model 1944

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The kit showed up in the Post today. 

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First session. Happy, happy, joy, joy. 

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The kit's track options are pretty good. 

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... But I really like metal tracks. 

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MasterClub tracks are not for the faint of heart but like a lot of things in life, it all comes down to technique. 

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The second session, left track. 84 links? 

Album image #7
86 links. Maybe 85 for slightly less sag? 

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86 links it is. 85 links have the track tight. 

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Album image #10
Details and seams. 

Album image #11
Ready for paint. 

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The only issue I had was that I looked at the instructions but didn't read the instructions. The diagram shows opening four holes on the hull front but you only need to open two. You just need to choose what side the light and horn go on. I guessed and I think I got it wrong.... 

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The track sag looks too much but one less link and the track looks too tight. 

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The hardest part of the build was the seams on the external fuel tanks and their straps.  

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This is my third set of MasterClub metal tracks and I really like them. Once I got past the horror of the teeny, tiny, resin pins and found a technique that works for me, I am very happy with the results. Recommended with reservations. (If a person has never worked with individual metal tracks, allow for a longer learning curve.) 

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Palo M
Following! Same kit in my stash, have to steal some ideas here.
24. July, 20:12


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