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P-51 Grim Reaper (completed)


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Michael Hickey
Very nice Stang.👍
30. June 2016, 22:01
thanks Michael 🙂
30. June 2016, 22:09
Dirk Ludwig
That is a beautiful plane!
30. June 2016, 23:32
thanks Dirk 🙂
1. July 2016, 06:35
soheil moghisi
Very nice.
1. July 2016, 10:24
Thanks Soheil
1. July 2016, 10:35
Bryn Crandell
Nicely done!
1. July 2016, 11:12
Bart Goesaert
this one turned out really nice, congratz...
1. July 2016, 11:25
Thanks Bryn and Bart
1. July 2016, 15:53
Muy bonito sí señor😉
30. July 2016, 05:28
gracias 🙂
30. July 2016, 09:23
Taarna Eckart
Well done Spanjaard!
30. July 2016, 11:26
Maciej Bellos
Great job!
30. July 2016, 11:32
thanks Taarna en Maciej
30. July 2016, 14:19
Arash Zakeri
Great one
21. November 2016, 19:45
Enrico Chiambalero
Great job!!! What about the metal finish? Which paint did you use?
21. November 2016, 19:49
thanks Arash and Enrico. everything was done with Alclad, i should have use more clear to protect it and the weathering would have been lighter. but all in all, i am happy with the final result. i did learn quite a low with this one.
21. November 2016, 22:12
Clifford Keesler
Very nice sir.
22. November 2016, 00:06
Ulf Petersen
Very nice Mustang, Spanjaard!👍
22. November 2016, 06:49
thanks Clifford and Ulf
22. November 2016, 07:30
Enrico, i forgot to say that more details about the alclad used can be found in the WIP album, if you are interested. basically is aluminium, airframa aluminium and some touches of manesium and steel. with a base of alclad black primer. alclad works really well, but it is quite unforgiving with surface imperfections. anything there that is not properly sanded and polished will be a lot more visible when you use alclad over it.
22. November 2016, 08:09
Enrico Chiambalero
Thanks Spanjaard. I'm planning to do some trials with Alclad, thanks for the explanation. Have you ever tried also AK true metal?
22. November 2016, 08:34
no, never tried AK true metal yet.
i have heard that metal color from Vallejo can be as good as alclad (except the Chrome), with the advantage of being acrylic. but i have not tested them myself.
if you use alclad, my suggestion is to get a good mask, not one of those for dust, but one for chemicals.
22. November 2016, 09:17
Beautifully built and painted Spanjaard. It's a pleasure to look at the photos.
22. November 2016, 15:22
thanks, it was a pleasure to build it.
22. November 2016, 16:30
Enrico Chiambalero
Spanjaard thanks for the info mate
22. November 2016, 17:37
Stephan Ryll
Nice Mustang 👍
22. November 2016, 19:10
happy to help Enrico. thanks for the comment Stephan
22. November 2016, 21:51
thanks James. i really like your Su-15
22. November 2016, 22:20
Vince Venezuela
Splendid ! Impressed by all the details!
24. November 2016, 07:31
thanks Vince. cockpit from aires, have really nice details. but you need to sand a lot to get it to fit correctly. i did not sand enough and then fit of the fuselage halves was not as good as it was without the cockpit inside. for what i am seeing, that is the usual with Aires. good detail, but you have to sand everything a lot. and then, keep sanding a lot more.
24. November 2016, 09:37
Chris R.
24. November 2016, 16:38
thanks Chris
24. November 2016, 18:28
Christian Bruer
Excellent work and finish👍
4. December 2016, 10:28
thanks a lot Christian
4. December 2016, 15:19
Wilfried Bogaerts
Wow, just wow, beautiful NMF Spanjaard 👍
4. December 2016, 15:20
thanks a lot 🙂
4. December 2016, 15:20
kamal sabokbar
verrryyyyy nice
5. December 2016, 11:09
Murad ÖZER
that's a lovely build Spanjaard! 👍
5. December 2016, 14:11
thanks Kamal and Murad 🙂 your comments are really appreciated 🙂
5. December 2016, 14:12
Thanks Gastón
27. January 2017, 19:52
Ed Froix
ver nice
27. January 2017, 20:10
Michael Phillips
Not sure how I missed this one, but fantastic! Having built this kit recently, I really can appreciate the result you got here. Well done!
27. January 2017, 20:13
thanks Ed
@Michael, thanks for your comment. I also liked you Oklahoma Kid 🙂 I did not dare to drill the canopy to install the cable that you did so well for example
27. January 2017, 22:05
Clifford Keesler
Very nice Mustang.
28. January 2017, 00:14
thanks Clifford
28. January 2017, 00:51
Very very nice Mustang Spanjaard! I didn't have the nerve to drill through the canopy when I did mine, so you aren't alone in that.
28. January 2017, 16:08
Christian Ristits
Great build, like it very much!
28. January 2017, 16:23
thanks gorbygould. and thanks Christian, your opinion is highly appreciated!
30. January 2017, 19:42
Donald Medley
20. February 2017, 10:18
thanks Donald
20. February 2017, 19:49
Bart Goesaert
Very beautiful one Spanjaard, would be very glad to achieve this result with a NMF-bird
2. August 2020, 05:47
My first project using Alclad extensively, lots of learning on it, and lots to still learn. But quite happy about it. Thanks for your comment Bart
2. August 2020, 18:22
Sebastian Meyner
Well done Spanjaard! 👍 What did you use for the NMF?
7. August 2020, 10:47
Alclad airframe aluminium, mostly. some areas with duralumium and other that i can not remember around the exhaust (more details in the WIP album 🙂 )
7. August 2020, 11:02
did not expect this build to get that much attention after 4 years 🙂
7. August 2020, 11:13
Sebastian Meyner
Ah ok thanks!
7. August 2020, 13:12
Sebastian Meyner
Well u know how it is, somebody digs it up again so it ends up on top of everybody's timeline 😉
7. August 2020, 13:13
7. August 2020, 14:15
Andy Ball
Super!, Tamiya May do a good kit, but you've added so much dimension in details
7. August 2020, 22:32
thanks Andy!
8. August 2020, 01:03
Nice work; I am the official ruiner of all canopies; very impressed with anyone who can render an airplane that has subtle weathering and the glass looks clean. Perfectly rendered model, seat belts look real.
26. August 2020, 12:28
thanks Al, really appreciated 🙂
26. August 2020, 13:15
Gary Dahlström
Man, that is handsome. The copy of this kit I have in my stash just went to the bottom of the pile - i couldn't get close to this. 🙂 Those panel lines are from another world.

