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Didier Chartrain (Aerodid)

Hughes Racer - Planet Model

Hi guys,
This is my Hughes Racer, from Planet Models. It's a tough kit, like most of the Planet Models, that needs a lot of filling and sanding. I' probably should have spend much more time in detailing to bring it a decent level. That's probably my last P.M kit for a while... :< ;(
Thanks for looking.



1:48 H-1B Racer (Planet Models PLT165)


4 | 6. July 2020, 20:34
6. July 2020, 22:04
7. July 2020, 07:30
Slavo Hazucha
Tough kit but what a beauty when finished... Personally I do not think these need to be over-detailed, it´s all about the dashing shape, vibrant color, polished metal - not the number of switches on the instrument panel... Actually anything that distracts from the sleek streamlined machine-beauty would be exactly that - an unwanted distraction... there are plenty valid other model choices for going berserk on details, openings, gears & panels - this is really nice AS-IS!
7. July 2020, 10:08
Didier Chartrain
Thanks for you encouraging comments Slavo. Appreciate.
7. July 2020, 13:25
Slavo is right - as always.
7. July 2020, 17:37
Mike Grant
7. July 2020, 18:33

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