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Callsign Glou
Jean Pierre CULIS-FERY (Callsign Glou)

Montage F2G 57


6 | 30. July 2018, 20:59
Michael Hickey
Cool details on your engine, should look great when painted.👍
5. August 2018, 21:28
5. August 2018, 23:05
Björn Svedberg
Very cool project! 👍 I'm following.
6. August 2018, 06:26
Wim van der Luijt
That's one beast of an engine!
7. August 2018, 18:07
7. August 2018, 21:11
Choppa Nutta
Yeah I was thinking that engine is absurdly large !! 🙂
Don't think I've seen a bubble top Corsair before....
Also something funky going on with the "Rudders"..... yes, that's a plural😉
I wonder that's for ? some kind of anti torque trim device ? maybe ?
Anyhow cool project and great colour scheme 🙂
7. August 2018, 21:34
Jean Pierre CULIS-FERY
@Choppa Nutta: This version was originaly built to fight against Kamikaze plane at low altitude. Only 10 were built and no one see combat operation. The engine is the P&W R4360 (28 cylinder, and 3000 horesepower. For the tail you are right it's an anti torque device. Afterwar these plane were sell as racer and several had sucess in national's airace. In 1999 Bob Odegaard take back this plane and another F2G (blue 72) to flight condition. Sadly i will lost his live in the second plane. the "modern" 57 is my subjet and have the particularity to have a second seat. This is the last F2G to fly. Best regards.
8. August 2018, 06:04
Choppa Nutta
Cheers for the interesting details Jean 🙂
8. August 2018, 08:55
Alexander Grivonev
This looks very interesting!
8. August 2018, 14:00
Holger Kranich
Damn! That engine must really give ya a punch in the face, when starting with full throttle!
26. October 2018, 06:49
Wim van der Luijt
very nice progress.....That engine must have been really something, I've seen a youtube video where one was started on a stand.....madness
26. October 2018, 10:03
Nice job!
26. October 2018, 18:01
Hanno Kleinecke
Somehow this got past me, excellent detailing so far. Great choice of subject, I'm in !
26. October 2018, 21:28
Jean Pierre CULIS-FERY
Thank you everybody.
27. October 2018, 07:25
Ben M
Very cool subject, love that giant engine. Definitely want to follow this one. Those air racers are great.
27. October 2018, 14:18
Ben Trif
what punch and die have you used for the engine detail?
25. August, 14:49
30. August, 01:29


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1:48 F2G Super Corsair "Racing Aircraft" (Special Hobby SH48049)1:48 Vought F4U-1D Corsair (Tamiya 61061)

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