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Takom M3 Lee


1 | 5. January 2018, 04:39
Peter Hardy
Coming along nicely Nat. How is the Takom kit itself?
7. January 2018, 00:40
Nathan Camarillo
Very good fit if you clean properly and don't oversand the edges. Very nice details and it has been quite a joy so far. Later I'll do a NAF Grant with more aftermarket details, metal barrels, etc. it's my first Takom
8. January 2018, 02:03
Peter Hardy
I have a King Tiger in the stash which I plan to do next year. That will be my first. The fit looks excellent so I can look forward to a few more Takoms?
8. January 2018, 02:12
Nathan Camarillo
same🙂 I got the King Tiger with Interior, I think I need my head examined... I also ordered the mk.iv which looks excellent when I opened the box last week. A lot of useless details behind those big broad sides though... every tiny road wheel 🙂 I'm really pleased with the kit quality. I've mostly done Tamiyas so its nice to have a broader range of subjects, more detail in some cases, and still have great quality.
8. January 2018, 10:19
Nathan Camarillo
all done, ready for inspection!
13. February 2018, 12:42
very nicely done Nathan
13. February 2018, 13:07
Björn Svedberg
The Lee is one of my favorites, and your rendering of it is great! 👍
I really like the mud and grass on the tracks and the underside.
How did you like the Takom kit? I'm considering the Tamiya, but haven't decided yet..
13. February 2018, 18:38
Nathan Camarillo
Thanks all! @bjorn, the Takom kit is really suburb. Don't listen to the instructions when it tells you to paint the air cleaners rust. Also if you follow the instructions your tracks will be a link short on acing. There are some extras included on a different sprue so just use one of those to save yourself some agony. Otherwise the fit is extremely good and precise. Don't oversand your edges and it should fit flawlessly with some finger pressure and minimal cleanup.
14. February 2018, 08:43
Björn Svedberg
Thanks Nathan for the info! 🙂 and keep up the good work! 👍
14. February 2018, 08:52
Nathan Camarillo
No worries mate! Make sure to share if you make a Takom too!
14. February 2018, 18:37


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1:35 M3 Lee (Takom 2085)

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