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Plastic Addict
Nathan Dempsey (Plastic Addict)


Jaguar A in Kosovo - "Operation Trident" WIP

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In progress
1:48 Jaguar A (Heller 80428)1:48 Matra R-550 Magic 2 (Eduard 648323)7+


10 | 5. September, 19:23
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Nathan Dempsey
The next project begins. Well, not really as this has been a ghost build for a while and I'm ready to finish it.

It's an older kit, but makes into a decent kit.
5. September, 19:27
Cool subject, nice progress and a lot of fancy aftermarket taking a seat
5. September, 19:42
Nathan Dempsey
Welcome Daniel :)

I'm a sucker for aftermarket goodies, but in this one's case many of them were necessary. I bought this kit years ago and have robbed a few items (missile & a wheel) from it for other kits, along with a few parts that were missing (antennas & pitot).
5. September, 20:37
Gary Dahlström
Nice project! Body work and pilot seat looking great.
5. September, 21:14
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Gary :)

I'm actually working on the seat today. Painting the pull handles with their tiny yellow & black striping. Maybe some more pics up tomorrow.
5. September, 22:43
Roland Gunslinger
Count me in 8)
5. September, 22:46
Nathan Dempsey
Welcome Roland. Good to have you aboard.
5. September, 23:53
Jos Jansen
Oh yeah, my all time favorite jet...
6. September, 11:25
Nathan Dempsey
Welcome Jos :)

Hopefully I can provide a semi-convincing finish. I see the paint call-outs on the Zots decal sheet says the underside is Flat Aluminum. Is this a paint coating or actual natural metal?
6. September, 14:06
Nathan Dempsey
Just added photos of the completed seat and a scratch built replacement part for the landing gear.
6. September, 14:34
Gary Dahlström
Looking good Nathan, especially the ejection handles! I'm trying to understand your question: Are you asking about the finish IRL, if they've painted the bottom of the craft or left it a natural bare finish?
7. September, 00:02
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Gary. Yes on the real aircraft.

I just found a picture that leads me to believe it is a painted "aluminum" color. I noticed in this picture that there's one small spot on the nose of the drop tank that has a worn area definitely showing natural metal that looks entirely different from the remaining aluminum color. The main problem is that all the pics I have that the aircraft look really well maintained.
7. September, 00:17
Nathan Dempsey
Worked on the AS-30 missile today. Had to modify the nose to make an AS-30L by sanding it down and creating the laser receiver. Also I added a small aluminum tube for the 3rd engine and drilled out the other 2 engine bells.
7. September, 17:29
Roland Gunslinger
Nice progress The scratchbuild landing-gear part looks professional!
7. September, 17:51
7. September, 18:35
Nathan Dempsey
Thank you Roland! I'm continuing work on the Eduard Magic missile. This one is a pleasure of a tiny kit to build.
7. September, 18:35
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Laurent :)
7. September, 20:08
Nathan Dempsey
Just added Model Master 4851 Yellow Zinc Chromate to the wheel and air-brake wells.
8. September, 20:05
Nathan Dempsey
Work continues. Today I dipped the canopy in Future and attached the HUD glass. I should finish attaching the canopy later today.
9. September, 19:17
Jos Jansen
I know this kit, made myself a RAF Jaguar ... they are all from the same molding, mine was a Revell kit. They're not that detailed as you may want, but the kit builds nicely. Looking really forward for the next steps you're gonna make
10. September, 04:55
Michael Phillips
Very nice progress so far! Cool subject too. Taking a seat and watching the progress here!
10. September, 13:41
Nathan Dempsey
Jos: Yes, this is an older tooling and is definitely light on detail, but I'm happy to report the price of $15USD made me forgive much of the shortcomings! Lol

Michael: Thanks and welcome!

Well it is time for me to lounge for a while now as I just spent 30 minutes on my hands and knees looking for a photo-etch mirror that I had BMF Chromed.
10. September, 17:18
Nathan Dempsey
Attached the Eduard antenna parts on the vertical stabilizer. I like the look compared to the very thick kit parts.
10. September, 18:01
Nathan Dempsey
Today I was able to attach the canopy and get it masked. Also had time to use the AK Xtreme Metal paint again on the exhaust area of this build.
13. September, 01:29
Mirko Römer
Great work so far!
13. September, 13:35
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Mirko :)

Just painted around the canopy & the intakes today. Hopefully I'll get time to begin the main camo colors tonight or tomorrow.
15. September, 19:16
Gary Dahlström
Looks great! PE is handsome, and i like what you did with the rear-view mirrors.
15. September, 19:24
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Gary!

Some of the joins on the canopy were really bothering me, so I broke out the Apoxie Sculpt to smooth out and even the fit.
16. September, 15:08
Andy Ball
Hi, may I take a seat!?
17. September, 10:10
Slavo Hazucha
Cool project & plane, sadly quite definitely the last of its kind... Initial works also look very promising, nice pit, HUD & integration of the extra exterior parts!
17. September, 10:45
Nathan Dempsey
Welcome Andy & Slavo! Thanks for joining the build :)

Today just doing preparations for paint and I finally attached the pitot. Also more prep work on the resin Armory wheel set. Quite nice as you can actually read Dunlop on the sides of the tires. Added a comparison shot of the kit & L'Arsenal ATLIS II pod.
17. September, 19:10
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice Nathan. I built that kit not to long ago, used all the aftermarket stuff for the Airfix kit. I have the Kitty Hawk one, which I have been tossing around getting the Zotz's Kosovo decal sheet for it. I have a ESCI GR1 which I am going to do in the Operation Granby scheme.
17. September, 23:04
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Clifford!

Laid down the Neutral Grey today. Everything went a-ok with the paint, but I did notice a couple of spots on the fuselage that needed rework. Luckily they were quite small and I only needed to repaint 2 small areas.
18. September, 19:17
Christian Kohl
Hey Nathan, looks great, very nice job! I'm curious what will happen next.. ;)
19. September, 15:55
Jos Jansen
Love your dedication Nathan to making this kit a stunner ... !
19. September, 19:08
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Christian & Jos! Your positivity will keep me going :)

Work has stalled a bit during the weekend due to a busy schedule at home. I should be able to apply the green part of the camo tomorrow. I'm also going a bit more slowly as I'm doing post shading with the airbrush and trying not to over-do it.
20. September, 16:41
Nathan Dempsey
Green color has been applied. Hopefully later this evening I can continue shading. I really like the pattern the French applied to their Jaguars.
21. September, 17:54
Slavo Hazucha
Nothing beats late- and post-Cold War European Theatre close air support camouflage! Hogs, Harriers, Jaguars just rock! ;)
21. September, 18:45
Nathan Dempsey
Definitely agree with you Slavo!
21. September, 22:47
Clifford Keesler
Nice camo job Nathan.
21. September, 23:40
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Clifford!

Today is more shading and I'm taping up everything to paint the bottom color: flat aluminum.
22. September, 16:12

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