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Danumurthi Mahendra (mdanumurthi)

Trumpeter HMS Renown (1942 fit)

The construction started poorly as the lower hull and upper hull did not match well. including some of the walls on the main deck did not align properly and left out gaps. Nevertheless, everything else went smoothly. the WEM PE set was gorgeous. They were sturdy. very easy to handle and they won't bend easily. There are plenty of left-overs of the railings for future projects. All paints were Tamiya Acrylics, weathering materials from Ammo Mig, clear flat from Mr. Color. Masking is done using Alexen Masking Putty. PE bending tools are from Alexen and RP Toolz. Rigging with E-Z line.


6 | 22. October 2020, 02:44


1:700 HMS Renown 1942 (Trumpeter 05764)1:700 HMS Renown (White Ensign Models PE 747)

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