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Light blue Albatros C.III


As the winner of a Forum Grand Giveaway, a kit of the Special Hobby Albatros C.III is on its way to me. As the kit was only sent a few days ago, it can't be here yet, of course. But ...
The only condition was to build the kits and publish a build report about the project in the Forum.
My library has the Windsock Datafile 13 describing the Albatros in detail. I love the title painting, done by Brian Knight. So I decided to replicate again his paint by my model. As no serial is shown there is no decal problem to be solved.

And after opening this Datafile, I came across a wonderful opener picture on page 1 showing a beautiful Axial air screw with three different kinds of wood! Since I don't need the kit for this, was tired of rigging the DH-2 project and working with wood is always relaxing, I just had to give it a try!
That is so far a start of the new project. For the rest we are in the hands of the postal minions. Until the kit arrived the project is on hold.
16 May, 17:21
Moritz Fentzahn
Count me in. I am sure this will come out great
16 May, 19:55
David R. Meizoso
Unpainted airscrew looks more like the original picture, I think.
16 May, 19:59
Michael Kohl
I agree with David and will follow of cause.
16 May, 21:04
Airscrew looks fantastic already
16 May, 21:10
Lochsa River
Sittin in!
17 May, 04:47
Dietmar Bogatzki
Have that kit in stash so i will follow 🙂
Airscrew looks like on the painting, i would leave it.
17 May, 05:12
Sy Bar
Watching another master class
17 May, 08:47
Uwe Kaeding
Looking good Bughunter.

I think I agree with David and Michael and prefer the higher contrast, at least if the plane in the picture is the one you want to do. As the painting shows a moving propeller, I think the two tones would naturally blur together, and that might be what Brian Knight was showing. However in my references its a bit of pot luck in pictures whether you have high contrasts or not in the propellers, a lot of which might be due to lighting and angle but might also be due to different manufacturers. In the end, as with a lot of WW1 stuff, just do what feels right to you...
17 May, 13:28


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