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Łukasz Gliński@Feature Requests
Looks like the currency translation is broken:
18. June, 11:28

June 16, 2021

JD@Feature Requests
All my button icons are gone..bell, envelope, trash bin, pencil, thumb etc. in Safari, but ok in Firefox
Feature request in progress
16. June, 03:48
which version of Safari do you run?
16. June, 19:14
Safari 14.6 Just started happening yesterday
16. June, 21:23
bughunter@Feature Requests
Which category should be used in "Box content" for the new 3D Decals, like Quinta Studio and Eduard "Space" series? Sometimes "Decalsheet (waterslide) (Multi-colored)" was used, but not always.
16. June, 11:25

June 14, 2021

Roman Modelar@Feature Requests
I would like to maintain additional dates for items in Stash manually:
- when item was changed to status Started (I have started working on it)
- when item was changed to status Done (I have completed it)

Currently it is implemented only in status Stash -> when item was added into Stash via Purchased details. There I can enter the date of buying. (suggesting an internal date when it was added into my Stash would be nice feature)

I maintain my own statistics in Excel file like:
- list of kits I have started this/last/any year
- list of kits I have finished this/last/any year
- chart how many kits I'm able to finish per year
- chart with trendline of number of finished kits per year
- chart how many kits are in progress this year, tracked per month (e.g. my personal goal for 2021 is to decrease "In progress" kits from 63 to 57)

For all these statistics it is necessary to have a date of change (started, done), ideally entered manually.
6. June, 10:08
Roman Modelar
any opinion on this wish ? thnx 🙂
14. June, 12:40
Martin Oostrom
If you create a project for each (set of) items, you can set the start and ended dates, and even record time spent.
See Dennis' project Audi Quattro A2 Rally Monte Carlo 1984 | Project by El_Duderino (1:24)
14. June, 13:16
Roland Soderstrom@Feature Requests
When I do an export to csv I do not get all the data.
I would like to see the status fields for State/Storage/Purchase.
Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
14. June, 11:57

June 13, 2021

Steven Leathers@Feature Requests
There is nowhere to include your sold price, and therefore whether you have made a loss of profit on the sale. There is space for adding how much you paid, but what use is this if it doesn't have a space for how much you sold? You can add the profit or loss to the financial stats summary section.
Feature request implemented
2 | 5. March, 09:53
moved to TODO
5. March, 17:49
5. March, 23:02
this is implemented, thank you!
12. March, 22:40
Also your statistics contain the price
12. March, 22:40
Steven Leathers
Brilliant and thank you!
13. June, 21:32

June 11, 2021

Dionisios Klavdianos@Feature Requests
Dear Scalemates, I had this idea of an additional module which will show only on a personal level, for each user, where the average cost of each of his/hers kit's is calculated based on the current market sale and the price from users and finally it shows also a minimum and maximum. In addition the tool, could calculate the whole stash price (again minimum, average, maximum) and of course the stash can can be filtered using the same code as your research tool.

That would be very helpful in order to have a quick look of what we're selling or buying...

Thank you!
11. June, 12:06
Martin Oostrom
There is something similar. In your stash, click the + to the right of an item, click 'purchase'. There you can fill in what you paid for the item.
11. June, 12:13

June 7, 2021

JeffK@Feature Requests
Perhaps I'm missing something but is there a way to group or filter a multitopic kit so it doesn't show up as multiple items in a stash list? I'd rather see it listed once instead of broken out into every single part.
Feature request implemented
1 | 2. June, 13:37
James C
Same. This happens with my military truck and trailer units, as well as weapons sets which is particularly annoying. Would be nice to be able to choose how these types of kits appear in our stash etc. I would much rather see what kits I have, rather than a break down of each subject that's actually included in each kit.
2. June, 17:47
I thought that was already possible, sure I build this already.

Let me check
3. June, 08:04
James C
Is it? I'm not able to see anything to disable it under preferences settings etc
3. June, 17:42
Andrea Morris
I find the multi topic feature useless and very annoying seeing kits appear multiple times. And just as annoying is trying to change something but if I click on the green+ nothing happens, I then have to scroll to find the main item for the green+ to work 🙁
3. June, 22:00
In your preferences you can now disable seeing multitopic item "doubles"

4. June, 20:40
@Andrea: I created a new feature request for your second remark SCM Newsfeed
4. June, 20:43
Andrea Morris
Thank you, your willingness to please never ceases to amaze 🙂
4. June, 21:32
James C
Many thanks! 👍👍👍
4. June, 21:34
if i may give a suggestion for change... set in the preferences an option (as you did) for default show /not show multitopic. but alow that to be changed as a filter in stash and wishlist. I suggest this so if you are in your stash, and want to see if you have something (let's say a tipe of missele that may be included in a set), you can quickly change the setting there if you have set them to be not shown. just an idea.
5. June, 13:16
Thank you so much!
7. June, 18:55

June 5, 2021

scalemates@Feature Requests
Decal options have a display issue when the organisation name is the same but the country is different. Items are not grouped correctly. See VW Käfer 1951/1952 (Revell 07461, 1:16)

1:16 VW Käfer 1951/1952 (Revell 07461)
Feature request implemented
5. June, 18:18
5. June, 20:57
Spanjaard@Feature Requests
there is an album that does not allow to post comments. and the like button is also missing. maybes something is wrong with it?
Falcon in progress | Album by FlipFriddleMD (1:72)
error message is :Invalid request:no valid post id
Feature request in progress
18. May, 09:10
this one is fix, but i got the same issue with MyAlbum | Album by Pan (1:35)
4. June, 05:41
thanks for fixing this one too.
5. June, 13:17
Palo M@Feature Requests
Recently, many images don't load on my phone (latest Chrome, Pixel 4 running Android 12 beta).
Feature request implemented
25. May, 10:10
thx, checking
25. May, 18:15
Palo M
Sure thing. FYI, same problem even when enabling desktop mode.
25. May, 19:47
Palo M
Profile pictures mostly seem to work, product pictures and photos from albums don't.
25. May, 19:49
Palo M
All works again! Thank you! Could you share what changed, please? Might be worth filing a bug report (for chrome?)
26. May, 13:17
We serve modern AVIF format and chrome had an issue with those. Chrome rolled back their avif update
26. May, 17:06
Palo M
Ooooh, that's impressive that you found that out! How did you know?
26. May, 18:42
Double checking if you still have the problems?
4. June, 23:20
Palo M
No, all is perfect!
5. June, 09:42

June 4, 2021

Gidge@Feature Requests
User reviews and ratings for kits by users who've completed them

Upon completing or cancelling a project users should be prompted to review the kit(s) involved. There could potentially be a requirement for users to have a gallery attached to the project in order to ensure genuine builds and discourage review bombing.

In order to encourage reviews containing useful information beyond "It's awesome" or "It sucks" there should be fields for multiple aspects of a kit i.e. "flash" "fit" "difficulty" "quality of manual" "accuracy" etc. For each aspect there should be a rating (i.e. X/10 or X/5 stars) and a text field. These aspects should be based around the sort of information one would like to know when deciding to purchase a kit.
Feature request implemented
1 | 6. May, 12:20
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Dominik Weitzer
If I understand your idea correctly, should users be forced to rate their kits in their warehouse ("5-star rating")?

The rating of a kit also depends on the skill of the builder! A good Tamiya-Kit can drive even a beginner to despair or go crazy, while a "professional" shakes the box and it comes out perfectly assembled.
I claim I have good skills. I build an old MPC kit by hand while others throw the kit in the bin. How will I rate the kit if, as an old hand while I have no problems with it?

Take a look at the great reviews on ebay now ... seller satisfaction is lumped together because the (frustrated) buyers don't get it.

Just my two cents about ratings.
7. May, 06:46
Dominik Weitzer
I go with Spanjaard: the best review for all of us is a Work in Progress. So everybody can make his own view while watching someone building a kit he/she is interested in.
7. May, 06:48
Urban Gardini
Rating doesn't work at all due to all being at their personal level of skill evolution. Besides that another thing is the the site is mainly built on voluntary work/input from the get go. Entries in the database haven't gotten there by them self but have been added to the database by the members over time.
7. May, 11:13
I agree with Urban here.
Open to everyone?
A basic criteria, like the minimum skills for a IPMS contest would be needed before you open the box. That in itself is enough to make your head spin.
How deep are you looking to go?
Or are we talking about certain individuals that can hide a seam line well enough for a metallic finish or strip a acrylic paint down to a lacquer primer coat, be the only ones reviewing?
Without getting into an extremely large peeing contest and if the admins find this leading in this direction, please squash this now, but that type of exclusion, has been the rot at the very core of IPMS for several years now.
While only recently becoming more active here than in recent years, I like this. It is more inclusive, it's not separated by species, autos here, armor there. Sci-Fi regulated to a back room somewhere. Beginners and experienced all 'racing what we brought' laying it all out on the table.
7. May, 17:46
There are 2 parts in the original question and discussion
- User reviews and ratings
- Enforce to those who built it

We have the (still new) Quicklooks concept ready to be used. Here you see 2 modelers giving their personal opinion on a kit.

