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Didier Chartrain (Aerodid)

AMD-BA Mirage 4000 - 1/72 Modelsvit

This is my Mirage 4000 (1/72 Modelsvit).
All in all, this is a nice kit. The engraving is very fine, and the fittings are pretty good (be cautious with the upper/lower half wings, the trailing edge are too thick for a perfect flush when the two half are glued together).
The stencils are the bad part of the kit. They are very fragile. Do not hesitate to cut them in several pieces (I'm talking of the blue strikes) it will be easier to place. They are relatively insensitive to the softer, unfortunately. I' didn't' use the masking provided in the kit, to paint the red leading edge of the engine intake, because they basically needs to paint the red first and then paint the white over the red....which is something I' didn't want to take a risk.
The cockpit is very nice, with seatbelt.
Thanks for looking.



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1:72 Mirage 4000 (Modelsvit 72052)


13 | 13. December 2020, 11:21
Bernd Korte
Bravo! A real eye-catcher!
13. December 2020, 12:14
Nikolaos Kouzinis
Beauty in white
14. December 2020, 23:38
Beautiful build in cool presentation!
15. December 2020, 09:14
Oleg Bogolei
Very accurate build. Almost impossible for me.
15. December 2020, 09:30
15. December 2020, 09:39
Wow - that's beautiful!
15. December 2020, 15:33
Nice Work
16. December 2020, 10:49
Impressive build.
17. December 2020, 05:08

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