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Downscaled original Airco DH-2 6000

It was hard to get good pictures even in evening light.


Robert Podkoński
Looks fabulous! Ready for action.
16 May, 08:01
Moritz Fentzahn
Great result (as always). Looking forward to see this in real life someday. Keep on the good work 👍🏻👍🏻
16 May, 08:02
Robin (WhiteGlint)
A stunning aircraft, mate. 👍
This bird is pure eyecandy.
16 May, 08:37
A jewel of model!
16 May, 10:13
That's a staggering result Frank! Some of those photos could easily be mistaken for a real aircraft, and there's no higher praise for a model that I know of. A real beauty.
16 May, 13:04
I fully agree with gorby
16 May, 15:02
Sebastian Meyner
Absolutely stunning build 👍
16 May, 15:39
Christoph Kunz
Gold Medal.
No matter wich show.
16 May, 17:38
Michael Kohl
16 May, 21:11
Nathan Dempsey
That's a gorgeous build! Our local club is doing 1/48 WW1 for our yearly group build & I selected this aircraft. If mine comes out 1/1,000th as nice it'll be a miracle lol. I'm building the old Blue Max kit though…
16 May, 23:52
beautiful work -- the rigging is magnificent!
17 May, 01:42
Thank you very much mates, for these kind comments 👍
@Christoph I'll take your word for it! Ried and EME?
@Nathan Good luck with your build!
17 May, 17:13
Ricardo Reis
Master work @bughunter, really beautiful! 👍 👍 👍
18 May, 20:09
Alec K
19 May, 01:56
A masterpiece.
19 May, 07:46
Boris Belay
Hi Frank, Very nice set of pictures (your outdoors light photography technique really pays out), and of course, amazing masterful build... The fact that it stands its ground next to the strip-down build says a lot already !
For loss of other words of praise, I will add a few nit-picking remarks since that is all that is left : I'm not generally a big fan of weathering but you went down that path beautifully and lightly enough, but I would say that your wheels, particularly the sidewall markings, could be toned down or muddied up a bit to match the rest. And also perhaps the insignias are a little too bright too compared to the overall patina.
I'm just saying that to stand out of the crowd of course 😉 And because I know you'll enjoy the chalenge of going past the 99% near-perfect... or is it 99,9% ? Hard to say from this distance !
Thanks for the continued inspiration above all...
19 May, 09:43
Thank you mates!
And Boris, thank you for your time to answer with such detailed comment 👍
I don't want this to sound like an excuse, but this is what I meant by the fact that it is difficult to take good pictures now, despite the evening sun. The contrasts are too hard, details " drown out", in shadow areas hardly anything can be recognised. This was much easier with the Camel in February! And the wheels are red, and my camera has a problem with an overemphasised red, despite white balance. The wheels were also weathered, I found it almost too much. Have a look at picture 14, it looks closer to the real model.
Thanks again, Frank
19 May, 17:29
I would be happy to get a similar result in 1/32… this DH.2 is looking truly awesome.
19 May, 20:16
Guy Rump
Beautiful 👍
19 May, 20:39
David Taylor
One of your best,congrats.
19 May, 21:52
Boris Belay
Indeed, Frank, and even picture 4 in the shade is less contrasty. Evening light is redder, so if you camera is sensitive to red, it makes sense. Maybe full sunlight is to be avoided anyways, at least in late Spring or Summer ?
I'm not aware of what the original tyres looked like, so maybe the white of the markings is accurate and I should do my homework before commenting ! 😉
20 May, 11:34
I was not patient enough to wait for a cloudy day as I wanted to present it 😉 Still learning regarding outdoor setup! At least it worked to apply flat varnish to the (bought) airfield to get rid of the glitter of the grass.
After the decals I applied some PanPastel and oils also to the rubber of the wheels, but it is not very visible on the pics.
20 May, 11:50
Bruce Huxtable
Congratulations on another stunning gem, Bughunter! She's a delight to the eye from every angle 🙂 Inspiring skills and results for sure 🙂
20 May, 12:12
Thank you Bruce!
I just added a picture for size comparison.
20 May, 17:47
David H
Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!
24 May, 17:59
Rui S
Beautifully done, as always 👍
24 May, 21:14
Thank you very much mates! Your feedback is highly appreciated!
25 May, 18:21
Capt Bellinger
A most impressive photo album of a simply splendid aircraft build!

When you finished the build photos I was thinking about being picky and commenting on the lack of fairleads to the lower wing leading edges, but I see that you added them before taking this photo set. 🙂
31 May, 12:13
Thank you Capt Bellinger!
You are right regarding the fairleads. The reason was to wait with mounting them for easier metalising the wires before.
1 June, 20:09
Karl R
Dad and I made one of those back in the 70s or 80s. It had a tissue paper colored finish that I put on and Dad did the rigging which was as much work as the entire model! It's still in the family collection. Note: our kit was not nearly as sophisticated as this one here.
22 June, 06:09
Thanks for sharing! That is like plating the Strip Down (on pic 17/18 and an own project) with paper 😉 And yes, this type has a very complex rigging.
22 June, 19:23
Those photo's are.. real.
That's a piece of true craftsmanship, my compliments!

I had the Hasegawa Wright Flyer museum model kit once, but sold it again when I saw the difficult rigging and struts and tissue paper for the wings. Only for experienced modelers, like you.
22 June, 22:06
Thank you Dick!
The Wright Flyer in 1:16? The Museums Series is nice. The Fokker Dr.I in 1:8 hangs on the ceiling in our living room. But with a wooden laminated airscrew, instead of the kit plastic.
I found some pictures of it and created an album 😉
23 June, 16:42


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