Kuňkadlo (Eduard 2130, 1:72)

1:72 Kuňkadlo (Eduard 2130)

Still improving the UI based on user feedback but conceptually it works.

The enforced piece is not relevant in my opinion. The goal for quicklooks is that Everybody who wants can fill in a quick look. No restrictions

4. June, 23:27
Andrea Morris@Feature Requests
Multitopic items - annoying is trying to change something but if I click on the green+ nothing happens, I then have to scroll to find the main item for the green+ to work
Feature request implemented
4. June, 20:41
This is fixed
4. June, 23:10
Andrea Morris
OMG I prostate myself before you for your dedication to us users 🙂 🙂
4. June, 23:26
Boris Belay@Feature Requests
An odd bug : For this kit (missing instructions), the "We don't have the exact instruction sheets, but we have them for" feature points to a kit with the wrong scale (1:72 instead of 1:48) :
P 38 F4/F5 Photo Recon (Minicraft Model Kits 11643, 1:48)
Maybe it's because it's not on a timeline ?

1:48 P 38 F4/F5 Photo Recon (Minicraft Model Kits 11643)
Feature request implemented
1. June, 21:24
weird, checking
3. June, 08:05
fixed... both kits were linked via the timeline (i guess they once had the same scale).

4. June, 23:19

June 3, 2021

James C@Feature Requests
On the "Kits" page, would it be possible to return the search field to the very top of the page instead of having to scroll down to find it?
Feature request in progress
2. June, 18:39
there is a "go to top" button in the bottom right corner, this pops up as soon as you scroll down
3. June, 08:03
James C
No, I meant "the search box" itself. (Find a kit, detail set, decalsheet,... )
It used to be displayed at the top of the page, but now you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find it. It's not a big deal, but is more helpful having it at the top of the page.

Thanks 🙂👍
3. June, 17:26

June 2, 2021

Francky@Feature Requests
Bug? When coming to the home page of scalemates, the login button is not available, one needs to click on "faq" to get it
Feature request implemented
1 | 2. June, 07:26
2. June, 14:18

June 1, 2021

Boris Belay@Feature Requests
Hello Tim, What is the proper topic for generic aircraft accessory sets like this one :
WW1 Accessories (Airwaves AC48-08, 1:48)

1:48 WW1 Accessories (Airwaves AC48-08)
Feature request implemented
31. May, 11:51
these generic products are a pain for scalemates datamodel

Unfortunately these 3 solutions can't be applied
1) Remove the product from the database
2) Delete the product from the database
3) Purge the product from the database

So far the best it to:
Pick the most important topic on the sheet and assign it to that one.

So currently it is assigned to "Seatbelts".... "wheels" could be another one?

1. June, 14:04
Boris Belay
Right, I see. I suppose it's best not to have 'generic aircraft accessories' as a category. And I suppose it doesn't matter very much anyway. It turns out I am the only one who has it in his stash ! I also have a couple more from other brands... Weirdo me ! 😉
1. June, 20:22
If we create such a generic topic it will be flooded with too many items 🙂
1. June, 21:10
Olivier@Feature Requests
Slight problem with this item :

Škoda superb 3000 typ 952 Kübelwagen Kfz 15

Could Admin step in ?
Feature request implemented
30. May, 21:32
Eddie Mann
Original image restored, it was a spammer earlier this month.
30. May, 23:29
Thanks !
31. May, 21:48
1. June, 14:01

May 31, 2021

scalemates@Feature Requests
Labels for Youtube reviews are not translated
Feature request implemented
31. May, 19:39
31. May, 19:39
scalemates@Feature Requests
Improved feature:
When applicable product pages now show albums (which include project info) instead of the project teaser.

This puts more emphasis on the scale models and makes product pages visually appealing.

Feature request implemented
5 | 24. May, 18:18
- For full kits we show Albums linked to projects in all states (Completed, WIP,...)
- For aftermarket sets we only show Albums linked to "completed" projects.
- In case no albums are shown we fall back to the old view

24. May, 18:21
James C
Cool new feature, I like it already 👍
24. May, 18:49
Boris Belay
Very nice improvement !
31. May, 11:52

May 30, 2021

Martin Oostrom@Feature Requests
Currency converter seems down. I get a € -nan for non-euro prices
Feature request implemented
28. May, 19:52
James C
Same here as well
28. May, 19:56
(auto) solved
29. May, 19:36
James C
Looks like the issue has returned again
30. May, 18:48

May 29, 2021

Starbase101@Feature Requests
When the same book is available in multiple formats, say paperback AND digital, do we really create duplicate entries in the database for each format? Would it not be better to include an "Add Format" button similar to adding marking options for a kit, and then each format would be shown as comma-delimited text in the book's Facts section?
Feature request on TODO
27. May, 04:11
Yes this needs a smarter solution!

From a "stash" perspective we need management which version you would have in stash.

29. May, 06:43
For me specifically, I've got both paperback and digital versions of a few books. Each version is the exact same book as its compliment, just in a different format. Just thought I'd ask before adding duplicate entries to the database, where the only difference is the book's format.
29. May, 13:14

May 26, 2021

Łukasz Gliński@Feature Requests
It would be great to be able to filter out the stash updates in the news feed, in order to focus on projects and reviews only.
Feature request implemented
26. May, 09:31
Łukasz Gliński
Nevermind, found it in the sidebar 🙂
26. May, 09:40

May 24, 2021

Roman Modelar@Feature Requests
Question to the kit reviews - Gundam builders like to show the finished snap-fitted kits (youtube or pictures) but usually there are no runners visible, no box content, just various positions and articulation or weapons of the snap-fitted kit. They understand the "kit review" quite "differently".
see example:
Ultraman Suit Tiga (Bandai Spirits 5058872, 1:12)
and try to compare videos - ZakuAurelius vs hobbylink.tv

1:12 Ultraman Suit Tiga (Bandai Spirits 5058872)

The second one is not "inbox review" in traditional perception, is it ? Accept ? Delete ? Update the FAQ section / instructions ?
24. May, 16:04

May 22, 2021

Robber Penguin@Feature Requests
Why can't I add Mecha Supply 24 Expansion Ar.. Girl) (Kotobukiya MJ24, No) to this project Magatsuki Samurai | Project by rPenguin (No) ?

