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Luka Novak (aktarian)

Somewhere in Europe

US Army howitzer in action against Germans, somewhere in Europe, winter 1944/45

For me this kit was a departure from usual stuff as I've never build any US weapon this size and one of few builds featuring US soldiers.

Kit is typical Dragon. Plenty of fiddly parts that need to be glued to other fiddly parts in small spot and parts needlessly broken down to drive up the number of parts. But otherwise nice moulding, no flash and few bit that need to be cut off. Definitely not a kit for beginners, despite relatively small size. At some places I had no choice but say "screw it!" and glued together parts I wasn't supposed to because otherwise it would fall apart. Surprisingly attachment of the shield to gun is simple and easy and very straightforward. Kit has confusing and unclear instructions in places, but that's something to be expected from Dragon Stuff like this besides it's pretty straightforward kit and easy weekend build. Weathering was simple. Some chipping on the edges, worn barrel and recoil and dirty tires.

As kit has practically no extra stuff for diorama I bought some AM parts. I may have overdid it, but otherwise I always have a feeling there are too few ammo boxes and ready ammo. Kit heavily relies on PE, which is a mixed bag. I hate doing it and end result is always much worse than with plastic parts. Also given that PE are painted in different colours than boxes makes painting and gluing a challenge. I opted for some variety, as usual. End result is, I think, about as good as I could do it.

I rarely paint US Army figures so I'm not entirely sure if I got the colours right. They look right compared to various pictures but in places it was a guess which colour to use. Overall I think they turned out decent enough.

I tried to recreate combination of fresh snow and muddier ground where people are walking. Not entirely happy with how it turned out but I think it's not that bad.

Overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.


3 | 20. February, 11:39


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