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Michael Hatch
Michael Hatch

Eastern Winter Hornet

Östliche Winterhornisse


18 | 23. May, 19:56
Tini Hendriks
Nice choice! Following
30. May, 08:56
Mark K
Looking really good! But is this not a rhinoceros rather than a hornet?
31. May, 06:34
Michael Hatch
Mark, you are absolutely right. I just like the name Hornet better.
31. May, 19:08
Mark K
Entirely your prerogative!
1. June, 00:30
Michael Osadciw
Looks like you left off the outer half of the return rollers for fitting the track? Great idea!
2. June, 12:32
James C
Nice work so far 👍
Are the track extensions on these links separate parts that have to be attached to each track link, or is each track link (with extension) molded as one piece?
2. June, 17:54
2. June, 18:11
Michael Hatch
James, the track links are moulded with the extensions on. The Friulmodel box shows the link in some detail.
3. June, 06:05
James C
Cool and thanks 👍
3. June, 06:21
Tini Hendriks
German duckbills🤔
3. June, 12:46
Very original with the winterketten tracks
Nice build
3. June, 23:20


On hold
1:35 Nashorn (Tamiya 35335)1:35 88mm Pak43/41 - NASHORN (Lion Roar LB3532)1:35 Panzer III/IV Winterketten (Friulmodel ATL-19)

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