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Germen V (G-VAN)

F4B VF111 1/72

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1 | 12. October 2020, 18:21
Sergej I
Nice Phantom! 👍
12. October 2020, 18:28
Germen V
thx, i had this akit around for about 15 years, started it once, few months ago i found it in my stash again, restarted it, had some CAM decals for VF111 bu they desolved in water, looking for new one, found some from Print Scale ( 72-058) but they don't contain general data, so looking around again, found MILSPEC 72-002), so afther blood, sweat, cigarettes and a lot of curses here she is.
12. October 2020, 18:35
Sergej I
Haha Germen, sounds like a Hasegawa 😄
The very same box also sits in my stash... with a set of Jolly Rogers decals...
12. October 2020, 18:41
Ferenc Sarka
12. October 2020, 18:42
Germen V
the kit is not so bad, the guy i bought the kit from also bought a verlinden update, so i got a resin cockpit in it, the photo etch he messed up, the only thing i used where the insert for the exhausts.
Have fun with yours. Ltittle tip : leave off the elevators till the very last moment, yes, even afther the canopy. they are so brittle to break off.
12. October 2020, 18:46


1:72 F-4B/N Phantom II 'Sundowners VF-111' (Hasegawa 00365)1:72 Walkways & Formation Lights (Milspec 72-005)

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