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Last one to add today. This will be after the Choctaw. I might get all this done by the end of the year. We will see.

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This album is attached to project C-17.

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1:144 C-17A Globemaster III (Revell 85-5867)


27. September 2017 at 23:50:55 Share
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Michael Phillips Count me in... This is an awesome project!
28. September 2017 at 05:17:11
Donald Dickson II I was loadmaster on C-141s. I never got to fly on these. They are incredible planes! Its in the que a couple projects out.
28. September 2017 at 11:28:08
Bryn Crandell Watching this one with interest.
28. September 2017 at 12:34:02
Donald Dickson II I think somehow I managed to create two albums. I will just keep with comments on this one. LOL

So, I decided to do this closed up. The cargo area has OK detail, but if I had it open I would want to do a lot more with it. A LOT. And really, I am just not in the mood for that. So she stays closed. The detail in the cockpit is simply just seats. And not great ones. So I sprayed it black.

The landing gear attach to the outside of the inner tube. The look the part, but the attachments...I am going to have to be VERY VERY careful with it. I am not overly confident in their ability to handle ANY undue stress at all. Just about ready to do up the fuselage. Likely tomorrow.
13. September 2018 at 01:43:36
Greg Baker I feel the urge to poke you about the closed cargo area... mostly for selfish voyeuristic reasons.... but still...
13. September 2018 at 03:04:53
Donald Dickson II LOL Greg. I DO have plans for one in the future. We will see how it goes.
13. September 2018 at 11:47:17
Greg Baker Yes. Yes we shall...
13. September 2018 at 15:17:57
Donald Dickson II OK, so got the fuselage together. Fit was great except the front bottom. Considering everywhere else it went together fine, I am gonna say I managed to screw it up somehow. The gap is filled with this super glue. I will sand it and go back over it with Mr surfacer and sand that. Love it when I make work for myself.

While trying to get the front to fit right, I managed to knock out the windows in the nose. *sigh* So Micro Krystal Klear to the rescue.
17. September 2018 at 17:14:29
Donald Dickson II OK, mostly all together and first coat of primer. Now to go over it and see what more needs doing.
25. September 2018 at 21:51:20
Greg Baker Did you recover the windows? It looks pretty tight to me... no gaps or flaws visible.
25. September 2018 at 23:18:21
Donald Dickson II There are a couple you cant see in that one pic, but nothing major. The windows came out so so making them with krystal klear. Couldnt snag the plastic ones.
26. September 2018 at 01:38:04
Greg Baker Does that mean there's something rattling around inside... I hate that...
26. September 2018 at 02:32:01
Donald Dickson II No, they seem to have wedged somewhere thankfully. I have a couple where weights have come loose and those drive me nuts when I have to move them.
26. September 2018 at 19:19:48
Donald Dickson II OK, I set aside the fire truck and worked on this one for a bit. Its gray. LOL Need to fix a couple things and I will move on to the decals. While I was letting the gloss dry, I started on the engines. I built the internal part, then dry fit the assembly. Wont require a lot of fiddling it seems. Then I painted the parts. Final engine assembly later today.

Greg, I have a plan for doing another open. It involves lights and stuff, which should make you happy. ;)
04. November 2018 at 17:14:19
Greg Baker Whoooooo... I can't wait!
05. November 2018 at 00:40:33
Donald Dickson II LOL That wont be for a while though. I have other things loosely scheduled.
05. November 2018 at 00:42:37
Greg Baker No one likes a tease...
05. November 2018 at 00:44:49
Donald Dickson II You just dont know the right people. ;)
05. November 2018 at 02:42:46
Germen V good progress
05. November 2018 at 04:07:38
Donald Dickson II Germen, thank you. :)

It now has engines. And I need to do some work on where they attach to the wings. Too gappy for me.
14. November 2018 at 05:01:23
Martin Oostrom She looks great! For reasons I don't understand, I like this plane. Keep at it Donald
14. November 2018 at 22:34:19
Donald Dickson II Martin, IKR? She doesnt have the sleeker look of my old girl the 141. This broad is fat and kinda ugly, but appealing none the less. LOL
14. November 2018 at 22:55:06
Greg Baker She has a great personality... besides, I only read Scalemates for the articles... ;)
15. November 2018 at 00:54:03
15. November 2018 at 03:31:05
Robert Hall I hated riding in those things ! Air Force Pilot- "Prepare for Tactical Decent" Army Staff Sargent Bob - "What the Hell?" **** Assault Pack,M4 and anything else unsecured, Flatten on the roof ! Until ya hit the ground, and lets just say "Hope your Kevlar was on ! DAMN Jet Jocks ! LOL !
15. November 2018 at 03:37:58
Donald Dickson II That must be new. We NEVER did anything like that with the 141s. Our pilots and the rest of us were the epitome of professionalism.

