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I present the Dalek who failed the auditions. The original concept.

When one of our own goes to the great stash in the sky, it's fitting to honour their memory with a tribute build. A group build which is devoted to the things which the fallen modeller used to enjoy building. So, on All Scale Modeller, that's just what we did.

Nigel Heath was a British modeller who loved Luft-46, sci-fi, helicopters and had a particular love for Daleks. In every build he included a fire extinguisher and his build reports always reported the food he was eating that day.

He will be sadly missed.


Be afraid… be very afraid!
This could have been the Dr Who creature that makes us all say “Bloody hell, the sodding Dalek's again! Weren't they killed off for good in the last series?”.

Damnit he looks soooooo friendly. 🙂

In keeping with Nigel, I tried to make the build report very, very silly. If you're interested in wasting some time...


Alec K
Another bloody hilarious installment from the Gorby stable, sobering circumstances notwithstanding. Nigel is no doubt clapping from his little corner of the Great Stash in the Sky 👍
4 September 2021, 16:58
Thanks very much Alec, I'm pleased you enjoyed it. 🙂
5 September 2021, 14:33
can not say it better than Alec did already. 🙂
20 October 2021, 15:21
Thanks very much Spanjaard! 🙂
20 October 2021, 15:59
Jan Peters
Great tribute to your mate!
20 October 2021, 16:22
Thank you Jan. 👍
20 October 2021, 16:47
Robert Podkoński
Sooo cool! Fantastic work, Gorby!
20 October 2021, 19:33
Ben M
Love it. I am watching for inspiration which you always provide plenty of, gorby
20 October 2021, 19:55
Thanks very much Robert and Ben. I'm glad you like the 'thing'. 👍
21 October 2021, 15:14
Great build. Loved dr.Who back in the days.👍
6 November 2021, 06:24
Pierre Vauthier
that is super cool
14 January, 20:37
Hans Haag
An Inspiration Build,super cool! I love ist! „ exteminate"!
15 January, 09:23
Thanks very much mates. I'm glad you like my (sort of) Dalek. 🙂
15 January, 16:26
Roland Gunslinger
Lovely work 👍
15 January, 16:34
John Hughes
I'm not sure "Extinguish" would have had quite the same impact as "Exterminate"!
15 January, 16:45
😄 😄 😄
Thanks very much for taking the time to comment Roland and John. 🙂
16 January, 08:28


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