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Jakub Fiala (kubafiala)

Spitfire Mk.I K.Mrázek In progress+completed


41 | 3. March, 21:01
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Rui S
Excellent work in the pit. 👍 I'm in
3. March, 22:59
Jakub Fiala
thank you and wellcome!
4. March, 07:52
Jarda Malý
Tady se nám pomalu klube další krasavec.
10. March, 21:58
Jakub Fiala
No uvidime, co z toho vyleze 🙂
10. March, 22:10
Alec K
I'll take a seat as well. Moc hezká práce 👍
18. June, 23:06
Jakub Fiala
Thank you and wellcome Alec
19. June, 07:13
Erik Leijdens
Excellent work Jakub! Looks bigger!
19. June, 09:20
Neil Patrick
Lovely job! Look forward to the hopefully imminent finished build. 🙂
19. June, 10:20
Jakub Fiala
Thank you Eric and Neil! I hope i will finish this one soon. But, to be honest, i must say, that these days i spend much more time on my mountain bike or on golf course, than sitting at my modelling table 🙂
20. June, 14:46
Bruce Huxtable
Really enjoying your work here, Jakub. Will you display her balanced on her nose? Very subtle paint looks great.
20. June, 15:12
Jakub Fiala
Thank you Bruce! Regrettably, i have no diorama modelling skills. So i will display her ,, a few hours before the accident" 🙂
21. June, 09:06
Jan Peters
Great looking Spitfire, especially in 72nd scale
25. June, 11:34
David Taylor
Superb for 72nd.
25. June, 20:29
Mark K
26. June, 07:44
Jakub Fiala
Thank you, guys!
26. June, 20:45
Jakub Fiala
Hello mates, uploaded photos of finished model
5. July, 18:59
Bruce Huxtable
And very splendid she looks too, Jakub. Opravdu tohle letadlo je skvělé, výborně ?
5. July, 19:37
5. July, 20:16
Alec K
Excellent build 👍
5. July, 22:16
Jakub Fiala
Thank you mates for your kind comments! I appreciate it. Děkuji.
6. July, 08:24
Jarda Malý
vypadá to moc dobře kámo
11. July, 15:10
Łukasz Gliński
Love the weathering and these nice details, e.g. serial number 👍
11. July, 19:04
Jakub Fiala
díky kámo :-D
12. July, 20:39
Jakub Fiala
Thank you Lukasz
12. July, 20:40
Guy Rump
Very nice 👍
12. July, 20:54
Jakub Fiala
Thank you Guy
13. July, 13:21


1:72 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I (Tamiya 60748)1:72 Spitfire Mk.I (Eduard SS214)1:72 Czechoslovak Commanders in Spitfires (AML AMLD72043)2+

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