No Mecha Supply 24 Expansion Armor G (for Girl) (Kotobukiya MJ24)
Feature request implemented
21. May, 22:26
where do you try adding it? from within the "stash" or from within "edit projects"?
22. May, 11:16
Robber Penguin
I tried both - in "edit project" it doesn't appear because of different topic. The topic system is too strict for mecha.
In stash I just don't see needed project. But in some cases on another items it appears - especially if there is subcategories: https://imgur.com/a/jkAZKO5
22. May, 20:04
22. May, 20:05
Robber Penguin
Upd: uploaded screens to imgur
22. May, 20:07
Robber Penguin
My guess is that happens when project has no scale. Seems my other non-scaled projects are affected as well. Upd: if the project and the item both have no scale.
22. May, 20:11
yes I can reproduce
22. May, 20:15
please try again
22. May, 20:29
Robber Penguin
It works now! 👍 Thank you
22. May, 20:32
gorbygould@Feature Requests
I've just noticed that some of the emojis in the FAQ section aren't displaying correctly. Does that mean that they are no longer working.
Just testing:
It looks like they don't (for me anyway).
Feature request on TODO
20. May, 09:11
Eddie Mann
Looking OK here.
20. May, 10:14
It looks like they work when I use Firefox but not Chrome.
20. May, 10:39
they work in chrome for me, which version of chrome do you use? 👍 👎 🙁 👀 🙂
22. May, 11:29
I updated to Version 90.0.4430.212 before I reported it. I don't know if it would make any difference but I use Linux.
22. May, 16:02
Spanjaard@Feature Requests
When i check one of my protects, I see the diferente ítems, in all I see that they are in a project or several projects. But I can not see if they are in stash or wishlist. I believe that eas possible before.
I am checking using firefox in my phone. It happens in mobile version, and desktop version, from phone. I do not have my computer either me, but I believe I had the same issue when using my desktop yesterday
Feature request implemented
13. May, 20:32
it is ok now. thanks.
18. May, 22:45
22. May, 11:29
Michael Muschalik@Feature Requests
there seems to be a mistake in the "Save changes" button when listing items for sale.
I can not click and safe entered prices and currency. There is an ' before the Save. Maybe that is the problem?
Feature request implemented
21. May, 07:32
thx, this is fixed
22. May, 11:28
Spanjaard@Feature Requests
I have a question about items for sale. I see for example that one user has several items in his/her for sale list, but the avatar does not appear under some of them. also when you click on those to go to the product page, they do not appear as offered by any user. I believe that it is because the user did not add any price to them. I would suggest to make them appear even if not price has been added, with a message like "contact user for price" or "price not specified"
Feature request implemented
1 | 11. March, 14:32
View full thread (18 Comments)
confirmed bug, will check this evening. Thx for reporting
18. May, 07:38
for me it works, was it for a book or a product?
19. May, 18:47
19. May, 20:03
Audrius Nairanauskas
have you been able to replicate the bug? it still persist , at least in my account.
21. May, 09:19
issue is fixed; thank you for your patience 👍
22. May, 11:27
bughunter@Feature Requests
There is another problem in the GUI related to articles:
I have a duplicate article (Sopwith Dolphin).
I can click on error, brings up "Thx, reported" and a new "Link other duplicate" appears.
But with click on "Link other duplicate" I was dropped of this page, so could not add the link.
Feature request in progress
21. May, 10:50
22. May, 11:17
bughunter@Feature Requests
A newly added article is visible in the Newsfeed, but it is not in list of my Articles.
It is assigned to the related Project.
Does it need some time or refresh?
Feature request implemented
21. May, 10:44
Now it is in the list as expected 👍
21. May, 20:44
yes, some things can take a few seconds
22. May, 11:17

May 15, 2021

Jan P.@Feature Requests
When opening my stash, the filter does not show. I have tested Chrome and Safari on PC and Ipad and the filter only works in my wishlist but not in my stash.
Feature request implemented
1 | 10. May, 06:38
using firefox stash filters appear ok
10. May, 08:46
Martin Oostrom
Edge chromium on Win 10 is fine.
Edge on iOs 14 is also fine
10. May, 10:37
Do you see it when clicking this link? Treskow
11. May, 18:37
Jan P.
Yes, I do. But it's not my whole stash 😉
11. May, 21:55
i think that our webmaster wanted to know is if you see the filters 😉 i see that it is filtered to show only those with scale 1/24
11. May, 23:43
Found the issue and this is fixed now
14. May, 18:13
Luc B
14. May, 19:21
Jan P.
Great! Thank you, it works!
15. May, 18:37

May 14, 2021

scalemates@Feature Requests
Filtering large stashes (+1000 items) or search results started showing some slowness
Feature request implemented
8. May, 09:49
8. May, 09:49
Calvin Gifford
What would be the best time to visit the site for downloading a stash PDF - as in, what times are the least amount of people on-line here. Seems that, since I have a pretty good size stash, my 'stash' is very slow to come up - sometimes the the 'search' function does not show up at all. Thanks!
14. May, 06:44
@Calvin: please recheck, I made an optimisation for large stashes
14. May, 18:14
Luc B
14. May, 19:21
Calvin Gifford
Great! Thanks very much!!
14. May, 20:50
bughunter@Feature Requests
Question for filtering/searching, because I cant find out the reason:
If I look for a Eduard Pfalz D.III (not D.IIIa) in 1:48 the kit 8005 is not shown?!?
I even tried to open the edit page of 8005 but all values are looked correct.
What I'm doing wrong?
Edit: seems to related to the filter field "Subject", if I do _not_ tick mark "Pfalz D.IIIa" and "Pfalz D.III", then the kit appears in the list.
Feature request implemented
6. May, 12:08
this is because decal options of Pfalz D.III (Eduard 8005, 1:48) are not filled in

1:48 Pfalz D.III (Eduard 8005)
14. May, 18:24
Luc B
14. May, 19:20
Thank you, I would never have thought of that!
14. May, 19:40
Zach Wilson@Feature Requests
Have you considered adding a section for STL and other 3D Printable files? I'm sure i'm not alone in being interested in contributing to a repository of common (and not so common) objects.
Unlikely to be implemented
4. May, 13:40
Bill Newcomer
That would be great until someone posts someone else's work such that the original creator no longer is compensated for it.
5. May, 04:59
We can store entries for these products, but no plans to store the digital versions of them.
14. May, 18:25
Luc B
14. May, 19:20
Spanjaard@Feature Requests
Is there a way of getting ti feature requests from mobile version? I could not get to it and had to switch to desktop version to be able to find it
Feature request on TODO
13. May, 20:39
indeed not possible, added to todo
14. May, 17:50
14. May, 18:53
David Beasley@Feature Requests
Could you please add the nation of Katanga to your markings options? It existed from 1960-63 and used this flag: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_the_State_of_Katanga#/media/File:Flag_of_Katanga.svg
I was editing de Havilland Dove (Omega Models 72496, 1:72) and couldn't find the right country.

1:72 de Havilland Dove (Omega Models 72496)
Feature request implemented
13. May, 23:51
14. May, 17:49
Bernd Heller@Feature Requests
Hello, I suggest to add at the "Edit topics details" under "Fiction" the line "- Video/Computer Game". I already added some model kits from Japan from this origin and I think there are much more to come and that already some of those are in the database just with a wrong topic.

14. May, 07:22

May 13, 2021

Spanjaard@Feature Requests
In feature request there is no option to delete your own posts, even if you try right after hitting "post"
13. May, 20:52
Bruce Probst@Feature Requests
The kit "Death Star II & Star Destroyer" the scale is correctly recorded as "1:2700000" but it displays as "1:27000" which is misleading. Also, it's a multi-kit set, the other kit has a different scale, can that be recorded somewhere? Also also, with multi-kit sets, it doesn't seem possible to link back to any original single-kit set(s) in the timeline?
1 | 11. May, 21:19
Both issues already submitted Feb 21, 2021 and have a TODO status.
13. May, 15:32

May 9, 2021

Steven Van Dyck@Feature Requests
While comparing on Scalemates which webstores sell the modelling products I'm looking for, one thing I'm missing is the books they have. If you watch a book page on Scalemates, the shop section is missing, though many of the modelling shops on Scalemates offer them. Would it be complicated to make this work like on the other product pages?
9. May, 21:20
Łukasz Gliński@Feature Requests
While filtering the stash, I have observed that above some number of items, the filtering feature doesn't unlock the filtering checkboxes after content refresh.
- open the stash (approx 500 elements listed)
- check e.g. "Full kits" (above 200 items)
- page refreshes
- checkboxes still locked
- manual page refresh (or F5 button)
- checkboxes available, last filter still applied
Browser: Opera
Feature request implemented
5. April, 12:31
hi, i had the same problem also with firefox when I select "kits" in filter.
10. April, 16:07
Issue confirmed, it is due to special characters in the filters. (in this case ý), will fix
10. April, 21:34
10. April, 22:06
this is fixed
21. April, 21:11
22. April, 05:41
Works 👍
22. April, 07:24
Łukasz Gliński
Just browsing the search results for Fw 190 and I have a feeling it's back 🙁
8. May, 20:20
Please share URL
9. May, 06:30

May 8, 2021

ErgoCanis@Feature Requests
Is there a way to support you with the programming? I'm currently studying computer sience and want to help with your project. Additional I could help with the german language section etc.

And It would be nice if the descriptions for Marking etc. would be more clear. Especially for new people who want to add Informartion. Also things like upload limits, because there is no error message if it exceeds the max size.

