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Dan M (StarForce)

SA-6 finished

Well, made some mistakes and i need to learn to make better pictures. Probably a good idea to do them not when i'm supposed to be sleeping 🙂


1. March 2016, 00:45
Dan M
Thank you, though i need to take better pictures, the focus was all over the place and where i did the paint chipping i used aluminum and it reflected light at the camera in the wrong way taking out some of the details
2. March 2016, 22:19
Ray Seppala
Great result 👍 detail and weathering looks pretty good to me in those pictures.
3. March 2016, 00:17
The Blytonian
I like it. Nicely done!
10. April 2016, 02:02
Dan M
Thank you!
10. April 2016, 13:52
Looks good, but you can still see the mold lines on the rockets and the log. Otherwise, perfect!
11. April 2016, 14:28
Dan M
The log somehow escaped my attention; still a newbie at a lot of this stuff 🙂. As for the rockets ... I'm not really good at cleaning up two-piece parts like those rockets (or gun barrels) so that's one area where I need to improve. Any tips ?
11. April 2016, 14:49
Yeah, cleaning up two piece tubes is a massive pain in the ass. Make sure you fill in the gap between parts, if any, and then give it a good light sanding. Not too hard, or else you'll end up with an oval rather than a circle shape. I use 240 grit sandpaper instead of my usual files since it can conform to the shape of the item.

With things like logs, you have to be careful since it has texture, so a file combined with extremely careful sanding is the way to go there.
11. April 2016, 15:46


1:35 SAM-6 Antiaircraft Missile (Trumpeter 00361)

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