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Petr Martinek (Petr_M)

Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.I

1:48 Airfix
Cement: Tamiya Extra Thin Quick, Revell Contacta
Colours: Vallejo Primer, Mr. Color
Varnish: Tamiya matt
Eduard express masks, Yahu dashboard


13. December 2017, 20:46
Mike Daniels
Stand out!! Those little metal scratches bring it all together.
14. December 2017, 00:22
Petr Martinek
Those scratches are made by Prismacolor silver pencil. Very easy and simply.
14. December 2017, 05:36
Björn Svedberg
Really nice build and finish! How did you like the kit?
14. December 2017, 19:13
14. December 2017, 19:15
Soeren .
Nice work Petr! 🙂
14. December 2017, 19:47
playtime 222
@Petr - How quick do they dry? Do you get a chance to remove them? Solvent used?
14. December 2017, 19:58
Petr Martinek
@playtime 222: Do you mean decals? They are nice and thin. I used Mr.Mark Softer.
@all: Thanks for acclaim. I enjoyed the build.
14. December 2017, 20:11
playtime 222
Oops. Yes that does sound like a decal question but I was actually asking about the silver pencil marks?
16. December 2017, 10:06


1:48 Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.I (Airfix A05128)1:48 Defiant Mk.I/II (Yahu Models YMA4823)1:48 Defiant Mk.I (Eduard EX490)1+

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