8. May, 19:53

May 6, 2021

Christian W@Feature Requests
Today I want to edit a collection. The button does not work when you are in the collection (see [img1])

But if you look into your overview of all the collection, the "EDIT"-link in the right upper corner works for it (see [img2])
Feature request implemented
5. May, 05:22
confirmed, moved to started
5. May, 18:22
5. May, 18:34
Christian W
Great! Thank you.
6. May, 04:29

May 5, 2021

Gidge@Feature Requests
Kit Details should have a field to link to manufacturers product page
Unlikely to be implemented
4. May, 08:48
that would be nice, but the problem is that some manufacturers change the website often, and keeping all those links would take a huge amount of work.
4. May, 09:25
although it would be helpful, product pages are too volatile and it would be a maintenance nightmare
5. May, 18:23

May 4, 2021

Gidge@Feature Requests
Improved UI and user guidance for "Upload Instructions" feature

I've been trying (unsuccessfully?) to upload a manual for the Zoukei Mura F-4EJ Kai kit (below).
F-4 Phantom II EJ Kai (Zoukei-Mura SWS4811, 1:48)

All I get is a small "Uploading 0%" message in the corner of my browser, then the page refreshed and shows no change. There is absolutely no user notifications or anything. Either it's failing silently or I'm unwittingly spamming the crap out of some poor admin with multiple attempts to upload it. (If so, sorry).

There is no guidance as to file types, file sizes, file name or any other restrictions. So I have no way of knowing if I'm trying to do something stupid, or there genuine problem.

I've tried using Windows builds of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge as well as the Android version of Google Chrome.

File is a 50MB PDF. Created by downloading and merging PDF's from the manufacturers website

1:48 F-4 Phantom II EJ Kai (Zoukei-Mura SWS4811)
4. May, 08:46
it is probably too big.... i am not sure about the size limit, but for example somebody was saying he could not upload a 33mb file a year ago (and also a 50mb one) PANTHER Ausf. G (Rye Field Model RM-5019, 1:35)
i would suggest to lower the resolution and try again.

1:35 PANTHER Ausf. G (Rye Field Model RM-5019)
4. May, 09:17
Eddie Mann
Limit is 30mb, this is a useful site: https://tools.pdf24.org/
4. May, 10:18
Thanks mate. Some kind of meaningful error message telling me it hasn't worked and why would make a huge difference to usability
4. May, 12:12
Compressing the file solved the problem. Some message "File Uploaded Successfully" or "Error, file is too big" would make a huge difference
4. May, 12:24
well, when it works, you see the file there. but if there is no message when it fails, that is someting that maybe our webmaster could add.
4. May, 14:13
When it works the page just refreshes and you still have to scroll down to see the right scrub to see if it's uploaded. Workable but not great design.
4. May, 23:21

April 30, 2021

Gergely Pethő@Feature Requests
I'm wondering if the reporting of doubles (duplicate entries in the database) is working. I reported several (like a dozen) doubles yesterday and today. Since reporting a double apparently works by a private message, I suppose they should show up somewhere if they had in fact been sent, but I don't see any of these messages in my news feed, my wall or anywhere else.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong? The way I tried to report the doubles was:
1. Copy the URL of the page of which the entry to be reported is a double.
2. Search for the double. In the search results, click on "Actions" > Report: "Double".
3. This opens a new page saying "Thread started by ..." (my nickname), "Thx for reporting this "DOUBLE". Please add the link of the other "double" in the field below."
4. I paste the URL that I've copied in the URL field, then click "Add link to other double"
5. After I started to suspect that there's something wrong with these messages, I sometimes added "double" in the "Write a comment" field. (It seems that if I don't do this, navigate away from the thread and then open the thread directly by its URL, then the link I added for the other half of the double in the previous step has been lost. I think it shouldn't be necessary to add an extra comment and it should be enough to enter the URL since that's basically what reporting the double is about, but this is a separate issue.)
6. I suppose that's it, I just navigated away from this page and continued doing what I had been doing before reporting the double.

Regardless of whether I added a comment in step 5 or skipped that, I don't see any of the threads I started in my news feed. I can open a thread like this directly by pasting its URL in the address bar, e.g. "SCM Newsfeed;, so it certainly exists, I just don't know if anybody can see it. It doesn't show up in my news feed at least.
2 | 15. April, 15:59
Eddie Mann
1/2/3/4: Yes, you're doing it correctly,
5: No, the comments don't show in your feed.
Tim has a lot to do, they will be caught up with.
15. April, 16:30
Gergely Pethő
Thank you for replying. So reporting doubles is working, right? It's not just the comments that don't show in my feed, it's the whole thread, and if I don't add a comment in 5, then on my end it looks like the URL isn't added to the thread either.
15. April, 16:46
Diego DH
Tim may need a clone to help 🙂
30. April, 10:36
Diego DH@Feature Requests
Hi Tim, I need to create a new "physical" magazine, which has incorrectly been created as a brand. Currently there are several issues created as "books". Can't find anywhere the "button" to create a new magazine.

The magazine is "Aeroplane" (formerly "Aeroplane Monthly") and is published by "Key Publishing" (a record exits as a "Brand").
Thanks heaps!
30. April, 10:34
Panos .@Feature Requests

It would be useful to be able to leave feedback every time a sale ends successfully.
I believe a simple 5 star system and a comment section would be enough.
1 | 30. April, 08:59

April 25, 2021

Andrea Morris@Feature Requests
Tamiya kit#35221 appears twice in my list, I was going to mark it as a duplicate but it appears identical???
Feature request in progress
24. April, 19:36
yes, same here. Will check
25. April, 13:02

April 22, 2021

playtime 222@Feature Requests
Have a look at Thomas S. issue on his wall at Tommy124.

At the very least, this looks like he able to access his account from a different device after a password change without re-authenticating?

I am also wondering where the 'you are compromised' notification came from as I doubt it is a Scalemates feature?

There is a remote possibility that the password change did not actually take place on Scalemates but on a scam site depending on the exact circumstances. Maybe you have logging which can confirm that the password change took place on Scalemates for peace of mind?
Feature request implemented
22. April, 10:09
playtime 222
From what Tommy says, its unlikely a scam site is involved.
22. April, 11:31
thx for reporting,

Yesterday there was an issue and all logins failed, the result was that you had the impression you were logged in as someone else. Clicking anywhere showed you were still logged out. Except for seeing another username no personal info was exposed. Sorry for the confusion and this issue is fixed now.

The password notification is done by browsers and they check any compromised passwords used on the web. If you use one of those passwords, it is best to change them. (but this does not mean scalemates was compromised)
22. April, 20:35
playtime 222
Nice to have that all cleared up.
22. April, 20:39
Łukasz Gliński@Feature Requests
Using "Search in" radio buttons crashes the page in Firefox.
Feature request implemented
22. April, 13:11
👍 fixed
22. April, 20:29

April 21, 2021

scalemates@Feature Requests
In Safari the input field at the top always jumps a few pixels after loading SCM Newsfeed
Feature request implemented
1 | 21. April, 20:00
21. April, 20:00

April 16, 2021

Spanjaard@Feature Requests
i was looking for the book from Mig Jimenez about F-104, using reference AMIG6004 and i could not find it. I did a search by books about the subjet before adding it, and there it was... Book: F-104G STARFIGHTER (by MIG Jimenez)
Maybe a new field is needed to add manufacturer reference number (kind of like in models) so we can search using them?

F-104G STARFIGHTER (Ammo by Mig Jimenez 1)
16. April, 13:11
you can see the reference at https://www.migjimenez.com/en/books/2411-f-104g-starfighter-visual-modelers-guide-multilingual-8432074060048.html
i have edited the product, to change languages from English/Spanish/Portuguese to English/Spanish/Italian (as it can be read in the website, and also in the cover of the book that was already uploaded)
16. April, 13:12

April 15, 2021

Francky@Feature Requests

In the cool facts section, "Most released kits" leads to a list of kits. Clicking on one of those kits (e.g. Bf 109) leads to a new page containing nothing. Is this a bug?
15. April, 10:09
no bug apparently, but a temporary glitch, now it works ???
15. April, 13:15
Francky@Feature Requests
Earlier today, I added 13 articles, they are all gone again. Any explanation please?

Feature request implemented
14. April, 19:23
you added inbox reviews. Articles =. built models

they were likely autoremoved based on URL's

please add them to the "inbox review" sectiom
14. April, 19:53
"Autoremoving" contributions instead of flagging an error and giving the contributor the opportunity to correct instead of doing the same job again (with the risk of another error leading to autoremoving) is maybe not the best policy?
15. April, 07:09
15. April, 07:30
if only now i would know how to add them to the inbox review section, that would be a plus 🙂 .

