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Didier Chartrain (Aerodid)

WW I - RFC Pilot - 80mm figure

Hello, this my last figurine : RFC pilot, WW 1, from The Fusilier. 80mm high.
Thanks for looking. Didier



29. April 2020, 09:22
Brian Eberle
Excellent! I really like the tail. Realistic appearance for the canvas.
29. April 2020, 11:35
Didier Chartrain
Thanks Brian !
29. April 2020, 12:31
Great painting But I think, the cross is much to small. I notice this immediately, because I'm building WWI biplanes. The cross was typically on the whole vertical tail assembly, so on the rudder you will see only part of it. I just looked into the "Edelweiss"-comic of Hugault, there is a rudder on the wall of the lounge of french pilots - the same. This would look much more authentic.
A picture on Wingnutwing site: [img1]
29. April 2020, 14:15
Very nice
29. April 2020, 14:29
Very nice indeed.
29. April 2020, 17:01
Didier Chartrain
Too late to correct the size of the cross..... next time....
29. April 2020, 17:22

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