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Tim Hedworth
Tim Hedworth (Tim Hedworth )

BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1

Sea Harrier FRS.1 XZ450 800 Sqn FAA HMS Hermes 1982


2 | 20. June 2017, 13:22
Dave Flitton
Nice, clean build!!!!
20. June 2017, 20:10
Christian Bruer
Nice Shar 👍
20. June 2017, 20:15
Soeren .
Really nice work Tim!😉
Can you tell me from which company the figure is?
8. August 2017, 12:05
Choppa Nutta
Super !
great looking kit 🙂
8. August 2017, 12:10
Michael Phillips
Very nice work Tim! How is the Kinetic Harrier? I have considered buying one...
8. August 2017, 13:35
Tim Hedworth
Soren sorry mate I couldn't, a lad from our club cast it for me.
8. August 2017, 20:57
Tim Hedworth
Thank you Choppa
8. August 2017, 20:58
Tim Hedworth
If you like Sea Harriers Mike you need to get one. Really good and an amazing Decal sheet, you could build any FRS.1 you like...
8. August 2017, 20:59
Scott Dutton
Beautiful job, wish there were new kits of the early harriers, love this bird
8. August 2017, 21:58
Erik Leijdens
Great work Tim, really well done. Like the FRS.1 very much
9. August 2017, 06:04
Tim Hedworth
Thank you guys. Yeah we could do with more Sea Harriers out there....
9. August 2017, 09:24
Clifford Keesler
Very nice Harrier.
9. August 2017, 20:25
Tim Hedworth
Thanks Cliff
10. August 2017, 06:49
Stephan Ryll
Very nice build and paint job 👍
10. August 2017, 15:38
Tim Hedworth
Cheers Stephen, I throughly enjoyed building her.
11. August 2017, 05:06
Palo G
Good JOB 🙂
11. August 2017, 06:46
Soeren .
After I saw yours Tim, I decided to start mine in the next days (only waiting for the Big-Ed set).
Any recommendations for it and what "weak-spots" did you noticed during the build?
11. August 2017, 10:33
Tim Hedworth
First of all Sören make a decision on what scheme/ aircraft you want to do!!! With the decal sheet you can just about do any FRS1 that was ever produced both RN and Indian Navy! It's a bit gapping around the intakes and where the one piece wing joins the fuselage. I struggled getting getting the nozzles to fit, so be careful with them. I fitted them after it was built. You may want to get aftermarket weapons, their ok at best.
Enjoy mate it's the best FRS.1 on the market
11. August 2017, 16:18


10 images
1:48 FRS.1 (Kinetic K48035)1:48 Sea Harrier FRS.1 (Eduard BIG49155)1:24 Harrier FRS.1 / FRS.51 - Pitot Tube & Angle Of Attack probe (Master AM-24-008)1+
BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1
GB Military Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm (1937-now)
800 NAS 26 | XZ460
May 1982 Operation Corporate - HMS Hermes FK

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