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My madness, the wife says I've gone over the edge, what do you think. These are older pictures which comprise about 95% of my stash, haven't done an update since moving. These are all un-built, now that I'm retired I plan on building a few . . .

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18. June 2015, 17:46 -  Private message 
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Ricardo Gonzalez Ramos
I think there is enough space to put some more kits
18. June 2015, 18:21
Mats Bengtsson
Now that looks like a proper stash 🙂
18. June 2015, 18:22
Christian Meyerhoff
Amazing ! Do You like Aircrafts ? 🙂
18. June 2015, 18:48
Soeren .
Nice little stash 🙂 And yeah I mean little*gg*
18. June 2015, 18:58
Choppa Nutta
What are your opening times ?
and whats the name of the shop again please ?

18. June 2015, 19:10
Haha, I just love these kinds of photos. They allow me to yell "Anne, come here, and look at this" and then say "See, I am still a good boy, I only have 550 kits"
18. June 2015, 19:11
Oh...amazing...This stash calls for more work, work, work...
18. June 2015, 19:14
Roberto Samper
Well gents laugh all you want, this is/was my decent nascentstashingplastic disorder. Until you've reached this level of disorder, you're in denial. I somehow have to start culling some of this at one point, since my taskmaster say's "only a fool thinks they'll be able to build all those". When the blood letting begins I let everyone see by blood stained hands . . .
18. June 2015, 19:17
Well, Roberto, there is another way to get use out of some of the models besides building them or selling them.

Often, there are parts in some kits that don't appear in any other kits in that scale. So, to give two examples from my own collection, if I wanted F-4 Travel Pods for my Hasegawa RF-4C, I bought 2nd Generation Hasegawa F-4E kits to get them from. The same thing happens if you want to build a USAF Skyraider with the Gun Pods,,,,you just buy Hobbycraft Skyraiders and use the gun pods on your Hasegawa A-1H kit.

Some kits I have, I bought to get the decals from, to use on a higher quality model kit that was never released with those markings.
18. June 2015, 19:33
Choppa Nutta
taskmaster has a fair point !
you need a team or an OPEN sign out front where every one can see it 😄
18. June 2015, 19:36
Roberto Samper
Good point rex, wow I now feel relieved and can buy more!!! Not, have run out of garage space and me thinks I need to release back into the wild some of the duplicates I still have caged.
18. June 2015, 19:39
Choppa Nutta
That seems an expensive way to model Rex, what happens to the donor kits ?
18. June 2015, 19:46
Roberto Samper
Christian, this all began when I was a mere child hanging out with my friend in his dads garage. That's when I first saw a bare naked plastic kit, the rest is history. On the reality side, aircraft have been my trade since 1978 when I joined the Navy as an aircraft electrician working on F-14As with VF213. From there I got tired of the flight line when I became older and wiser and switched to the Air Force reserves and became an intel analyst. Well what better way to study the capabilities of "adversary" nations than through modeling. At one point I was planning on building nothing but the dark forces aircraft/armor/ships and creating a "threat museum" at my squadron, but as you can see I had more money than brains. This was all purchased using my "dope" money, my drillweekend paychecks once a month over my 26yrs of service. The good thing is this community is like alcoholics anonymous, you can talk about your styrene addiction and not be too harshly judged. I love the wife, but man everytime we get a new visitor she would parade them through my garage, just like showing the skid marks on the back of my undies, I felt dirty and unwashed. Thanks Scalemates, for letting me show you my dirty laundry . . .
18. June 2015, 20:01
Choppa Nutta
at least we aint got any poo stains to look at, I am confident everyone is grateful 😉
18. June 2015, 20:15
Choppa, it really is cheaper than buying resin parts, sometimes. It is no different than the "kit-bashing" we did for decades to get different versions than what the manufacturers offered us. Before the Modular Molded Hasegawa and Fujimi Phantom series, we had to take an IMC or Italeri RF-4 nose and bash that onto our favorite Phantom tooling to get RF-4B or RF-4C. (note, NOT bash the IMC nose on a Revell kits, as some "remember", if they had both boxes open at once, they would see that the tooling was the same from the nose back, LOL)

"Kit-bashing" seems to be a lost art, but, it is what happens whenever someone builds a "great model" by using a fuselage from one kit and the wings from another, etc.

Also, some kits have more weapons in them than the dedicated separate weapons sets have. For example, there aren't many very good 1/72 WWII bomb sets, but, the Panther from Hobby Boss is practically a "weapons set that includes a free aircraft model", it has nearly enough weapons to do two Korean era aircraft.