But in all honesty, as unexperienced user with the ambition of contributing more in return for the considerable benefit i have from this site, it is not motivating to work knowing that a mistake will lead to autoremoving.
15. April, 07:33
Found it 🙂 in a completely different place than the gallery as could be expected. This site has plenty of secrets.
15. April, 07:37
John Keaveney@Feature Requests
Ever consider creating a simple app for iPhone/Android that would scan the UPC code on a kit and allow you to add it to your stash?
15. April, 00:43

April 14, 2021

Gergely Pethő@Feature Requests
I am adding a few books to the database and have two suggestions on this:
1. There is no point in requiring the dimensions of the book to be entered. Nobody cares what the size of a book is, and it's a pain to have to measure it. This data field should be optional.
2. When adding a book to your stash, the options in the dropdown menu to characterise the condition of the book are the same as with model kits, i.e. mint, bruised, decolouring, water damage. These are not really relevant to books since the fact that the spine slightly lost its colour due to sunlight does not say much about the condition that the book is in. I think these choices should be replaced by the quality levels that booksellers or Ebay sellers use, i.e. new (mint), very good, good, acceptable and bad / damaged. This would be much more informative.
14. April, 11:33
Gergely Pethő
Apart from the choices for the condition of books, there is also an actual bug in the interface for adding books to one's stash. If you add a book to your stash, you can choose as always between "State | Storage | Purchase | Projects" and "Move". Now if I go to "State" and enter anything, no matter what, in the "State", "Contents" and "Comments" fields, and then click on "Save changes", then as usual the message "saved" appears, but all three fields are reset to empty. The data from the form fields are not in fact saved, no matter how many times I repeat this and click on "Save changes", it always just clears all fields.

Apparently the only way to enter information about the state of a book is to click on "Storage" or "Purchase" first, then on "return...", and if I then click on "State", the "State" field has been set to "Mint" and "Content" on "Complete". "State" can then be changed to "Bruised" or whatever you need", which is a workaround, but obviously not ideal.
14. April, 17:12
thx ... feel free to start separate threads for separate issues/ideas/suggestions.

1) Size of book => I just made it optional
14. April, 21:57
Gergely Pethő
Right, sorry, will do. Thank you for making the size optional.
14. April, 22:06
Gergely Pethő@Feature Requests
There is a bug in the layout for the header of the pages of books.

The header of these pages contains first the title with a large green font, and then in the row just below that, with a slightly smaller dark gray font, the author followed directly by a hyphen and then the number of the book in the series that the book appears in, but (and this is the bug) the title of the series is missing.

For example, "The Luftwaffe: A history" by John Killen is book number 6 in the series "Pen & Sword Military Classics".
The second row in the header of the page for this book says "John Killen- Nr. 6".

I assume that the intended layout of this second row would be "author - series title, series number".
So for this particular book that row is presumably meant to read "John Killen[space]- Pen & Sword Military Classics Nr. 6".

By the way, the search result layout for books that appeared in a series displays series titles and numbers correctly (on a separate row):
"The Luftwaffe: A history
Pen & Sword Military Classics Nr. 6
John Killen"

So this is clearly a page layout issue, the data as such are okay.
Feature request implemented
14. April, 16:51
14. April, 22:04
playtime 222@Feature Requests
Buglet on the emoticons feature.

On the recent feature request I was being paranoid about the emoticons when I was putting a sentence in parentheses.

So I was ending (so people DO know my pain😉 ) with the space between the 😄 and the ). on a hunch it would not show correctly. Then I thought I didnt want you chasing a minor bug wondering where the space may have come from but...

You get this -> 😉). if you leave it out.

Simple enough work around though so not urgent either. My suspicion is a bug or 'missing feature' in the library you used 🙁
Feature request implemented
19. March, 08:07
sorry, I don't understand the issue :S . can you clarify please?
12. April, 18:16
Martin Oostrom
If you put an emoticon at the end of sentence between () funny stuff happens
12. April, 20:19
testing (🙂) (😛) (;))(😛) _😛_
12. April, 20:19
ok, I understand the issue now
12. April, 20:28
playtime 222
😉 ) and 😉)
14. April, 08:39
14. April, 08:39
playtime 222
Now my original feature request text looks silly 😄
14. April, 08:39
you mean it is fixed? 🙂
14. April, 09:35
playtime 222
Oh yes. Most certainly.
14. April, 16:00
Nice 🙂
14. April, 17:10
playtime 222@Feature Requests
Morning. I'm currently putting the scanner through it paces and uploading a bunch of instructions. It got me thinking. I also have a bunch of (mostly ancient) kits that are missing instructions. No one knows my pain (well, I do still want to build the bloody things one day AND my OCD will be kicking in when these are stuck without resolution on the Contributions screen 😄). So, enough waffle and on to a proposal outline.

As someone with kits with missing instructions, I would like to be able to:

1. Request that a set of instructions are uploaded (so people DO know my pain 😉 ).
2. Be notified when they have been uploaded.
3. Find/navigate to the instructions of similar kits if the exact ones are not available.
4. Similarly, 1 & 2 for 3.
5. Indicate the number of requests (e.g. priority) for a given set of missing instructions.
6. The ability for consumers to feedback on uploaded instructions e.g. text too small.

Implementation suggestion:

I note the Instructions section currently only shows up for a kit when it has instructions so the following would mean a re-think.

1. For a kit with no instructions, show the Instructions section with a Request button which builds on the Like mechanism - where Like => Request. Label it clearly as a Request to avoid confusion.
2. PM the requesting members when instructions become available.
5. In the existing contributions section, order them by 'Likes' and indicate the number of 'Likes'.
6. Tricky. It could be as simple as PMs to the original author or a general wall post or a note against the uploaded instruction in the Contributions section. Not sure how to indicate Done/Resolved.
3. Tricky. Many variations come to mind. e.g. I have an ancient Hales Lightning and Harrier. I have the decals but no instructions but they are Hasegawa reboxes so to build them, any 1/72 Hasegawa would do. So the first idea I think would be to list the similar kits that have instructions available.
3.1 UX - DO 3 as a small table with Kit picture as a link to the kit details and a direct link to the instructions.
3.2 Instead of 3.1, indicate on the product timeline which kits have instructions. (Not so keen on this for quite a few reasons including I feel its a PITA for implementation 😉 )
1.1 Indicate that instructions for any of the kits in the same 'family' are acceptable.

Not remotely urgent for me. Just an idea.
1 | 19. March, 08:04
View full thread (29 Comments)
Right now I only go back in time... and I pick the first one matching. It is not perfect but simple and fast.

eg. M1 155mm Howitzer (Italeri 6581, 1:35) takes the PDF from the previous linked kit from 1980 (and not the 1982 one)

1:35 M1 155mm Howitzer (Italeri 6581)
12. April, 18:57
Martin Oostrom
If it works, it works 👍
12. April, 20:07
reverted the code, seems it scalemates crashed due to this.
12. April, 20:07
Boris Belay
Hi Tim, That is great. I'm glad it's possible to implement this idea of information based on what's included in the timeline. And I agre that timelines do not need to be overloaded (if anything, the opoosite, but that's a different topic).
Would it not make sense to indicate the most recent relevant information, though ? In general, I would say that more recent instructions sheets are better designed and more accurate.
13. April, 11:01
playtime 222
Nice work on the alternative instruction suggestion. Looks good.
14. April, 08:42

April 13, 2021

Magnus Schmauch@Feature Requests
Hi, I am trying to link old Heller New Tool kits to Italeri and Zvezda Rebox kits. Some have updated parts and fall under a different topic, in particular “Contemporary” French which were reboxed as US troops.

How do I link the kits in the time-line? I do not get the time-line option under the edit button and i am not sure if “Based On” solves this.
Feature request on TODO
13. April, 08:36
timelines are currently not supported for figurines
13. April, 11:21
13. April, 11:48
Diego DH@Feature Requests
Hi, how do I add a new magazine to the Database? e.g.: STEEL MASTERS Hors-Serie N.1 (is different to the "STEEL MASTERS" already on the database). Thanks!
Feature request implemented
2 | 9. April, 08:05
Diego DH
13. April, 07:45

April 12, 2021

Daniel Klink@Feature Requests
Hi Mates,
it is not possible for me to upload pics since about an hour..
Browser FF
problem known?
Feature request implemented
11. April, 21:42
Christian W
Just strumbled over this problem too. First, I thought it could be the size or file name. But no upload works.
12. April, 04:42
thx! just added another 100GB of storage
12. April, 11:24
Daniel Klink
Hi tim, cool thank you!
Is there a way one can donate your efforts with this site?
12. April, 11:44
Eddie Mann
If you go to "Preferences" (right hand column on home page) and scroll down there is a link.
12. April, 12:02
Christian W
Holy cow!
12. April, 22:16
scalemates@Feature Requests
TODO: Please opt out all scalemates pageviews from Chrome's new tracking method called Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC). This should be done for guests and members.
Feature request implemented
1 | 12. April, 21:57
12. April, 21:57
Luc B
12. April, 22:09
scalemates@Feature Requests
Project teasers show broken images when products have no image.
SCM Newsfeed
Feature request in progress
12. April, 21:43
Łukasz Gliński@Feature Requests
Marked my Wildcat project items (kit & PE fret) as "Completed" and it's fine in the stash page. But in the project page they're both "Started": USN Wildcat | Project by Woody (1:72)
However, when I click on them there, the manage stash popup shows "Completed".
Looks like a bug to me.
Feature request in progress
28. March, 09:28
Is it still the case? Just wondering if it is a caching issue or another issue?

