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Fokker D.V


35 | 21. December 2020, 18:25
Björn Svedberg
Looking fantastic! Paintjob, assembly and details are just perfect in my mind! 👍 👍
21. December 2020, 18:37
klasse wie immer 👍
21. December 2020, 18:40
Agustin Prellezo
Very good painting!. That base is missing a figure!
21. December 2020, 19:06
fantastic result
21. December 2020, 21:22
René "Lord Bilbo" Bartholemy
As always : flabbergasting work!
21. December 2020, 21:31
Every praise you got here is well deserved! 👍
22. December 2020, 10:32
Kees Kleijwegt
Another masterpiece! Very inspirational work👍
22. December 2020, 11:43
Alec K
Beautifully done 👍
22. December 2020, 14:31
Thank you mates! As soon as I have new air screw decals I will add them.
A good thing that this project was done in one go, not interrupted by others and not ended up as shelf queen.
@Agustin The base is only used a photo base. My models are in a glass cabinet with light from all sights, so a base would block to much light, so also no figure. Instead of paint figures I'm doing more biplanes😉
22. December 2020, 21:02
Rui S
Beautiful model 👍
26. December 2020, 12:45
Thank you Rui!
I hope that I can add some air screw decal soon, the one I own was much to big.
27. December 2020, 18:13
Slavo Hazucha
All the established "classics" are there - the engine, the propeller, the insane rigging (all getting ever more formidable, when one considers how much of it is model and what all is scratch work...), but this time the hero is definitely the paint-job. Had a look at the box-art & thought - "wait, I can do this better..." ? 🙂 In any case, you did it, great job, checked the build story too and that only makes it more of an achievement 👍
1. January, 23:43
It is always a pleasure for me to read your detailed and wonderful comments 👍 Only a model builder can realize what is really behind such model. Thank you very much, Slavo!
2. January, 18:32
Added some new outdoor pictures.
25. August, 19:36
They look so fake.... color pictures did start decades later 😉 other than that, just like reference pictures. Amazing
25. August, 19:55
Robert Podkoński
What can be said here: simply beautiful!
25. August, 20:02
Thank you mates!
Ok Spanjaard, you are right, so I added a new picture.
But I have also a excuse: of course also the pilots of that time were able to see their biplanes in color, so the pictures shows the pilots view 😉
25. August, 20:21
Absolutely! And you certainly accomplished that! 🙂
25. August, 21:15
Peter Hardy
One day, I will be good enough to attempt a biplane. Until then, I have Bughunter to follow! And I love the colour pics!
25. August, 22:52
Rui S
I second Peter all the way 👍
26. August, 01:40
Slavo Hazucha
The color pic look like mood-shots from a movie 👍
26. August, 09:34
Nice to see you all in the thread here 👍 Thank you very much, also for the likes!
26. August, 10:20


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1:48 Fokker D.V (Special Hobby SH48118)1:48 Gnome 9 Delta / Oberursel U.I (100 hp) Engine (Small Stuff 48104)1:48 Metal Turnbuckles (GasPatch models 48009)3+
Fokker D.V
DR Military Marinefliegerkorps (Imperial German Navy Air Service 1912-1918)
1917 World War 1

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