I typed that without choking on my soda...
15. November 2018 at 03:44:12
Robert Hall -Best Dr Evil Impression- Riiiiiiiiiiight ! LOL
15. November 2018 at 03:48:51
Donald Dickson II Decaling has begun!
21. November 2018 at 05:34:47
Treehugger Looks like a nice 1:144 kit that isn't too large on the table. :)
21. November 2018 at 07:44:22
Donald Dickson II Treehugger, it is a bit over a foot wide and about 14" or so long. Not huge, but not small.

So, while perusing pics to check a few things, I came across two potential versions for the next one I do. Whenever I get around to that. I am leaning heavily to the camo test bird, but the primered one IS kinda neat.
26. November 2018 at 20:43:37
Donald Dickson II Decals done. Main landing gear wheels on. Some other final parts then I will future it and weather it. Then dull coat it and it will be pretty much done.
27. November 2018 at 07:18:34
Donald Dickson II OK, so finished this one up.

Greg, I do indeed have ideas about another one. This one let me find out the quirks of the kit before I started investing that kind of time and effort.

The landing gears are awful. Though I am not sure how they could have done it any different. The fit in general was not bad. A little more care on my part would likely help with that. I dirtied her up. Likely too much, but I am happy with it.

The last pic is the cargo plane shelf in one of my cases. Had to do some re arranging, but its cool because they are all 1/144. So you can see the size differences.
10. December 2018 at 04:29:12
Greg Baker Ok... I take it back... that's some good work right there and didn't need any open cargo bay doors... but the next one does. ;)
10. December 2018 at 14:01:20
Bryn Crandell Looks great. I have one as well and want to buy the aftermarket slats and flaps to have them all deployed. Looks good sitting next to the C-141.
10. December 2018 at 21:04:42
Donald Dickson II Greg, thank you sir! That one will be a tad more challenging. LOL I just wish they did some interior stuff for it. Its got good detail, but it does still need some help. Especially seat belts. LOL

Bryn, I want to get the C-5, but I am NOT paying over 100 bucks for it. NOT worth that.
10. December 2018 at 22:34:38
Martin Oostrom I think you did a marvellous job. I like these unflashy workingman's planes. There is an air of We'll-get-the-job-done mentality surrounding them, unlike most jet fighters. I love the collection
11. December 2018 at 12:22:51
Martin Oostrom I can't find an album on the C-97. Do you have pictures? Please?
11. December 2018 at 12:47:23
Bryn Crandell If I see a C-5 for a decent price I'll let you know. I have the Yodel kit which is in a long line of same molds.
11. December 2018 at 14:31:42
Jozef Goos good job wel done
11. December 2018 at 14:43:45
Stephan Ryll Very nice build Donald
11. December 2018 at 17:25:14
Greg Baker Martin - I was wondering about that C-97 as well, so I second the request for pictures. I've got one in the stash that I don't really know what I want to do with it.
11. December 2018 at 22:38:13
Donald Dickson II Martin, thank you sir. :) I like them as well. I was a Load Master on C-141s, so I have a special place in my heart for cargo planes. Without them, EVERY service would suffer. Thats why I always snicker when they sat Chair Force. My response has always been, Want your mail???? Want parts for your little Cobra or Hornet there??? Hmmmmm???? Want a free ride home from Rota???? (THAT one usually gets them. LOL)

Bryn, I would snag the Roden kit, BUT, it is no different than the 141 kit, and with the horrid decals they have, and the issues a brand new mold should NOT have, NO WAY I pay the 100.00+ price tag they put on it. You automatically have to add the cost of a set of the Caracal decals, or there is just no sense building it.

Jozef, Stephen, Greg thanks!

And I will have an album up momentarily for the C-97...
12. December 2018 at 00:12:13
Donald Dickson II And here it is gents. :) smokeriderdon
12. December 2018 at 00:30:07
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