12. April, 18:19
Łukasz Gliński
It says completed now. Will check whilst finishing another project and let you know.
12. April, 20:11
Spanjaard@Feature Requests
when checking a product, the one you are seeing is marked in blue in the timeline. I would like to know if i already have any of the ones in the timeline in my stash, wishlist and/or complete. For example a simply S in a corner for those in Sthas, W for wishlist etc. it would save a lot of checking if you just one to have one of them added to wishlist for example.
Not yet decided
2 | 18. March, 09:20
I'm afraid that will clutter the timeline.

What is the main reason seeing that? So you don't add an item to your wishlist while you already have another on from the same family in your stash?

12. April, 18:18
locate those that you have in your wishlist or completed. mostly not to add them again, yes. somebody was proposing in another thread to have a corner in color for instructions. we could have two corners colored, one for instructions, and one for "present in one of yours lists"
12. April, 18:54
scalemates@Feature Requests
Via Startbase101: why does the timeline's button read "Full history" (which being a title should actually be "Full History" ) but the page it opens is titled "Full timeline" (again, should be "Full Timeline" )? Shouldn't the title of the opened page correlate with the button text?
Feature request implemented
1 | 12. April, 18:22
agreed, fixed
12. April, 18:23
Martin@Feature Requests
Would it be possible to follow a specific vendor?
Feature request on TODO
28. March, 12:19
Currently not possible, I need to think about this.
12. April, 18:15
Zika Blika@Feature Requests
I tried the multi-topic in the "Edit kit details" and it is pretty functionnal. It's sometimes hard to find how are exactly written some topics (sometimes really weird). The most important thing is that it is not (yet ?) possible to link kits of each topic. Example: if a photo-etch set is for Yugumo-class and Fubuki-class destroyers, you can only link the set to the last topic entry.
- Maybe some feature to search deeply into the database how is written the topic you are looking for - if it exists in the database. When the list is large, you only have approx. the twenty first topics.
- A way to link kits of different topics to all selected (multi-) topics.

I hope you'll understand what I mean 😉

EDIT: I just found that this seems to create two times the same item: ex, look for the Tom's Modelworks 747 item: it exists two times, maybe because each is linked to one different kit (the 747 set could be linked to four type of Pit-Road kits)
Feature request implemented
28. March, 18:22
Eddie Mann
There was a duplicate #747. The other wasn't fully completed, I've filled the details.
28. March, 21:22
Zika Blika
Thanks ! It wasn't really clear for me that the "markings" zone was to be completed in order to link kits...
29. March, 09:53
29. March, 13:20
12. April, 18:14

April 6, 2021

Francky@Feature Requests
Q1: I have "contributor level 2" . How many levels are there and what does it take to reach a certain level?

Q2: I just (re-)discovered [its right under my nose] the page where I can find the kits in my stash with missing data on scalemates (like instruction sheets). I was quite surprised that there are so many kits where I could add missing data and I will make an effort to upload missing instruction sheet and the like...

Could you please add an option to make a list of the missing data that I could contribute. That would make it a lot easier to go search the boxes on the attic.

6. April, 11:03

April 5, 2021

Rui Da Silva@Feature Requests
The stash manager is excellent and a real asset for organizing and tracking everything in detail. Recently I started reorganizing my storage shelves and being able to use available filters in combination to group things (e.g. kits+aircraft+scale) is proving to be very helpful.

What I was thinking was that it would be great if we could save predefined filter sets so when we return to scalemates we can simply select one and carry on. Right now I have to go into the stash manager and selected the variables every time I resume the reorganization project.

It's not a big deal but would provide a bit of convenience for folks who have big collections. Thanks.
4. April, 04:11
Filter presets were requested very soon after filters were introduced, but I don't recall if Tim accepted the idea for a future enhancement or if it's still being evaluated.
5. April, 14:03
Ronald Hess@Feature Requests
How to put Facebook user groups in activitys thru contribute it has no real way to pot such groups in the list.
5. April, 11:23

April 1, 2021

scalemates@Feature Requests
On some pages showing new releases you see items from 2019, 2020,2021 while on other only 2020,2021
Feature request implemented
1 | 1. April, 20:19
1. April, 20:19

March 30, 2021

scalemates@Feature Requests
Comments on Project and Album pages are indented, this works in the newsfeed but looks weird on these pages
Feature request implemented
30. March, 19:58
30. March, 19:58

March 29, 2021

scalemates@Feature Requests
Search filters stop working as soon as one of the filters contained the "@"

Feature request implemented
29. March, 20:49
this is fixed
29. March, 20:49

March 27, 2021

Martin von Schreckenstein@Feature Requests
A possibility to add an album to a group build using a better way than naming the album exactly as the group build is named maybe using some option in the edit album maybe? this would greatly ease my OCD, thank you🙂
Feature request on TODO
1 | 24. March, 13:37
moved to todo
27. March, 12:09
27. March, 15:33
Rui S
27. March, 22:13

March 25, 2021

Scott S@Feature Requests
Has anyone noticed Firefox update this week did something to the site? Now I cannot stay logged in when on the main Feed or Home page, or any page except my own profile. I am using Opera now and the site is fine, but Firefox no longer works.
Feature request implemented
25. March, 02:31
1) Login
2) Immediately click logout
3) Close any scalemates tabs

This should work?
25. March, 15:49
Scott S
Wow that did work, I also cleared the Firefox cache and now I can stay logged in on the main page. Thanks!
25. March, 22:28

March 22, 2021

David Jung@Feature Requests
When adding a number of similar items, is there a way to carry-over data from the prior entry?

An Add-Another button that sets up the new insert with everything pre-populated from the last item would be OK. Being able to configure what's remembered from item to item would be nice, but at least the manufacturer and scale would be OK.

If there's a way to already do this, I don't see. (Systems I've written in the past used a control+d while in an entry control to recall and duplicate the last data entered there, so that's another approach.)
2 | 7. March, 17:22
View full thread (25 Comments)
David Jung
@Eddit Mann. That's what she says. 🙂
22. March, 00:28
Eddie Mann
No comment!! 😄 😄
22. March, 00:31
Boris Belay
More generally (and seriously), the issue as I see it is that information that should not be there (but was carried over automatically) is harder to spot than missing information. What I mean is : it looks like the database is filled in with all the needed info, except it's wrong : for example, the re-boxing should not have the same decal info, but, because the contributor was not careful about what is carried over by a (too powerful) Add Based On function, the db gets populated with wrong info, which is worse than no info...
So the right balance has to be found between 1. Accuracy (most important), 2. ease of use (important because the database grows faster) and 3. responsibilty of the contributors (an essential aspect of the Mates in ScaleMates).
The system as it was involved the 'star rating' of the contributors : only tried-and-true contributors have access to the features that make life easier... which may not seem logical or ideal. But is does preserve the accuracy of information. Maybe that system can be modulated according to the star level (more powerful features for more experienced users, instead of just on/off)?
Another option is to make every step very explicit, with messages like "Warning: you are about to carry over all of this information, please make sure you wnat to do so and it is accurate!". Except that needs to be done both subtly and forcefully, so the 'how' is crucial. In other posts, I have asked about the opportunity of more "How-to" or FAQs on ScaleMates so the technicalities are obvious to even a first-comer.
Then there are more 'technical' options, like the one I suggested above (but they need to be technically feasible..) the process of addig automatically is linked to other features that match it. For example, instead of a single "Add based on button", set up 3 different ones (or a sub-step with the options) : "Add a new version of this kit with new parts" vs. "Add a new version of this kit with only new decals", vs "add a new version of this kit with only a new box". Then the information carried over is taylored to the option chosen (and the timeline option is already filled in).
These are just some ideas, of course...
22. March, 09:45
I like the idea of "advanced" settings being available only to "advanced" contributors. It's far too easy to add incorrect data to the site, exemplified by much of the existing data.
22. March, 14:30
yes, and warnings are ignored, specially by those who really should have read them😉
22. March, 15:44

