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Kondor D.2, WIP


31 | 20. July, 12:00
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There are enough of started projects in my man cave, but there is a special reason to add the next one.

Today, on the July 20, but in the year 1912 the aircraft company "Kondor Flugzeugwerke GmbH" was founded in Essen (t least according to my Windsock article, Wikipedia says June 15th; another date I found was December 15th). Esssen is one of the bigger cities in the german "Ruhrgebiet" (Ruhr Metropolis, Ruhr is a river).
My wife was born there, and my mother in law lives there.
So you guess what? I have to build a Kondor aircraft!

After the experience with my last project Quadruplane I know that I'm able to handle a resin kit by Spin.
And Spin offers also some Kondor aircrafts, I decided to try a nice little biplane: Kondor D.2

There was a D.1 biplane, with Nieuport style struts and a single spar lower wing.
This was not very successful so the D.2 project was started. The upper wing was the same as D.1, but now 2 spars in the new lower wing and conventional struts. Two prototypes was build, the first with a 80hp (some sorces says Oberursel U.0) in a round cowling and a second one with a 110hp Oberursel UR.II in in horseshoe type cowling. Both take part on the fighter competition, but not ordered into production.

The designer was Walter Rethel, who was later involved in Arado aircrafts and the Bf 109. For the German readers: His granddaughter is an actress and was married to Johannes Heesters.

There are no Datafile for those rare birds but Windsock International Vol 13 No.2 has an nice article, photos and drawings about the Kondor aircrafts. A picture here shows clearly, that the engine was a Le Rhone 80hp. The U.0 looks different.

