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Danumurthi Mahendra (mdanumurthi)

Academy F/A-18D Hornet

Straight out of the box build. Surface detail is excellent, cockpit was okay with raised panels and individual decals. Cartograf decals are gorgeous with lots of choices, stencils. Fitting was a bit crude at some places, inconsistent, some fit well some don't.


1 September 2016, 00:35
very well done 👍
1 September 2016, 04:37
Choppa Nutta
lovely indeed !!!
1 September 2016, 04:54
Michael Hickey
1 September 2016, 05:03
Danumurthi Mahendra
thanks guys. glad you like them
1 September 2016, 06:13
Adam Gudynowski
Cool Hornet 🙂 I love the wathering. How did You the stains and marks on sidewalks?
1 September 2016, 07:00
Bart Goesaert
superbly weathered bird... nice work...
1 September 2016, 07:10
Cristian Bordina
Fantastic model Dan😉
1 September 2016, 08:49
Lex Jassies
Nice, very nice!
1 September 2016, 10:02
Roy McKenzie
fantastic, love the overall effect. How did the build go for you you, any problems? I ask because I have been looking at the Academy F/A-18 kits.
1 September 2016, 11:32
Torben Ke
Very nice finish! 👍
1 September 2016, 12:16
Danumurthi Mahendra
thanks Guys! appreciated it
1 September 2016, 14:05
Danumurthi Mahendra
Hi Adam G. the side walks were airbrushed using Tamiya XF-1 Flat Black very thin and highly diluted in thinner so it looks slightly transparant. Then I ground some grey-colored chalk pastel and applied it using a small brush.
1 September 2016, 14:07
Danumurthi Mahendra
Hi Roy McKenzie. For the build i will give it 8 out of 10. the surface detail is stunning with sharp panel lines and rivets. The fitting quality is rather a mix. I would say 20% of it has some gap and step issues, notably the nose section, lower cockpit, and intakes. But the rest 80% is great. In fact, they have some novel way to slide in the upper cockpit area and the wing gluing method is unique.

Cockpit has nice raised panels plus decals for the MFDs. Seats are okay and include decals. Exhaust pipes has nice external details but no internal details. The weapons and sensor options are made with great detail plus they have a complete set of decals for all of them, AIM-9, AIM-7, Paveway II, LANTRN pods etc. The Cartograf decals are gorgeous. you will love it. it reacts very well with Mr. Mark Softner/Setter.
1 September 2016, 14:17
Maciej Bellos
Wow! Beautiful Hornet. Well done.
1 September 2016, 14:30
Sven Schönyan
Another Low-Viz gem!
1 September 2016, 17:01
Ingmar Stöhr
Stunning finish! I have the same kit and it's quiet high on the priority list. Yours will serv me as a very nice reference on a finish that I like to replicate. Many thumbs up 👍
1 September 2016, 17:09
Beautiful work.
1 September 2016, 17:24
Danumurthi Mahendra
thank you for the kind words, everyone.
1 September 2016, 18:03
Danumurthi Mahendra
Dear Ingmar, I have many more work in progress photos that is a bit too much to post here. In case you are interested they are here flic.kr/s/aHskGHYKZe
1 September 2016, 18:04
Patrick Hagelstein
I love the grimey weathering!
1 September 2016, 19:36
Ingmar Stöhr
Thank you! That will be very helpful!
1 September 2016, 19:58
Roy McKenzie
Thanks for the info. I will pick up one then 🙂
2 September 2016, 01:41
Ulf Petersen
Excellent Hornet, Danumurthi!👍
2 September 2016, 04:56
Danumurthi Mahendra
THanks Ulf and Hagel. I wish it was 1:48 scale LoL
2 September 2016, 05:52
Christian Bruer
Excellent work and a life like weathering 👍
2 September 2016, 06:16
Hanno Kleinecke
1/72 ! Simply amazing !
2 September 2016, 06:48
Bart Goesaert
thx for the extra photo's, will use them also if I may.. this one is also high on my to do...
2 September 2016, 07:16
Stefan Schacht
very nice
2 September 2016, 13:19
Stephan Ryll
amazing 👍
2 September 2016, 14:52
Danumurthi Mahendra
Yes, Bart Goesaert. please do so. anyway it can help your project.
2 September 2016, 16:42
Danumurthi Mahendra
Thanks Christian, Hanno, Stefan, and Stephan!
2 September 2016, 16:43
Darek .
How beautiful Hornet. Really nice painting and very, very subtle and realistic weathering. Great model.
2 September 2016, 22:27
Clifford Keesler
Awesome job.
2 September 2016, 22:27
soheil moghisi
Very good.
3 September 2016, 05:36
Erik Leijdens
Very impressive 👍
3 September 2016, 05:54
Christian Keller
Hi Danu, excellent weathering
3 September 2016, 07:49
John Thomas
Very nice
3 September 2016, 12:28
Just finished looking at your wip-pictures. Great job!
3 September 2016, 16:12
Lex Jassies
I just taken a look at your project. You're building beautiful models sir!
4 September 2016, 08:20
Scott Dutton
Beautiful shading
4 September 2016, 13:25
Danumurthi Mahendra
Thank you guys.very much appreciated.
4 September 2016, 15:39
Danumurthi Mahendra
Thanks Ice and Lex for checking the album out. Happy it was useful
4 September 2016, 15:40


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1:72 F/A-18D Hornet "U.S. Marine Corps" (Academy 12422)
McDonnell Douglas F/A-18D Hornet
US US Marine Corps Aviation (1912-now)
VMFA(AW)-332 Moonlighters EA 00/164705

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