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Matilda and I – a relationship rekindled.

When I was young (I'm sure there must have been a time) I wasn't fussed about tanks. They pretty much all looked the same to me.
And then I met Matilda, Airfix Matilda, to give her full name, and it was love at first sight.

She's all grown up now – 1/48 (!) and changed her name to Tamiya, but she's still the same sweet Matilda, although a lot less flash than she was in her youth.

It was a brief only six days of my life, but six days I will never forget –well... not until the end of next week anyway.

Built for a GB on another forum – this is the sordid 'kiss and tell' details:

Thanks for looking. 👍


Johnny B
Fantastic paint!!! Very well done!!!!
12 September 2020, 17:35
Thanks very much Johnny. 👍
13 September 2020, 14:26
so that is what you were doing so quitely..... 🙂 well done gorbygould!
16 September 2020, 15:11
Thanks very much mate, although I think you'll find that I rarely do anything quietly. 😄
The kits are just a bit of a sideshow at the moment as I'm working on another scratch project. 🙂
16 September 2020, 16:35
Court Hughes
Very nice, lovely build you've done.
16 September 2020, 17:49
David Pearson
Impressive work, well done.
16 September 2020, 17:52
looking forward the big reveal 🙂
16 September 2020, 21:31
Tanks mates. 👍
17 September 2020, 15:31
Rui S
Like this Great work, e.g. 👍
17 November 2020, 14:12
Thanks very much Rui, I'm glad you like it. 🙂
17 November 2020, 16:35
Thanks Joshua - I recommend it, it's a very good kit.
19 November 2020, 17:37
In the instructions Tamiya have shown the wrong colour for this option. It should be the pale greeny colour rather than the pale blue they suggest.
20 November 2020, 09:36
Hi Joshua, I always use Tamiya acrylic and I think the paints I used for the Caunter scheme are XF-14, XF-22 and XF-57 - not exact, but close enough for me. There is a link to the build report in the main description if you are interested.
20 November 2020, 14:45
Tamiya decals have the reputation of being a bit on the thick side, and the ones in this kit are very thick. Having said that, I'm useless with decals. Other people don't seem to have had a problem.
20 November 2020, 15:55
I just sprayed on the red/white rectangles rather than use those decals.
20 November 2020, 16:42
Very well done!👍
21 November 2020, 10:05
Thanks very much Neuling! 🙂
21 November 2020, 11:54


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