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A very civil Tilly

Let me introduce you to Tilly.
Tilly looks so cute, I didn't want to do a military version, so I've done it as something that a tradesman may have used in the 50's or 60's. 'Jack' was my dad. He didn't have a Tilly, but that's only in this imperfect reality. It isn't intended to be an actual representation of a real vehicle, it's more 'in the spirit of', in the memory of the army of tradesmen who put all our war-scarred countries back together.
I know there has been endless debate about whether or not there were any Austin Tillys in the RAF. Even if you are someone who spends all their free time tracing the every Tilly built, and still insist there were never any Austin Tillys in the RAF – I don't care. But if that really is your hobby, thanks for making us modellers look like we are doing something worthy with our time in comparison. My Tilly is ex RAF war surplus, hence the main colour. I've seen photos these old vehicles with some body parts painted in whatever paint was available over the panels that showed signs of it's previous life.

My dad was an electrician and invented the electric blanket… sort of. As his car didn't have a heater, he rigged up a heated pad for the seat. It worked well for a few weeks until it caught fire. Rather that earn millions he ended up with a scorched behind, which pretty much sums up my family. He died in 2017 aged 81 and I still miss him, even though he was a miserable old bugger. He may not have set the world alight with his electric blanket (just a few burns on his bum), but he virtually invented social distancing. Shame he didn't last long enough to see it become popular.

Thanks for having a look. It's a fabulous kit (1/48 Tamiya) which I wholeheartedly recommend.


I've been a Scalemates member for many years and I still can never remember how to assign a kit to this – I really wish it wasn't so complicated. I created the project from the kit in the stash and then attached the project to the new album, which is the way I thought it was done, and it still hasn't done it!
28 June 2020, 15:33
Alex K
I simply love this - and I mean the full monty: the Austin Tilly per se, the representation of a civil example, the personal / family stories (and photo) and Gorby's usual highly entertaining presentation text. It's one of those moments I'm happy I joined Scalemates. Thank you and thumbs up 👍 👍
28 June 2020, 15:55
Wow! Thanks very much Alex. I'm a bit lost for words, which is pretty unusual for me. 🙂 👍
28 June 2020, 17:21
Lovely build! A balanced combination of beauty and realism.
29 June 2020, 09:23
Thanks very much mate. 👍
29 June 2020, 16:14
in regards to add the kit, add kit to stash, add then kit to project, that should be all
16 September 2020, 15:13
Thanks very much matiepoos!
I must have been having a 'brain in neutral' day.😉 👍
16 September 2020, 16:28
Łukasz Gliński
Not my scale at all, but it's cute indeed. As Alex wrote, reading the story was as pleasant as looking at the Tilly 👍
16 September 2020, 19:05
Thanks very much Lukasz. 🙂
17 September 2020, 15:32
Mike Bastmaster
Nice job! Love pickups)
25 October 2020, 16:36
Christian Bruer
Looks great 👍
25 October 2020, 17:07
Thanks mates. 👍
It was a very enjoyable kit to build - highly recommended.
26 October 2020, 11:15
Thanks again Joshua. I'd recommend this kit as well. 👍
19 November 2020, 17:38
This is a really easy kit Joshua - simple suspension and no engine. Although, I converted mine to a civilian version rather than the military options that Tamiya offers. It doesn't come with the tool box - that was from a different kit. 👍
20 November 2020, 09:32
Very nice variant of this vehicle!
I like the implementation very much!
5 February, 17:21
Robert Podkoński
Pretty (cool 😉 )!
5 February, 17:56
Thank you Simon & Robert. 👍
This is still one of my favourite models.
6 February, 16:08
Nice job and in a small scale
Like your storyline to
6 February, 16:15
Thanks Jv. 👍
7 February, 11:12
Welcome and thanks for sharing
7 February, 11:23
Nice build and nice pics! Thanks for showing and thanks for the story behind!
I also love the Tilly in this scale. It's a very nice kit.
7 February, 11:30
7 February, 11:43
It is a very nice kit Acki and thanks for your comment. 🙂
7 February, 11:52


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