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Didier Chartrain (Aerodid)

Yak-28 - Bobcat - 1/48

Hi guys,
This is my Yak 28, from Bobcat (1/48). It's a tough kit to built, with a lot of parts and a complex camouflage. The notice is useless to identify the correct color references, that's why I' made some "guess". I' made a picture of all the color I' used for this kit. For an unknown reason i' was not able to fit the wing tip landing gear : they appears to be far too long. After checking that the main landing gear was correctly positioned, i' came to the conclusion that i' probably messed-up the dihedral of the main wing, leading to the wing tip being too low. Therefore I' had to represent this landing gear retracted, which is unrealistic on ground. I' also had a strange chemical reaction between the kit plastic and the surfacer.... forcing me too re-sand the kit entirely..... :< ;(.
Anyway, I' managed to finish it, after all.
Thanks for looking.



1:48 Yak-28PP Brewer-E (Bobcat 48002)


20 | 9. November 2020, 11:05
What happened in photo 11?
9. November 2020, 12:47
Pierre Vauthier
excellent model ! I love the painting !
9. November 2020, 13:13
Pierre Vauthier
photo 11 it happened to me when i put varnish over tamyia paint. was it the same for you ?
9. November 2020, 13:14
Pierre Vauthier
merci Didier superbe maquette et tres originale
9. November 2020, 13:16
Looks great!
9. November 2020, 13:41
Didier Chartrain
Hi Guys, I'dont really know what happend with the surfacer.... it just went like that a few minutes after i'spayed it on the kit. I'suspect a kind of chemical reaction with the plastic and the thinner that i'used with the surfacer. Really anoying anyway...
Thanks for your encouraging comments.
9. November 2020, 14:42
looks superb!
9. November 2020, 14:50
10. November 2020, 03:12
Top result! Your efforts really paid off!
10. November 2020, 07:50
Roland Gunslinger
Looks great
10. November 2020, 07:52
Those no nonsense soviet planes just look stunning
10. November 2020, 08:30
Exactly which surfacer were you using?
10. November 2020, 08:44
Raphael Bernecole
I love it, congratulations :)
10. November 2020, 14:09
David Taylor
As the Victor looks like it is going Mach 1 sitting still.
10. November 2020, 18:41
I thought of making the other version in metal finish but this looks a lot better, not in the least because the kit is so well made
11. November 2020, 13:13
Didier Chartrain
Thanks Francky, I used Mr Surfacer 500. I'was thinking of doing a metal finish, but the overall surface was not clean and smooth enough for that. Thanks for your comments
11. November 2020, 13:40

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