So far the background of my new project.
20. July, 12:11
After showing the kit content now the first real update with work on the wings. Not yet finished.
20. July, 14:57
Urban Gardini
Taking a seat mate!
20. July, 15:45
Urban Gardini
I imagine that it didn't behave that well in the air with such a short fuselage.
20. July, 15:49
Dietmar Bogatzki
A good start at a exotic model, taking a seat..
20. July, 16:43
Robert Podkoński
Taking a seat - nice plane, fantastic work so far!
20. July, 16:54
Mona Abel
It looks amazing , looking forward to seeing more
20. July, 16:59
Welcome to the show mates!
Urban, it was a small bird overall (also the Fokker Dr.I and the E.V were small). Pilots praised the aircraft's flying qualities, but criticised the poor performance.
20. July, 17:03
Urban Gardini
So with a better motor it would've performed well enough to be produced.
20. July, 17:42
Even the more powerful rotary of the second prototype was not enough. We will newer know....
I added more pictures, the wings are finished. I very happy, that masking on top of the decals worked this time 🙂
20. July, 19:16
René "Lord Bilbo" Bartholemy
Hey, you sneaked up on me! Just when I stop looking for your next project, you publish the first pictures... 😉
Very promising start. As always.
20. July, 21:27
The decals look like cloth in some of the pictures - very nice.
20. July, 22:03
Yes John, that was the intention 😉
Added some pictures of engine and cowling.
21. July, 11:27
René "Lord Bilbo" Bartholemy
Hi Bughunter, concerning pic 29, how do you manage to cut the rods off?
I did it as delicately as the sausages I replaced my fingers with allowed me to do, but some of them still flew off into the carpet monster's realm, never to be seen again... (luckily, Small Stuff ships more than the needed number)
21. July, 15:44
Hanno Kleinecke
Wow, pic 19 makes me believe that you covered the wings with real fabric - superb decal quality ?
I went to school in Essen and lived there for 10 years, but I never knew that there has ever been an aircraft manifacturer located there…
Live and learn
21. July, 15:58
Marcel Klemmer
Very interesting project again on your table Bughunter
21. July, 17:31
Thank you mates!
@René, exactly as shown in the last picture of the manual. I used a piece of wood below and a very sharp razor blade (I opened a new multi-blade razor and have now 3 sharp blades. Be careful!). A light cut is enough on this thin resin.
@Hanno, I like the color shades of the upper side more (pic20), the blue looks like a jeans. The company was in Essen, the workshop and the airfield in Essen-Gelsenkirchen-Rotthausen. Two links, the postcards are nice:
@Marcel Thx! Nice to see you here too 😉
21. July, 18:32
To keep the project under steam I added the cockpit pictures - the fuselage is closed.
22. July, 14:37
Christoph Kunz
Jawbreaking work again. Picture 34 says it all.
22. July, 17:08
Christoph I hope you are not hurt! Thx 😉
22. July, 20:35
Dietmar Bogatzki
Great Job with the new Cowling and the wood painting 👍
23. July, 06:41
David Taylor
Missed this one.
23. July, 16:54
Thank you Dietmar and David, and for the lines!
I must admit, I already have a bit of a head start 🙂 I wanted to avoid to posting the next shelf queen and so check for early blocking points.
Now I have to wait a bit, because I painted oils on the fuselage yesterday. The oils are hardening now, but before I worked on the struts and undercarriage, so here are the pictures for that.
23. July, 17:18
As I mentioned already the oils are hardening, but I have not shown a picture. In meantime I prepared other details.
It was a lot of work, but I now have a result that no one can buy, you have to do it yourself 🙂
24. July, 16:26
Urban Gardini
Photo #70 is just pure joy to behold!
24. July, 23:16
Justin Pinard
Breathtaking work! An inspiration to anyone. 🙂
25. July, 01:18
Hanno Kleinecke
Thank you for these links - completely unknown history to me ! 👍
Prop and cowling look fantastic
25. July, 08:35
Thank you Urban, Justin and Hanno!
I forgot to add the nice front photo, which was my template for the airscrew. As this is stored in Wikipedia I can show it here.
25. July, 11:06
Robert Podkoński
What a colourful little bird it is! One easily forgets that it was a military plane. Looking fantastic!
30. July, 19:44
Christoph Kunz
Pic 77, seeing how tiny this bird is makes my respect for your work even bigger.
30. July, 20:59
David Taylor
One smart little bird.
30. July, 21:22
Thank you mates! And no, my hand is not a construction worker's paw 😉
@Robert That's why I build these colourful aircrafts! Years ago I saw a collection of many WWI biplane models in a museum - that was my key moment!
31. July, 10:45
I love the rendering of the motor pan, it looks like brushed metal. well done
31. July, 11:02
Thank you! But the cowling looks like metal, because it is metal 😉 See pic31+
31. July, 11:08
Robert Podkoński
I perfectly understand you, Bughunter 😉 The (Polish) book on WWI fighter aircraft was one of my favourite when I was young - there were many silhouettes in full colour presented.
31. July, 11:20
The hand is not in the original photo, but I take artistic licence! Thanks for the suggestion!
31. July, 11:43
Some steps towards the finish 🙂
1. August, 16:14
Marcel Klemmer
Wow really nice step forward.
2. August, 06:43
Thank you Marcel!
Now it is a biplane, the outer struts are in correct length and glued in too 😉
2. August, 18:30
Urban Gardini
I love the artistic license with the oily hand print in order to cover up the paint damage!
2. August, 18:59
Thank you Urban for your opinion! I heard also the opposite and I must admit, that the contrasts are a bit high now. Let's see how it looks like after Weathering, but that will be done after the Brathering 😉
2. August, 19:15
Urban Gardini
Well it's a bit distinct put you could smear it out a little with some oil paint.
2. August, 21:37
3. August, 11:00
Yes Urban, I will add some oil paint wash anyway.
That is a type of Triplane which I need to add to my collection! But that is the wrong scale 😉 Instead I have this SPIN kit (and the matching Eduard kit) in my stash: Nieuport Triplane (Ni 17 fuselage) (SPIN model K4804, 1:48) May be later this year.
There is also another Nieuport triplane type, I own also a SPIN conversion for the Special Hobby kit of the Nieuport 10.

1:48 Nieuport Triplane (Ni 17 fuselage) (SPIN model K4804)
3. August, 13:28
Eric Martin
Splendide travail félicitations
3. August, 19:48
Thank you Eric! I'm working on the rigging now. It is already a biplane.
4. August, 14:41
Some fixing of collateral damage is needed, some detail painting, washing, ... But the light of the end of the tunnel is visible, or is it an oncoming train?
4. August, 18:33
Alec K
How the heck did I miss this! And a project with special significance to boot. Outstanding 👍
5. August, 11:58
And I missed you, as a strong supporter of my projects, too! Thank you Alec!
5. August, 15:23
Dietmar Bogatzki
A fantastic job Bughunter 👍
5. August, 16:46
Thank you Dietmar! This Kondor is finished now. The rigging lines are metalized now, some weathering applied and added as last step the cowling and the airscrew.
The final shots still have to be taken.
5. August, 17:44
Robert Podkoński
We are all waiting impatiently for final photos of your masterpiece!
5. August, 19:07
Ok Robert, and all the waiters: don't miss the final album:
Kondor D.2 | Album by bughunter (1:48)
5. August, 22:05
Robert Podkoński
Thanks, Bughunter 😉
6. August, 04:15


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1:48 Kondor D.2 (SPIN model 4813)1:48 Seatbelts German WWI STEEL (Eduard 49102)1:48 Le Rhone 9C (80 hp) Engine (Small Stuff 48101)5+

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