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Blohm & Voss BV 141

The Blohm & Voss BV 141 was a World War II German tactical reconnaissance aircraft. It is notable for its uncommon structural asymmetry. Although the Blohm & Voss BV 141 performed well, it was never ordered into full-scale production, for reasons that included the unavailability of the preferred engine and competition from another tactical reconnaissance aircraft, the Focke-Wulf Fw 189.



In progress
1:48 Blohm & Voss BV141 (HobbyBoss 81728)1:48 BV 141 - S.A. (Eduard 49699)1:48 B & V 141 Propeller (True Details 48558)1+
Blohm & Voss Bv 141 V-10
3R Military Wehrmacht Luftwaffe (German Air Force 1935-1945)
June 1941 World War 2 - Erprobungstelle at Rechlin


30. May 2020, 11:46
playtime 222
One of my favourite weirdies. Plus I have this one so... observing :D
30. May 2020, 11:53
Andrea Morris
lol Yes, very weird but it performed very well. Masking is going to take a looong time :)
30. May 2020, 12:00
Daniel Klink
Obscure subject...Following...
30. May 2020, 12:33
playtime 222
I have several rolls and buckets of scalpels in mind for this and the Fw189....
30. May 2020, 12:45
Erik Leijdens
Great subject
30. May 2020, 12:45
Andrea Morris
Welcome along gents :) The cockpit tub is built and the non pre-painted PE has been applied. This represents over six hours work! Time for primer and painting before applying the pre-painted PE.
31. May 2020, 12:30
Andrea Morris
Iv'e built up & painted the resin prop replacement for the kit part as Hobby-Boss messed up and had it spinning in the wrong direction!!! The boom has been joined together. Wing halves have also been joined, the cockpit tub installed and painted RLM66 Now I have to fit the remaining PE including seat-belts.
1. June 2020, 13:19
playtime 222
Oh shit. Now I know that, my OCD means I have to get one too... :D
2. June 2020, 06:04
Andrea Morris
ROFLOL The prop spins anti-clockwise but Hobby-Boss have it spinning clockwise. I know people looking at it wouldn't see the problem but I KNOW! :) I'm just putting the panel lines back after sanding and she will be ready for primer.
2. June 2020, 10:51
Andrea Morris
@playtime 222 "I have several rolls and buckets of scalpels in mind for this" SOD THAT!!! I bought the Montex mask set. :) For just £6.50 its going to save me a lot of sweat and swearing!
2. June 2020, 12:24
Andrea Morris
The port wing, and tail-plane, have been added to the boom. The remaining PE has been put in place with some weathering work in the cockpit. The engine has been painted, although, with the outer fan & prop in-place, you can barely see it!
6. June 2020, 12:25
Andrea Morris
All wings n things have been added along with the lower glazing. She just needs a final sanding, the upper glazing fitted and she can be masked & primed.
12. June 2020, 11:13
Andrea Morris
Finally she is masked and primed. Not surprisingly the masking took a loooong time, Montex to the rescue :) I'll let that fully cure before a light sanding and then apply paint.
18. June 2020, 14:59
Roger Trewenack
Looks like I'll have to get the prop replacement.
What a quirky, but magnificent aircraft!!
29. June 2020, 13:08
Andrea Morris
It's very noticeable when you put it next to, say, a 109 in your display cabinet! Things were delayed somewhat when I realised that the walk-way was in the wrong place :( I had to de-bond it and move it to the correct position, sand and re-prime.
29. June 2020, 17:50
playtime 222
Is it a strict mirror image or could the masochistic among us saw the props off, make a jig and reverse them?
30. June 2020, 07:01
Andrea Morris
Yes, if your such a masochist that is do-able, is that pain really worth a tenner (£10) ??? :) (Resin replacement is available from Hannants)
30. June 2020, 10:51
playtime 222
The other more pragmatic approach for me is to just relax a little and have it as a known quirk. I expect my OCD will win and Ill make an attempt. I have a huge stash and no time, so no idea when I get to this one. Hannants may have closed or the heat death of the universe.... :D
30. June 2020, 16:26
Andrea Morris
lol :) They won't be around for ever, BUY NOW! :) My SO has calculated that, at my current build-rate, it will take 6 years and 8 months to build all of my stash!!! But then I am retired. As I type, I am masking off the splinter camo so I can paint tomorrow.
30. June 2020, 17:34
playtime 222
This is the nearest I get to modelling for 3 months. Corona app. 12-16 hour days.
1. July 2020, 21:22
Andrea Morris
@playtime 222 Oh dear :( I have barley left the house in the last 100 days due to the lockdown, so its been non-stop modelling!
2. July 2020, 04:56
Andrea Morris
RLM71 on the top and masking removed. A little touch-up required then I can apply the (Montex) Insignia masks.
2. July 2020, 05:00

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