As for what happens to the donor kits, they pile up in another stack outside of the stash area. Since they have parts or decals missing, they aren't worth a buck to any other modeler. And you just never know when the "lower quality" nose gear, etc, from one kit might bail you out of an "OOOOOPPPPS" moment with an expensive kit.
18. June 2015, 21:05
Seeing these posts really, really helps me not stress thinking what I am doing is not normal. I look at my stash and go wtf am I doing?? My stash count is at 487 taking up almost 2 closets (and bookcases)

The 'Office' (modeling mancave) | Album by robbd01 (1:1)
The 'Office' (modeling mancave) | Album by robbd01 (1:1)
Then there is the famous display of procrastination
Display Case of Procrastination | Album by robbd01 (1:1)

18. June 2015, 22:27
Roberto Samper
Robbie, yes it's normal 🙂 My plan was to have something to build when I retired, buy now/then and thing costs less than the future, right.
18. June 2015, 22:33
Choppa Nutta
That stash is probably worth about $30,000 to maybe $40,000 .......

That is enough, especially in the states, to get your PPL, buy a plane and run it for quite some time 🙂

18. June 2015, 22:40
Hunter Cummins
Wow wow and wow again!!!! If you wanna release some back into the wild I would be interested in the F-16 that you have 10 of from hasegawa lol
18. June 2015, 23:00
Choppa Nutta
lol Hunter 🙂

159 1/32 kits alone !!
Think I might need to revise my estimate ....

but given my first estimate was probably wrong, more likely half that probably...
18. June 2015, 23:13
Rui S
You, aircraft fans are completely mad (((LOL))), but I agree with Rex, I'm calling my wife hehehe 😎
18. June 2015, 23:41
Glenn (.)
It's great to see that i'm not the only one with more stuff than most hobby stores these days! But your stash is stacked a little neater than mine, spread out at two locations! I wish i could retire ASAP and get it all built, but that will create one more problem where to store them all when built... arrrh... 🙁
19. June 2015, 00:13
Glenn (.)
Did i read "bare naked plastic kit" I'm getting turned on.......... 🙂
19. June 2015, 00:17
Bart Goesaert
know the feeling, my girlfriend wants me to part with at least half to 2/3's of my stash... sigh...
19. June 2015, 14:00
I love too see stashes like that...
1) it makes me relax a little thinking mine is large..
2) makes me drool a little lol
19. June 2015, 17:09
*rubs eyes*
19. June 2015, 17:24
Wim van der Luijt
Keep showing pics like these folks......makes me feel better about my stash 😉
19. June 2015, 17:56
19. June 2015, 20:52
Shawn Streeter
Wow! I keep my stash under 10 at all times. Why would you want so many copies of the same model?
20. June 2015, 01:27
Roger Wyatt
Dude, you'll have to live to the age of 150 to build all those...
20. June 2015, 01:58
Choppa Nutta
.......or at least build one a week for ten years straight.

Mind you with the multiple copies you could batch build those which would increase turnover.....

Doable but you would have to be totally dedicated though 🙂
20. June 2015, 02:03
Shawn, one very good reason that a modeler needs multiple copies of the same model is that it is physically impossible to do something such as "every unit that operated the Skyhawk" by having a different model for each one. (for example) Another cool collection was Darren Robert's 1/48 Tomcat set, he did one of each USN Tomcat unit,,,,,the set was about 2 dozen or so of the same tooling of Tomcat.

This is going to sound like an insult, but, I read that "why do you need multiples of kits" line about twice a month,,,,,and it is very tempting to give the "mean answer" to it. That would be "because some of us are building to a set goal, instead of choosing kits like spit on a woodstove"
20. June 2015, 08:58
Bart Goesaert
or some want to build different versions of a specific aircraft... with conversions and so on... that's my reason... the nice one.. 😉
20. June 2015, 09:02
here's what I mean,,,,,,,,,a portion of my own Skyhawk stash.

