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Derek Jordan (theplasticadvocate)

General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper in Flight


5 January 2016, 23:00
Donald Medley
Blast the bastards away, yah.
9 January 2016, 04:31
Clifford Keesler
Neat one,unusual kit.
10 January 2016, 03:05
Derek Jordan
Clifford, it is very unusual and a good departure from the complicated nature of most aircraft (no cockpit or engines to detail). It was a fun build. Quick. Easy. I could have done a better job, but it was just as a gap filler while I wait on the extra parts for my F-4C project to arrive.
11 January 2016, 00:31
Lucas C.
Looking good! I built the 1/72 version of the kit, which is fairly nice. The wing roots gave me problems on the bottom and there were sink marks on the bottom of the wings, but it was otherwise a quick build.
11 January 2016, 01:24
Bryce Nicely
Nice work! I'm really looking forward to seeing how the props turn out
11 January 2016, 02:21
I Hear you Donald! 👍
11 January 2016, 02:42
Derek Jordan
Bryce, I'm interested myself. We will see...hopefully soon. I'm ready to get started on the F-4 soon.
11 January 2016, 03:04
Scott Dutton
Didn't realise wingspan was so large. Nice job
11 January 2016, 12:02
Bryce Nicely
I'm just about ready to close up the fuselage. I'll have the painting of the cockpit finished up today, at least I should.
11 January 2016, 13:03
Clifford Keesler
Bryce, are you building a F-4 right now? I have an F-4J on the work bench, hope to start applying decals tomorrow.
11 January 2016, 23:17
Derek Jordan
All-right, this guy is finished! I kind-of like the prop-blurs and showing something unique like this in flight. I didn't like the way it looked on its spindly landing-gear anyway. I'm going to take a couple days off, then it's time to start the Phantom!
11 January 2016, 23:27
Bryce Nicely
I gotta say, Derek, they really don't look too bad. Do you think they'd handle being twisted a little bit to show some pitch?

Yes, Clifford. I'm in the Reddit group build with Derek. I'm doing Monogram's F-4C
12 January 2016, 00:40
Derek Jordan
Bryce, this is the "new style" prop blur that comes attached to a hub. The original style were apparently just single blades that you glued onto the spinner, or whatever. I absolutely think they'd handle some significant bending and twisting. I sure bent them enough in the process of painting and installing them. I considered doing what you described, just didn't follow through.
12 January 2016, 02:03
Clifford Keesler
@Bryce I am going to do the group build with you and Derek. I will be doing the Academy F-4B. I thought I was the only one who still built Revell/Monogram F-4s LOL. I have a whole stack of them.
12 January 2016, 02:18
Derek Jordan
Clifford, what is your reddit username and I will add you to the list?
12 January 2016, 02:28
Clifford Keesler
I will have to look and see, I don't remember. Haven't been there since my stroke. I will get back to you.
12 January 2016, 03:12
Clifford Keesler
12 January 2016, 03:21
Derek Jordan
Clifford, I just put you on the list and sent you a message in the thread in the modelmakers subreddit. So glad to have you!
12 January 2016, 04:05
Bryce Nicely
How did you secure them to the inside of the spinner? Just glue them to the fuselage and then attach the cone over it?

Welcome to the build, Clifford! I was gifted the kit specifically to join the groupbuild, though it's not a bad kit. The worst part of it, rescribing, is pretty much done.
12 January 2016, 13:17
Clifford Keesler
I have never tried to rescribe one, I just use pre-shading. Maybe I will try and re-scribe one now that I have a scribing tool.
12 January 2016, 18:39
Derek Jordan
Bryce, the spinner is a two part affair. The PE prop blurs were on a hub, I just put them where the kit pars should go, and glued the spinner together. Easy.
12 January 2016, 23:49
Bryce Nicely
What scribing tool are you using, Clifford? I have the UMM scriber and RB Productions riveter. That riveter has made a world of difference for me.

They definitely look the part, Derek. A lot more than I expected them to.
13 January 2016, 01:13
Derek Jordan
Bryce, I can certainly see your criticisms of them. What makes it work for this kit is two-fold. First, the prop is at the back so it is rarely seen from an angle that brings up the dimensional issues. Second, the prop is actually rather small in comparison to other 1/48 prop aircraft. To get closest to it's dimensional sizes I went with the 1/72nd scale prop blur instead of their 1/48th offering. The 1/72nd prop is about 1/4" too small in diameter (not as noticeable with a 3 blade as would be with a 2 or 4 blade prop), but is much closer in size than their 1/48 version that would be almost 3/4 of an inch too wide in diameter.
13 January 2016, 01:32
Clifford Keesler
I have a Tamiya scribing tool, I need to get a rivet making tool. I also use my pin vise with various sized sewing needles in it. That works good.
13 January 2016, 01:45
Bryce Nicely
I definitely can't critique anything on your Reaper. Just enough subtle weathering, the weapons look great. They do have some tiny-ass props.

Clifford, you're definitely going to want a real riveter at some point. I've redone probably a thousand rivets on the Phantom, and they're straight, for the most part. Something I couldn't do with a single needle
13 January 2016, 02:42
Clifford Keesler
Yes, I plan on getting a riveting tool, I have 2 Tamiya Harrier FSR-2s I want to try and re-scribe. What one would you recommend?
13 January 2016, 02:45
Clifford Keesler
Derek, what an awesome Reaper! Now I know I have to get one.
13 January 2016, 02:48
Bryce Nicely
I have this one - mmodelstore.com/rb-t010.aspx and the Trumpeter riveter. The Trumpeter one is garbage
13 January 2016, 02:51
Clifford Keesler
OK thanks.
13 January 2016, 02:51
Donald Medley
Nice project.
13 January 2016, 22:18
Derek Jordan
Thanks Donald!
13 January 2016, 23:08
Donald Medley
Does it really fly? 🙂
13 January 2016, 23:13
Mike Grant
That looks excellent Derek 👍
13 January 2016, 23:32
Derek Jordan
Thanks Mike. It's really a solid kit, and with little effort or skill turns into a respectable model.
14 January 2016, 00:38
David Thor
What a beauty!
19 August 2016, 20:04

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