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Jean Tchao (Scorp)

Tiger I Will Fey Normandy 1944


1 27 September 2015, 15:21
Calvin Gifford
27 September 2015, 22:02
Fab Ian
Nice interior and load of small gimmicks, but to be honest the paintjob isnt very well done....
28 September 2015, 03:36
Ulf Petersen
Bonjour Jean! Bien que vous montrez votre modèle ici.
Please excuse that I am switching to english now.
Nice Tiger!👍 You did everything to achieve the look of a vehicle in use.
Obviously you painted your model with brush.
May I suggest to mix your colours thinner next time. That would avoid that all the brush strokes can be seen and that the paint becomes so thick that it swallows the fine details.
Another hint I would like give you: use less parts lying around on the hull and the turret of the vehicle. All those things would slide and roll around and fall off, when the tank moves. You would never see such a mess in reality.
28 September 2015, 05:29
Jean Tchao
Hi there !

Thanks for all your comments ! Yes the paint is too thick. I would have prefered use airbrush but I don't master the tool and painting with brush calm my nerves 🙂 anyway it's a model I build some years ago ! I have bought thinner since !!

As far as the stuff on the tank is concerned.. let say the scene represents the tiger stopped and beeing reassorted by people... liking carrots & tomatoes 🙂))) I assume, I like to put a lot of things on my model 🙂))

Enjoy day and Thanks again

28 September 2015, 07:32
Es-haq Khosravi
29 September 2015, 20:38
Jean Tchao
Thanks a lot 🙂
29 September 2015, 20:40
Irving González
looks very good, the flowers nice touch
22 November 2016, 20:58
Jean Tchao
Thanks Irving ! it was the "peace" touch in a world of brutality ! 🙂
22 November 2016, 21:01
Irving González
oh yeah
22 November 2016, 21:02
Wesley De Braekeleir
Don't wury abouth the paintjob, you did a great job!😉
22 November 2016, 21:04
Jean Tchao
Thanks so much Wesley ... but Ulf was right.. I paint like a drunk dog 🙂 but... I had pleasure anyway ! and that matters much !
22 November 2016, 21:12
Wesley De Braekeleir
Don't whory, the hangover comes later!!! Haha! 😉
22 November 2016, 21:14
Wesley De Braekeleir
I'm also building the Tamiya Tiger I in 1/35 scale! It's almost finishd, just some more weathering and painting the figure and it's done! This weekend is the reveal i think! 😉
22 November 2016, 21:24
Jean Tchao
haha ! surprise surprise ! I will attend the show !
22 November 2016, 21:34
Kim Branders
Nice one Jean. Always happy to see a Tiger.
22 November 2016, 21:38
Jean Tchao
Thanks Kim. Yep I do agree it's my prefered with the panther !
22 November 2016, 21:41


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