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Manic Dragon
Andrea Morris (Manic Dragon)

WWII German Tractor (Completed)

In 1912 Hanomag started the production of plows with up to 80 hp benzene engines. In 1924, the first farm tractor WD 26 (WD) with a 26 hp four-cylinder benzene engine was presented to the market. In 1931, the first diesel tractor RD 36 with a 36-horsepower four-cylinder engine, and 5.2 liters of capacity was made. Hanomag was the market leader in 1939 and the early 1950s. In 1951, a series of new tractors were developed, based on a modular system with 2-3- and 4-cylinder engines. From 1962 until the cessation of production in 1971, only four-stroke diesel tractors were built.

From 1912 to 1971, more than 250,000 machines from 12 to 92 hp left the factory halls in Linden. In addition, there were manufacturing facilities in Argentina and license agreements with the Spanish industrialists.



57 images
1:35 Hanomag SS100 (Takom 2068)
Hanomag SS100
3R Military Wehrmacht Heer (German Army 1935-1945)
Peenemünde Army Research Centre WH 545586
1943 World War 2 - Peenemünde


1 | 14. June 2020, 03:49
Andrea Morris
The chassis, engine, and cab are built and painted. Dashboard decals to be applied and then I can do some weathering. Great kit, no issues so far.
20. June 2020, 14:27
Andrea Morris
A little more progress with painting the internals. Major assembly can now take place. The fool that I am, I went and glued the filler cap on upside down! :( I had to saw the end off, pack it with plast-card, clean it all up and then scratch build a replacement filler neck and cap.
22. June 2020, 13:57
Andrea Morris
The cab is painted, glazing & is now ready for assembly.
29. June 2020, 12:38
Andrea Morris
Cab, grills and bonnet are assembled.
8. July 2020, 11:02
Andrea Morris
All painted and a wash added. Now to add the number-plate digits & she can received a matt varnish.
16. July 2020, 14:25
16. July 2020, 15:59
Andrea Morris
Cheers Victor, not to shabby is she?
25. July 2020, 10:22
Victor Scale Hamster YT
It turned out very cleanly. What's white on the hood?
27. July 2020, 12:24
Andrea Morris
Which picture Victor, #47?
28. July 2020, 09:51
Victor Scale Hamster YT
image 49, for example. on the blinds
28. July 2020, 11:59
Andrea Morris
Unfortunately the camera has bleached the true colour. Its far darker in real life. It is supposed to represent soot!
28. July 2020, 14:19

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