My son want's me to build him the Iron Maiden Spitfire. I will be using this thread for inspiration without the chance for direct comparison. A+ work Spanjaard.
26. August 2020, 13:24
thanks for your nice words Gary. if i can give you a suggestion, bring it back tot the top of pile. it is a nice and smooth build (my only trouble was fitting Aires cockpit). it fits like a globe.
panel lines and rivets are very nice and sharp. you only need to do a clear cote after your metal paint of choice, and let it dry, and add a simple wash. I can not remember what product did i use for them but since it was before the NXR disaster, probably was Mig Panel lines. if i were to do them now, no doubt i would use Flory model washes. work like a charm, no danger of damaging anything, and you can remove them with water if you do not like them.
26. August 2020, 17:38
Clifford Keesler
Very nice P-51, well done.
26. August 2020, 21:24
thanks Clifford
26. August 2020, 22:43
Tom Beighley
You've got a ton of great models! This one is my favorite though, I'm a sucker for a P-51. Fantastic work all around.
3. September 2020, 15:52
thanks a lot Tom 🙂
3. September 2020, 16:14
Thats a beautiful model, love the details must be a lot of time and enjoyment gone into it!
3. September 2020, 21:10
it was fun build. you can see the details of the build in the WIP album P-51D Grim reaper Tamiya - built progress | Album by hetspanjaard (1:48)
3. September 2020, 23:11
Phil M
4. September 2020, 01:33
thanks Phil
4. September 2020, 08:34
Top detail work in the cockpit and appealing finish!
4. September 2020, 08:37
thanks Neuling, i should give it a small base, but it will not be even half as good as any of your dioramas 🙂
4. September 2020, 08:42
Jasper Breur
Nice one Spanjaard! I love the details, especially the cockpit
4. September 2020, 09:43
bedankt Jasper
4. September 2020, 09:57
thanks Joshua
20. November 2020, 12:24
Clifford Keesler
Very nice Mustang sir, well done.
21. November 2020, 01:18
A wonderful Mustung made super nice 👍 👍 👍
21. November 2020, 06:32
thanks Clifford and Jens
21. November 2020, 23:53
Giannis Kaltapanidis
Marvelous! Very well done Spanjaard!
8. June, 15:14
thanks Giannis.
8. June, 15:28


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