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Luka Novak (aktarian)

Meeting in Africa

Afrika Korps troops pass Sd. Kfz 231 and Steyr Type 1500/A being refueled

While not my first Africa dio it was first one this size. Also first time I used two tone scheme, so overall learning experience to large degree.

Steyr is quite nice kit. You get options on two models, distinguished by position of spare tyre. Nice fits, easy to follow instructions and free of flash and pinholes. I opted for Brown (RAL 8020) and Dark Grey (RAL 7027) combo, used after March 1942. I opted this rather than earlier Yellow Brown/Grey Green was that they are significantly different while earlier combo is similar.

Sd. Anhänger 51 is fine kit. Can't say much about details because I'm not familiar with this vehicle but it builds nicely. Parts not broken down makes painting a bit harder but nothing special. It was painted in same pattern as Steyr.

Weathering included chipping, which I did more than usual due to harshness of terrain. Pigments were used for dust build up on lower parts. Overall I'm quite happy with how it turned out, given that North Africa is not something I build often.

Figures are fine. Details are pretty solid, even on face. Some options on face and hats so some parts for spares box. There are two extra figures on sprues but as they have typical European cut uniforms and jackboots they also went into spares box. Same for two Dragon sets. Known quality and you really can't go wrong with them.

Sd. Kfz 231 is my second build of this vehicle. As I now know what is visible and what isn't I simply didn't bother with most of interior. I only build turret interior as those were only hatches that I built open. Some parts of the kit were warped which made for some issues with fits but that seemed for of a problem with this particular kit rather than kit in general. Nothing that couldn't be fixed by a bit putty and then dust build up.

Ground work is nothing really fancy, two different pastes followed by some scatter, pigments and vegetation. I think it turned out quite nicely for first such attempt

Overall I'm quite happy with result. Plenty of first, first such size, first time two vehicles, first time large Africa setting and first time so many figures. I think I even managed to put together nice composition, something that I often fail at. No empty space but also not crowded.

Sorry for the large album, I wanted to show everything….


12 | 12. October 2020, 08:35
That seems like a very good start. Now on to the armoured car ?
31. October 2020, 17:34
Luka Novak
It's two more figures from this kit then the car.
31. October 2020, 19:32
Very good result you achieved here! Realistic scenery in every aspect!
24. December 2020, 09:33
Plenty of nice little details !
If I may I would suggest a whiter (colder) light for the photographs and a dark background. It would bring more out of your great diorama.
24. December 2020, 11:15
Luka Novak
Photography is always an issue for me. I just cant get the light right. A lot of experimenting. Will look into different bulbs.
24. December 2020, 13:24


1:35 Ramcke Brigade (Dragon 6142)1:35 Sd.kfz.231 (AFV Club AF35231)1:35 Steyr Type 1500A/01 (Tamiya 35305)3+

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