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Alec K (Pardubak)

IPMS-USA National Convention 2021

A selection of aircraft pics from the 2021 IPMS-USA Nats in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have broken them down by contest categories. Hope you enjoy.

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Björn Svedberg
Great photos! 👍 Thanks for sharing!
10. September, 02:43
Guy Rump
Thanks for sharing, very inspirational 👍
10. September, 07:45
Thanks for sharing!
10. September, 08:47
Pierre Vauthier
thanks for sharing!
10. September, 15:54
Thanks for sharing. 👍
10. September, 17:49
Rui S
Excellent level 👍, thx for sharing .
10. September, 19:26
Glenn Cole
Thank you for going to the trouble of photographing all those planes and sharing !
10. September, 21:32
great show. thanks for sharing
10. September, 21:35
Alec K
I am glad you liked them guys. It was a great show, masks and all. I have uploaded the rest of the aircraft pics (starting on page 29 with image 290). More albums coming soon.
11. September, 01:26
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks for sharing! How was the vendor room? Get any loot?
11. September, 01:32
Alec K
You bet. The vendor room was very good, although I missed the vendors from overseas (usually Eduard and Special Hobby both have a large presence, as well as Tamiya and Zoukei Mura, to name a few). As far as the loot, the wallet did not escape injury... 😄
11. September, 01:40
Alec, I'm impressed! Not only by the huge amount of models, quality - also the number of categories is very high!
I guess 681/688 is yours?
11. September, 12:24
Alec K
Hello Bugs - you are right, there was a LOT of models on the tables (2700+ entries, if memory serves). It certainly felt like an excellent turnout, not surprising considering the COVID impact on such events. Not sure how contests compare in Europe, but US organizers try to keep the entries per category to no more than 15-20 (my guess), hence many categories are split during the contest based on turnout.

And you are correct, my little Avia competed in the scratch-built category 🙂
11. September, 14:17
There were several 'WOW!' moments, not least the the time and effort you've devoted to uploading all those photos for all those albums. Thanks very much Alec.
That scratch-built Skycrane is staggering!
Mind you, it's going to waste half of my day going though all of them, so "bad Alec!" 😉
25. November, 10:27
David Januska
Wow, it seems it was a paradise thank you for all the effort and congrats to all of the builders.
25. November, 10:53
Alec K
Sure thing David. Glad you like it 👍

Gorby, I'm not gonna lie, it was a lot of work, mainly to sort it all by categories. I see all these guys walking around and taking pictures, but then I never can find any of it online. So, I am glad you enjoyed perusing them. As to the time it took, not sure I can say I am sorry… 😉

Yep, that crane was incredible. Kinda put a damper on my delusions of grandeur…
25. November, 14:09
Dominik Weitzer
holymoly...2700+ entries...wow. now i wil watch the pictures.
Thanks a lot for posting!
25. November, 14:16

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