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Evgeny Brovkin (aZrael)

Merkava I hybrid with mine roller

IMHO - this merkava by TAKOM is the best plastic AFV model, ever build by myself
Really great kit.
Excellent fit. Nice constructoin.
Great detail level in pure plastic.
OOB - outstaning tool


1 | 23. February 2018, 15:15
Ed Froix
This is sooo beautiful
26. February 2018, 08:44
Ingo F
Looks very good Evgeny. 👍
26. February 2018, 09:31
Tim Heimer
I like it!
26. February 2018, 12:36
Evgeny Brovkin
Thanks mates!!
27. February 2018, 07:15
Dan M
Nice Merkava! Did you had any trouble mating the Meng rollers to the Takom kit?
27. February 2018, 08:05
Paul Stubbs
Nice 👍
27. February 2018, 10:11
Evgeny Brovkin
Thank's mates!
>Did you had any trouble mating the Meng rollers to the Takom kit?
Not troubles, but some work. Neet to move attaching point on upper front armor for few millimeters.
Not difficult🙂
27. February 2018, 12:50
excellent job on the merkava! the weathering is simply perfect,"used" look, but not overdone. excellent!
14. March 2018, 16:44
Michael Hickey
I love the Merkava, and you did an awesome job mating the tank with the rollers.👍
14. March 2018, 19:08
Evgeny Brovkin
Thanks mates!
It's really not difficult to add meng rollers to takom. Few cuts with knife and move plates with glue for some millimeters🙂
16. March 2018, 05:03


1:35 Merkava Mk.1 Hybrid (Takom 2079)1:35 Nochri Degem Dalet Heavy Mine Roller System (Meng Model SPS-021)

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