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Didier Chartrain (Aerodid)

Arado 196 + Catapult - Italeri + HPH - 1/48

Hi Guys,
This my Arado 196 on the catapult.
The Italeri kit of the Arado is straightforward to build and flawless. Just add a bit of rigging on the floats and that's about it.
The HPH catapult is another story, however..... It is a resin kit, but the railing has to be entirely scratch built. HPH recommendation is to glue the different parts, but on my side I' decided to weld some 0.7mm brass rod, I' found that it had a smarter looking.
But the biggest challenge was to fit the plane on the jig : the jig is in fact clashing with the floats struts, and it's very difficult to have a correct alignment and positioning of the plane.
Anyway....eventually i' manage to make something with a decent looking.... well...I' hope so...
Thanks for looking.



1:48 Arado Ar 196A (Italeri 2675)1:48 Arado Ar 196 Catapult (HpH models 48011R)


1 | 31. May 2020, 13:18
Thomas Bischoff
Simply stunning! Beautiful work
31. May 2020, 13:41
Roland Gunslinger
Oh Yeah, that's awesome! Beautiful
31. May 2020, 13:47
What a fun combination :)
31. May 2020, 14:32
David Taylor
Is the rest of the ship coming along,superb so far.
31. May 2020, 14:34
Thomas Bischoff
Now you mention it - where is the rest of the ship? LOL
31. May 2020, 16:06
Mike Kryza
Wow! - Top work!
31. May 2020, 16:12
Michael Smith
WOW, Very nice !!
31. May 2020, 16:30
Every praise you got here is well deserved.
31. May 2020, 16:47
Didier Chartrain
Thanks guys, for your comments. For the rest of the ship.... I'need to built a bigger house first....sorry ;<)
1. June 2020, 14:33
James C
This is awesome and looks fantastic posed on the catapult.
Do you know where I could purchase the catapult kit from online?
1. June 2020, 18:46
Didier Chartrain
Hi Jim C. Yes, you can find this catapult at Hannants ( Make a search with "HPH Models" as manufacturer and 1/48 scale. Around £60 I'think. Hope this helps. Bye Didier
1. June 2020, 21:35
very cool...quite an eyecatcher
1. June 2020, 21:48

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