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Stage fright

So I've set myself the challenge of building this Artesania Latina 1/10 The Concord Stage Coach 1848 before June next year.


9 | 29. June 2020, 01:11
So the instructions show the sides just sat upside down on a flat surface to glue the floor in.
Gravity wasn't going to let it happen that way.
I decided to clamp the roof panel to the sides.
Lay the Coach body on it's side and place a small amount of glue at the apex of the curve and then patiently wait for it to dry.
The next day it applied glue to the sides of the floor panel, sit the Coach body upright and clamped both ends carefully at the same time.
I had to go to the hardware store to buy the big clamps and these 450mm ones were four dollars cheaper each than the 300mm ones that would have done the job
29. June 2020, 01:21
Tom ...
I'm curious, wilky. In Bughunters thread you said this kit is not laser cut. Is it die cut then? How do the edges look?
29. June 2020, 16:32
Yes, I believe it's die cut.
Okay on one side but you have to tidy up the other side with a bit of sanding
29. June 2020, 16:46
Nice to see something a bit different Wilky. I've never seen this kit before, it looks like it might be a bit of a challenging build.
30. June 2020, 16:24
So had a major disaster.
When trying to attach the long piece of plywood in step four the weight I was using to clamp the bottom in place shifted and broke everything.
One side snapped in four places breaking it in half and the other side snapped in two places.
I've had to glue supports to keep them straight.
Glue stays at the top so the correct gaps will be maintained and inbetween the sides in order to maintain the 104mm gap required for the ends of the Coach body.
Once the long piece of plywood is glued onto the body I'll remove the stays.
The glue marks from the ones inside the Coach should be hidden by the seats.
I've carefully glued some sawdust into the cracks on the inside of the Coach sides to reduce their visibility.
The outside will get a veneer of Walnut strips so they will be successfully hidden
6. July 2020, 00:07
So step four is finally finished and step five has begun
9. July 2020, 01:50
Ben M
Holy cow
9. July 2020, 02:30
Hi Ben, thanks for joining the adventure
9. July 2020, 03:40
Tom Beighley
Reminds me of the Great Planes Piper Cub kit with all the die cut plywood. Very cool!
3. August 2020, 23:32
Hi Tom, definitely more difficult than making a wooden aeroplane kit.
Well with my limited experience of stick and tissue.
Lots of curves that require pre soaking and bending.
I'm also having issues with the plywood warping after application of the Walnut veneer
4. August 2020, 00:15
Oh, it smell like wood glue - your project started 🙂 I will watch for sure!
A friend has this kit in his huge stash and offered it to me after the finished Amati kit. I refused since we have no space for two 1:10 stage coaches.
4. August 2020, 08:39
Yes bughunter, I'm smelling wood glue a lot ATM.
It's bigger than I thought it would be when I bought it, so I can understand that.
If I could afford it I'd buy the Amati one for the luggage and the two Winchester rifles.
Unfortunately this kit doesn't have any luggage.
I actually owned eight Winchester lever action rifles when I had a firearms licence
4. August 2020, 09:22
Hmm, the kit is no more listed on the Amati page. As ar as I remember there was beside the complete kit also the plan set alone and the PE set alone available. I showed the kit content here: http://www.modellboard.net/index.php?topic=39229.0
May be you can ask Amati for the PE fret 671 (contain Winchester and luggage parts)? The mini lasered wood sheet for the Winchester was 2544. See link above for pictures of both. The luggage was mainly done form simple MDF parts and wood strips, here the kit is not really needed.
4. August 2020, 09:47
So step 12 was unbelievably difficult.
I tried soaking the plywood first to bend it but that didn't work.
Due to the outside grains running opposite to the way the plywood was to be bent the piece just wouldn't stay bent.
As soon as the clamps were released the bonds of the wood glue would break.
I ended up using Superglue and then Araldite as well to make sure it held.
This took many days.
Then because the plywood bent the wrong way I tried glueing cross bracing to prevent this.
The cross bracing wasn't up to the job so I had to sand the plywood until I could get the desired result.
Thankfully the Walnut veneer has covered the mess and no one but us will ever know just how awful this piece is
18. September 2020, 02:57
Tom ...
Well done! You are right, no one will notice. Really nice job!
18. September 2020, 03:33
Thanks Tom, if I can get it half as good as your boat I'll be happy
18. September 2020, 03:57
Excellent work so far mate. I've been working with wood for about four decades and I bet I'd have struggled with that. Well done for sticking with it.
18. September 2020, 09:14
Thanks, gorby. Step 12 slowed things down dramatically but I'm back on the wagon or should I say coach
18. September 2020, 12:45
Well impressed with your progress so far mate - it looks amazing!
When do you start building the horses? 😉
16. April, 06:20
Thanks gorby, horses would probably be easier than what I'm doing ATM.
I've never worked with brass rod before. Currently trying to flatten 2mm brass rod enough to drill a 2.1mm hole in it.
Apparently brass is work hardened, this would appear to be true because I broke my flat pliers while trying to hammer the brass rod ends flat
16. April, 06:56
If anyone wants to see a more detailed run down of the construction check out my videos on Tinman's scale models YouTube channel
Youtube Video

16. April, 07:59
Well done for sticking with it mate and making such a good job as well. The brass work looks excellent!
9. June, 15:11


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