March 21, 2021

Starbase101@Feature Requests
How do you search for Tools topics? I cannot figure it out. A topic search for tools returns only 3 items (those with "tools" in their title). A database search for tools returns over 9400 items with no "Tools" option for "Search in" filter. If there's currently not a way to search the database for tools then I think that's an oversight and should get fixed.
20. March, 13:59
Also interesting, when I click on a tools topic to see products for the topic, there are no products displayed and no "Show all products" button.....even though the topic page was arrived at by clicking on a product's topic. For example, SCM Topic: Scribing
20. March, 14:16
there are no tools topics. You can search for. "Materials"

21. March, 12:42
It would be very useful if the filter options included product types, like what you select when adding/editing an item (Kits, Decals, Masks, Figures, Tools, Molds, Nameplates, etc). Then it would be much easier narrowing results to what is being looked for.
21. March, 22:26
Starbase101@Feature Requests
When adding a new product to the database, brands containing "&" in their name are displaying "&" instead of "&". For example, "K&S Engineering" is displaying as "K&S Engineering" in the text-entry field.
Feature request in progress
20. March, 13:18
That took some effort to display correctly because when re-editing the text, my typed "&" characters keep getting automatically converted to "&".
20. March, 13:21
thx! will check. (FYI You can just save with the &... it will be correctly assigned)
21. March, 12:44
Yes, I discovered that, but I don't recall seeing it displayed as "&" the last time I was adding/updating items for K&S Engineering and K&S Precision Metals.
21. March, 14:11
scalemates@Feature Requests
When moving an item from your stash/wishlist/started/... to another status you only have a subset of options available. When moving an item it would be easier if ALL options would be available all the time.
Feature request implemented
17. March, 21:07
this is implemented
21. March, 12:58

March 17, 2021

Starbase101@Feature Requests
SCM Kit Database would be a lot more user-friendly if all the lists were sorted alphabetically rather than the random mixed-up arrangement they're currently in.
17. March, 21:22
they are not random, most popular things are on top.

If we go alphabetically you would see a super long alphabetical list of 9000 brands, 19000 topics, 500 scales, ...
17. March, 21:43
It wasn't obvious they're sorted by popularity - just looked like random ordering. If what a user is browsing for isn't "popular" and they don't know its name (thus why "browsing" rather than searching) then it won't show up with the current arrangement and there's no way to find it. Currently you cannot "Browse" all groups, or topics, or categories, etc because the lists are incomplete. How about adding some text after "Kits in database: ######" to indicate that we're seeing only the most-popular items? Also, how about making each column header (Category, Group, Topic, etc) a clickable link which opens a new page showing ALL items from the selected column, with a Filter sidebar similar to Newsfeed, Stash, and Search pages?
17. March, 22:54
Starbase101@Feature Requests
The last several magazine issue contents I've populated generate a "404 page not found error" when clicking the "View issue" button in edit mode. I must navigate back to the issue from the Magazines page where it then displays without issue (no pun), and since this is occurring consistently I suspect there is a syntax error in the button action code.
Feature request implemented
15. March, 23:58
thx for reporting, will fix this evening
16. March, 08:42
17. March, 19:49
👍 Thanks!
17. March, 20:37
Spanjaard@Feature Requests
about me seems to have been changed. we have activities on top (that a lot of people have empty) and name, country, etc are a lot further down. I would put those back on top followed by the rest
Feature request implemented
2 | 21. January, 09:35
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no problem for me. I think i did not have anything there anyway. thanks
17. March, 06:50
Maksim Titov
@scalemates, It looks that I am the one of those people. Could you please give it back? Even a plain text would be helpful
17. March, 09:57
Rui S
Yes Tim can you please recover my notes.
I've also notes I would like to keep because I don't have other backup.
17. March, 19:50
I reinstated it for everybody
17. March, 19:52
Rui S
Thank you very much, Tim. I will make a back up now 😄
17. March, 20:08

March 15, 2021

Starbase101@Feature Requests
There seems to be an issue with multi-topics, or I'm just not understanding the intended display. There are various after-market shuttlecraft for detailing open hangar bays of starship models. For examples, Type 'F' Shuttle Craft (Cozmic Scale Models CSM-074, 1:650) and Constitution Class TOS Shutt..ation Models RMC-63, 1:1000) (plus others for different starship classes). These are entered as multi-topic because they should be linked to the parent starship model kit they're intended for. However, they contain decal markings only for the shuttlecraft and not the starship, so it's incorrect to include the starship in the "Markings" section. Shouldn't the "Markings" section be ONLY the actual markings included with the item, and instead show an item's multiple topics in the "Facts" section as hypertext links to the topic pages?

1:650 Type 'F' Shuttle Craft (Cozmic Scale Models CSM-074)1:1000 Constitution Class TOS Shuttlecraft (Federation Models RMC-63)
Feature request in progress
15. March, 14:16
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(Wow, the new product linking for keeping thumbnails associated with their paragraph text ended up working out very nicely for that post - thanks again for implementing that!)
15. March, 19:18
all good points! I'll come back to this later. I have other things on the planning right now.
15. March, 19:18
"Do you want a list of the other shuttlecraft types and their associated starship classes for linking the topics, or will you figure out relationships based off the multi-topic settings? Are you going to change the existing multi-topic entries with a sort of bulk change or should I do it manually?"
15. March, 19:25
I'll figure it out! 👍
15. March, 19:29
15. March, 19:37
Spanjaard@Feature Requests
i had something strange today. i started my computer, open SCM and could see a build from one of my mates (Lotus F1 | Album by Cracka (1:20)). then logged in and I could not see it at all. I browsed down several pages and I still could not see it. When i checked on his profile I could see the build. Logged out again, refreshed the page, and there it was almost on top of the news feed. logged in again, and i could not see it in my newsfeed. I have been checking filters and everything, and I do not see what could be making that album disappear. any ideas? i have not posted any comments in that build yet
my concern is that i may be missing builds from my mates, that i would like to see
Feature request implemented
15. March, 09:28
I see it!

when you are not logged in you are looking at a cached version of the page. that one is always a bit behind.

Also I see there is a timezone difference between logged in and not logged in. So if you used the time to find the entry, you might have looked at the wrong hour

15. March, 11:17
sorry, i do not get it. if i logout it appears high in the news feed, and if log in, it simply disappears, even if browse down more and more. i went down until i could see postings of 2020, but the build from Peter simply does not appear.
15. March, 11:28
it is chronological (based on the last comment) => when logged in you should see it 15. March, 09:31

I see it, right in between posts done at 9:30 and 9:32

So if you see something from 2020 you scrolled a loooooog time, or someone added a comment on the old 2020 thread

15. March, 11:35
it does not appear in my news feed. i see the ford T and the Honda builds from Peter but not that one.
15. March, 12:32
do you see it on the newsfeed when you search for "cracka" in the free text filter?
15. March, 12:44
And on the top everything is set to "All"?
15. March, 12:49
with "all" in all filters and filtering by "Cracka" i can see the album. I see that i had selected "My". so i guess the problem is me. I though it that was going to show my mates, but i guess that is what "mates". what is "my" then? the ones i am involved?
15. March, 14:04
My Threads = Your own posts + posts you commented on
15. March, 14:39
15. March, 15:48
Erwin Leetink@Feature Requests
Hello Tim,

I've got a feature request.
Is it possible to add a extra status to a kit that says partially used? For example accessories are frequently partially used, but the only options are started or stash. Neither of these indicate that things might be missing from the box. A comment field where you can note what's used would be nice addition too.