20. June 2015, 09:08
Mike Grant
@Rex I see you've assigned a number to each of those Skyhawk boxes, what's the significance of that?
20. June 2015, 14:31
Steve Wilson
I have multiples of the same model kit so I can do different versions of the same car,
20. June 2015, 14:37
Steve Wilson
A true modellers stash, nice one Roberto👍
20. June 2015, 14:39
Roberto Samper
Well gents it wasn't intentional, it was the disease progression. From getting a newly issued kit, to multiples from the same manufacturer, it just happened. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it . . . .
20. June 2015, 19:42
Steve Wilson
So what you saying Roberto, you bought the kits accidently??? eerrrrmm!!! no, you're looking for excuses Roberto... No-one buys a kit accidently!!!
So you walk in a Hobby store and oooops, look at that, I thought I was looking at it, when it slipped out of my hand onto the counter and before I knew it, the bloke behind the counter said, that'll be GBP £30 quid mate how you paying card or cash. What could I do? I had to buy the kit, what a bummer!!! 🤔
20. June 2015, 20:18
I can easily see how kits are bought accidentally. Happens to me all the time. There I am on ebay looking through the models listed in the 'Toys & Hobbies/Model Kits section and I am always accidently hitting the buy it now or bid button (entering some ridiculous low number and sometimes winning). Happens to me all the time. I must get my mouse button checked out. Must be set to be real sensitive.
20. June 2015, 20:52
Mike, the numbers are both "data base numbers" and one half of a "project number". In order to track the kits in a PC database, they had to have numbers assigned to them, because, as you can see, just saying ERTL # 9089 wouldn't work (14 different builds would have had the same number)

I gave the decal sheets that same system, with a letter for each marking option on the sheet. I used the kit number and a letter for each scheme of the first box of each kit.

That way, to do The VA-86 Xtradecal scheme on an Airfix new tooled Scooter, I just type 9677d on a project sheet, and choose kit number 2118,,,,it is a relational database, so it can autofill the project sheet's fields for me from the decal and kit data I have inputed. One day soon, I will have the references all keyed in and can have those auto-filled too.

The project will have over 200 aircraft in it when it is finished, automating some of these planning effort saves me time, and gives me more build time. Imputing my needed items that I am short of onto Scalemates Wishlist gives me a way to pick up more of anything that I know I will need down the road,,,,,,since aftermarket items almost always are OOP the day they are released, especially decal sheets. (if you realize that they are only going to print a sheet once, whatever number they print is the total that all of us will be able to buy from, that makes them OOP on intro date)

The numbers also make it easier to get "one of each tooling of the subject in 1/72", which turned out to be a side-subject of my collection theme.

a few minutes typing each time I buy things saves me all of that walking around looking for things, or trying to remember if I have enough of this or that, etc
20. June 2015, 21:00
Rex - I am humbled by your organization. For me to just get my stash inputted onto a spreadsheet (I thought I was bold and did the same thing for all my paints) was a feat onto itself. But I fail on what I have in the aftermarket dept. I can see now your logic. If you ask me about what I have in aftermarket stuff, I fail big time. I see I will need to work on this. So I guess I have another excuse t o not finish another model because I need to figure out how much AM stuff went into 400+ kits ;/ - wow what a hobby. Btw - I brew beer and compared to this hobby it is much easier - you either make a really good batch or you epically fail. No AM stuff for your bad ass IPA brew or stout...
21. June 2015, 01:09
Rui S
There comes a time when you have to ask yourself, am I a collector or a builder?
Collectors are generally normal modellers with a mild dose of Manic Acquisitional Disorder (MAD). It seems to affect more men than women. It is prevalent in all socio-economic groups, and symptoms can occur at any age. It is incurable but mostly non-life threatening.
Another version of the syndrome is where the collector hides models and related purchases from their significant others, and then pretends they purchased the items at some time earlier.
The other characteristic is that the cost is generally severely understated. This is called Surreptitious Acquisitional Disorder (SAD).
I assume that you cease to be MAD or SAD when a random sheikh offers you large sums of mojney for your collection. This mean means that I, like most of you, will remain a little MAD and indeed, a little SAD.» ,🤔
21. June 2015, 02:01
Rui, there actually is another group of modelers/collectors out there. I am one of that other group. In addition to that group that sneaks models in the house, and the group that lies about the cost of the models, both to minimize the risks of SWMBO's reaction, is another group that has to constantly say "no, honey, I don't need a 1/32 scale Thunderbolt for my 1/72 Navy collection, thank you for pointing out that bargain price, though"

And right in the middle is the group that don't have to hide anything, or have her try to "help" them with the purchases. I am hoping that the middle group is the norm,,,,,but, I am on the "third time's the charm" plan, and my first two hated anything to do with this hobby. It sure is fun dragging #3 to the shows, shops, contests and museums, though. 🙂
21. June 2015, 02:20
Robbie, I have a database for my 800+ paints, too. Again, because of the use of a computer, in order to track things, I had to assign my own 5 digit numbers to things like Metallics or other non FS paints. I had to add letters to the end of my FS numbers, too,,,,,,,so that I could know if I was using my first choice of color (36440a) or my third choice (36440c),,,or if a paint didn't match 595A at all (36440z)

