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Delorean Back to Future I - WIP

kit is actually quite good. but i really do not like all the cabling in the sides and the few inside, so i will start replacing all of those with wires from different colors.


7 | 11. January 2018, 23:18
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Stefan Schacht
Hallo Spanjaard, nice start, i take a seat. Cheers Stefan
11. January 2018, 23:45
you are very welcome Stefan, happy to see you 🙂
11. January 2018, 23:51
Joseph Drew
Glad to see a car build going on! Will be watching, Spanjaard!
12. January 2018, 02:20
welcome to the build Joseph
12. January 2018, 06:09
Brad Furminger
This should be a fun watch. I had a friend built a full-scale Delorean out of an AMC Pacer back in the 80s.
12. January 2018, 11:10
Kees Kleijwegt
Front seat please Antonio! Good idea with the cables 👍
12. January 2018, 16:01
thanks Brad and Kees 🙂
@Kees. i hope it looks as good as yours, i really liked your Delorean
12. January 2018, 20:14
Alec K
Nice! I'll take a seat 👍
13. January 2018, 00:47
Wow! This will be interesting. I'll watch and try to learn a little.
13. January 2018, 07:51
Martin Oostrom
Finally a new Spanjaard build 👍
Checking in for inspiration!
13. January 2018, 08:57
welcome to this build Alec, Acki and specially Martin, i hope i can give you something to enjoy. Your comments are extremely kind 🙂
13. January 2018, 10:56
Peter Hardy
By the look of the mouldings you have your work cut out Spanjaard! I look forward to watching the magic happen!
13. January 2018, 11:04
Zsolt Czegle
Following! 🙂
13. January 2018, 20:41
Kees Kleijwegt
Thanks for the comment Spanjaard!
I hope I can learn some from your build 🙂
13. January 2018, 20:44
thanks Peter, Zsolt and again, thanks Kees.
13. January 2018, 21:17
Florent Thouret
Take a seat near Einstein !
14. January 2018, 06:01
welcome to the build Florent
14. January 2018, 10:31
Ingo F
Nice, i am in. Now bring us to the future, Spanjaard. 😄
14. January 2018, 11:18
i will do what i can 🙂 welcome to the build Ingo
14. January 2018, 11:35
for sure! 🙂
14. January 2018, 23:21
after quite some research (and not much modelling)... I am thinking in removing a lot of what makes the kit a BTF Delorean, to make it looks like a "plain" Delorean DMC-12, and then add add all the details from scratch....
10. February 2018, 10:44
Gordon Sørensen
Looking good, Spanjaard! Replacing those molded on cables will be worth the extra work. Looking forward to seeing more!
10. February 2018, 12:03
thanks Gordon.
10. February 2018, 12:17
Alec K
Indeed great work so far. Any thoughts on adding lighting? With all the cabling work, it may be worth it 👍
10. February 2018, 14:05
thanks Alec. i do not have the plan clearly defined for it. but i intend to use some lights on it. time circuits, plutonium meter, front lights... we will see. got some tiny SMD Leds . and Finished! | Album by Kees Kleijwegt (1:24) build was really inspirational 😉 I even got some electrical diagrams from him (thanks again Kees)
10. February 2018, 14:10
Alec K
Nice! This will be another masterpiece 👍
10. February 2018, 14:18
thanks, for the time being, is just a bunch of pieces😉
10. February 2018, 14:29
Alec K
🙂 👍
10. February 2018, 14:32
Stefan Fraundorfer
I love Back to Future and looking forward to see the finished Delorean. Have much fun Spanjaard.
28. April 2018, 21:33
thanks a lot Stefan. unfortunately, this one will be on hold for a while due to lack of time and energy.
28. April 2018, 22:39
d hadley
I can't wait to see you finish this one!
14. June 2018, 15:14
thansk d hadley... but it is on hold at the moment. i will come back to it as soon as i can. not going to be in shelf of doom 🙂
14. June 2018, 20:46
I think it ended up on the shelf of doom anyway😛 Maybe a little nudge to the front will help inspire you. You can have some of my plutonium😉
14. July 2020, 19:12
I am impressed and inspired by your removal of the outer body wiring. That would have been no fun to paint, and adding actual wires will look more realistic. I wasn't so sure about taking a knife to mine, but now that I've seen your results I have a bit more confidence for doing the same. (I'm still debating whether to try opening at least one of the doors for better visibility into the cabin.)
14. July 2020, 19:37
@Starbase101, that temptation has come to mind to me too.... I have been playing with the idea of getting a second kit, and try exactly that when I can come back to this one....but it requires a lot more surgery and scratch build that this attempt has....
@JD, shelf of doom... ? kind of of, but i hope to be able to go back to the hobby soon... and this time, actually build rather than comment on what others build😉
14. July 2020, 20:09
Sorry If I was insensitive Spanjaard, I don't know what your situation is, I was just teasing you a little because your last post on this thread was in 2018, and I wanted to see you get back at it. 🙁 🙂
14. July 2020, 20:25
no worries JD no problem. I want to get back at it too 🙂
14. July 2020, 22:26
Joseph Drew
Just build at your place Spanjaard, we can be patient when we need to!
19. July 2020, 04:46
Victor Scale Hamster YT
Wow DeLorean! Good build! I also plan to test this model with modifications
19. July 2020, 09:42
If all goes according to plan, this will not be gathering more dust soon.... 🙂
19. July 2020, 21:14
Alec K
👍 👍 👍
20. July 2020, 11:01


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1:24 Delorean (Aoshima 011850)1:72 Radioactive Warning Signs (Blitz Workshop BP72006)1:24 BACK FUTURE 1_24 PLUTONIUM AND JVC SET (308 Bits 4YK3RR2AR)14+

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