Feature request implemented
9. March, 07:52
if you click on "State" you can fill in if items are missing/started and still keep it in your "Stash"

12. March, 19:56
Erwin Leetink
Okay, but still you can't see from a single view if it is partially used...
15. March, 11:08
if you enable "Stash info" you do: Golikell
15. March, 11:11
Erwin Leetink
That somehow does not seem to work:
Edited in the product itself, I see that I removed one piece, but in the stash info it doesn show up. I cannot add pics here?
15. March, 13:53
you can add the pictures for example to an album or external site, and add the link here
15. March, 14:02
Erwin Leetink
Okay... I edited the product in my stash:
But in the State, nothing shows:
15. March, 14:10
Starbase101@Feature Requests
When editing a product and clicking the "Add option" button under Markings, the new fields are created way off to the right and all mixed up instead of below the existing fields and having the same layout. Also, the added Topic field doesn't auto-populate with choices as you're typing.
Feature request in progress
16. August 2020, 21:19
moved to todo
17. August 2020, 22:32
the first issue is fixed!

the second is not (yet)

14. October 2020, 18:56
this is now fixed
21. February, 13:40
I had an opportunity to try this out today and there remains a glitch with adding additional markings. The page initializes with 3 markings fields, which I filled up so clicked the "Add option" button and a new entry added as expected. But clicking the "Add option" button again to add a 5th option (before saving changes) adds the new entry but missing the Topic dropdown, so you cannot select a topic for the new marking. Topic is included as a dropdown for only the first "Add option" click, all subsequent button clicks add options without the Topic dropdown.
15. March, 14:08
Jonas@Feature Requests
Hi Tim

With more and more people (like me) getting a good quality 3D resin printer, printing your own accessories becomes an option. I've even designed a few on my own (and a lot of tools). A few manufacturers (like Germania Figuren) already offer 3D printable STL files. These are mentioned here as "Digital:3D data file", but I could not find the option to "search" for these STL files specific. Apparently, it's just a checkbox somewhere under accessories, but they do not appear to be a "searchable" feature? Maybe I'm wrong?

Although it should not be the intention to turn SCM into another "Thingiverse", it might be a great feature to have the option of adding a specific category of " 3D printable (STL) Files" to share and download. These could be linked to a specific kit (for which they are designed). The scale would be only a "recommended scale" because it's easy to rescale them in your printer software. The "manufacturer" would be something like a " user-designed item". The possibility of adding the file to be downloaded would be obvious 🙂

A big issue might be "licensing". There probably should be indications of what you can or cannot do with the files. Downloading an STL and then start selling printed versions for profit, might not be what the designer had in mind. Thingiverse "solves" this issue with predetermined sets of "IP protection". Also to take into consideration.

I know, maybe this is a feature request that goes way beyond what SCM is supposed to do, but still... I was wondering what your opinion is.

14. March, 11:28
I don't agree that Scalemates should be offering downloads of 3D models. (It's already sketchy offering download of instructions sheets, which are copyrighted by kit manufacturers.) Several of the STL files I've got were purchases and it's inappropriate (plus illegal) to offer them for free download. Sites which do offer free download, such as Thingiverse, should be findable through an SCM item's brand homepage. Tim is already having to periodically increase server capacity to keep pace with image uploads, and adding 3D files (even freeware) will exasperate this further. A lot of STL downloads include licensing and distribution restrictions, and it doesn't seem to me within the scope of Scalemates to be providing digital file downloads. Models are already easily findable through Google, Thingiverse, STLfinder, Yeggi, etc.

However, I do agree (and have already requested previously) that there should be a Filter option added for digital 3D data files. This would enable you to reduce Search/Stash results down to seeing only digital files.
15. March, 01:28

March 14, 2021

scalemates@Feature Requests
The list of available currencies when marking an item for sale is limited to some common currencies USD/EUR. Many other currencies like SEK, BRL can not be selected. Please allow selection of all currencies.
Feature request implemented
14. March, 21:11
14. March, 21:12
scalemates@Feature Requests
When adding an item for sale the default currency is always EUR. This should be changed to the default currency of the profile.
Feature request implemented
14. March, 21:10
14. March, 21:10
Tom ...@Feature Requests
Can you add support the eyes emoji (:eyes: U+1F440)?
Sometime I just want to follow a build and the eyes emoji would be perfect for that
Feature request implemented
9. December 2019, 21:32
Chaz Gordon
Upvote from me too, or a Follow button (for those times I want to lurk on the fence)
10. December 2019, 00:11
thx for the idea. I agree on the goal to just follow a build. However having an :eye: would generate notifications for everybody. (just seeing an eye would be weird). The "follow" request is already requested as TODO, will mark this one as closed
12. December 2019, 14:11
this is implemented 👀👀👀👀
13. March, 12:08
Tom ...
Yay! Thank you!
14. March, 21:03
Spanjaard@Feature Requests
sometimes some text from some users gets replaced with question marks (at least in my browser). usually it is from countries where other alphabets are used, but today for example i saw it with a post from somebody in US. SCM Newsfeed (Steve Cassidy 4. March, 18:45)
Feature request implemented
4. March, 19:04
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playtime 222
Not unless you invent a time machine😉
13. March, 12:22
Great job, thanks!!
13. March, 12:24
Great work Tim! The newsfeed is likely to get more colorful now. For people using the desktop version rather than access through a tiny phone screen, would there be a way of adding a small sort of "toolbar" above text fields (collapsed by default, but could be expanded with a "gear" icon) where you could offer clickable emojis for inserting, and bold/italic text options? This would provide access to the new emoji support for non-phone-users, and offer the ability to highlight/emphasize text without SHOUTING. 🙂
13. March, 15:53
Chaz Gordon
😀😁😂🤣😃😄😅😆 ooooohh
13. March, 16:45
14. March, 20:03
COULON Quentin@Feature Requests
can you add "Missing Instruction sheets" for upgrade kit too like kits
14. March, 19:35
Łukasz Gliński@Feature Requests
Can't see notifications older than one day. Am I missing sth or is it a bug?
Feature request implemented
20. September 2020, 20:03
21. September 2020, 11:51
this should be fixed now
14. March, 13:33
Łukasz Gliński
Thanks, seems to work fine now
14. March, 15:18
Aaron Hutson@Feature Requests
With book records, would it be possible to create a field for Artist/Illustrator?

At the moment, there is a field for Author and it is completed inconsistently. Some records only contain the writer(s) and other records have writer(s) and artist(s).

I would like to see artists credits and searchable but also improve the data quality for the author value.

Feature request implemented
2 | 23. January, 23:50
Urban Gardini
I'd like to see "Editor" added to books as well. As it is now I'm given the status of Author to a book that lacks an author. But I'm the editor of said book.
24. January, 00:15
👍 moved to todo
25. January, 15:55
do you have some common examples where the Author and Illustrator are mixed?

Same for Editor

I can then bulk update to get this rolling
13. March, 18:34
This is implemented
- 2 extra fields
- both fields searchable
- both fields received a dedicated filter

only thing still pending = showing editor/illustrator in the teasers
13. March, 21:03
Urban Gardini
Thanks mate, I've edited my book so it's correct now without an author and me as editor. Book: Finland at war 1939-45 Vol. 01

Finland at war 1939-45 Vol. 01  (LEANDOER FÖRLAG 1)
13. March, 21:59
13. March, 21:59
Aaron Hutson
Thank you very much.
14. March, 04:57

March 13, 2021

Spanjaard@Feature Requests
scalemates.com/notifications.php was quite handy to use in order to find some older posts but now it only shows one day.
Feature request implemented
11. March, 14:56
nothing changed? i'll check
12. March, 18:24
there is a limit of 500 notifications.... if you quickly add up the notifications do you come close to this value?
12. March, 20:55
can you please check if it is better now? I suspect you had a few very "chatty" threads eating up the 500 limit very quickly
12. March, 21:54
well, if i count the number of lines in "all notifications" it is 35 replays. then, some of those are from posts, were many people answered. two of them, 169 replies. but each of those two only have a handful of new ones. 169 is from beginning of time.
if i add up all the numbers, i get close to a thousand. so a i am a bit confused with the 500 since neither 35 or 100 matched with it.
12. March, 23:20
I updated the limits to 2500 notifications.... this should cover it I hope?
13. March, 18:24
Chaz Gordon
👍 My notification History now goes back to June last year. That's great. Spanjaard's probably now reaches back to last Thursday 😉
13. March, 19:33
march 3rd actually😉 thanks a lot Tim.
13. March, 22:45
Chris Greathouse@Feature Requests
Is there any way to add a heart emoji to your smilies codebase? <3, or :heart:, or whatever the standard is. I would love to show more love then a 👍 on the amazing builds on here.
Feature request implemented
1 | 11. August 2019, 17:06
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you can type them in using your smartphone keyboard ... the only 2 new shortcuts we added is ❤️️ and 👀 ... please refresh the FAQ, they should be visible now
13. March, 13:15
13. March, 17:18
13. March, 19:42
Way to go Tim! 🤟🥳🤟
13. March, 20:46
Chris Greathouse
Awesome! ❤️️ 👀
13. March, 21:59


2021-03-13 21:59:58

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