If I ever slip up and say that I painted something 49011 or 49024 that just means I painted it Steel or Clear Red, lol
21. June 2015, 02:25
Rui S
Well lucky you Mate . I've to respect that. 🙂 Anyway Do you colect or just build them all? 😉
21. June 2015, 02:28
I'll build about half of the collection when I am all done. (half of 550) the other half will have been here just to donate parts or decals. Some find it hard to believe, but, I cut down to around 100 unbuilts a while back, to make different purchases to do this collection,,,,,,,,and to save money. I got rid of everything "off topic", I gave away all of my enamel paints, I sold off my ship models at a discount, and all of the books for such off topic things as Spitfires, Zeroes, Shermans or the Bismarck.

I did not used to count my models,,,,,,,,but, I know I once had multiple built copies of things like the Revell "6 inch" span 1/72 fighters, I used to buy them in the single, double and triple sets and build them up to Profile series decals and aftermarket sheets. I had two display cases full of just those when I gave away all but my first model to the neighbor kids in Wisconsin before moving down here to TN. I'd say I gave away about 300 built models of all sizes when I moved here. This was 10 years after giving away hundreds of 1/72-1/76 tanks (and 1/87 Roco's) When I decided to "go back to doing aircraft full time again"

I guess I have taken up enough of the OP's thread with this, but, I just answer the questions when they are asked,,,,,,I figure it would be rude not to answer a direct question.
21. June 2015, 03:24
Glenn (.)
I used to build a lot of kits when i was at school, Mostly hand painted but that meant i'd knock them out pretty quick. And they would be no where near standard i like to build to now. I like to finish things to what i would call "Hasegawa boxtop finish" That means a neat finish without much weathering (if any) like those displayed on the side of the boxes. But i sure have slowed down a lot when it comes to building... I blame the internet for that, as i look daily at all the new stuff coming out. Where as in the past i had to wait for the local newagent (remember those?) to get in all the latest scale model magazines and then pick through them and see what might turn up down here about 3-4 months later (if lucky) Now you go online, zap your credit card and a week or two later it arrives! So you become a collector instead of a builder. And there's the trill of hunting down something rare or old that you have always wanted. Just last week 5 AMT RC-135V models turned up on Ebay over the space of a week or two. I've been searching for another for the last couple of years and nothing! Then 5 so i bid and won one. You might say why do i want more when i have about 14 different C-135 airframes? the same goes with the P-3 Orion and C-130 i want to do many different variations, i'd rather have them than a dozen same looking P-51 Mustangs or Bf-109's unless there different of course! 🙂 B.T.W. i don't have an problem.... "I just love the smell of plastic in the morning" 🙂
21. June 2015, 03:27
Rui S
@ Rex, Thx, for not ignoring the question. Just asking... I hope it dosn't offend. Lucky people the ones that got your previous collection 🙂
So, not even a storage house problem, Glenn??? 😄 😉
21. June 2015, 03:32
Glenn (.)
Rui, I have two Locations to store them in. My place and my girlfriends house! Lucky for me she likes my hobby. She's like the fact i couldn't care less about football, smoking, drinking (much) or hanging with the lads.
She even likes going to the model expo, looking at the entries and helping with my swap n sell table. Of course she doesn't mind when i sell something too!
21. June 2015, 03:56
No offense at all, Rui. I meant that I hope I wasn't being offensive to Roberto by my jabbering away.

I get the idea that I would enjoy talking in a group with you folks, if it ever worked out to be possible.
21. June 2015, 05:34
Burkhard D
Yeah, that's what I call a stash! 🙂 😎
21. June 2015, 06:53
Roberto Samper
Well some of my purchases were "accidental" in the sense that I just happened to enter my local hobbyshop with a 40% off coupon and bingo there's a kit I already have, but I've got these aftermarket decals sitting in a drawing looking for a home. So hey dear look what I picked up real cheap at the hobby store, "but don't you already have that one"! Yes dear, but I got it at 40% off! There is how slowly over a period of time since 1993 did this collection start to grow from something to provide a past-time for me when I retire (just did in November 2014), so this monster "it's alive"!!! Until my new home construction is finished they are sitting in a climate controlled storage awaiting their final resting home. My income has dried up significantly so my purchasing has come to a screeching halt, bringing a huge grin to the wife. Time to start building instead of "fondling" them . . . .
21. June 2015, 13:51
Hunter Cummins
Well at least you get to build and the wife is happy lol 🙂 but would you consider the F-16??
21. June 2015, 14:02

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