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Christian W (christian-w)

1992 Honda Prelude Si VTEC - wip


István Szücs
Looking good! What's the plan with the dashboard?
10 October 2021, 17:37
Looking good
10 October 2021, 19:13
Christian W
Thank you for your interesst!
To the dashboard. I'll take the LHD dashboard. It is constructed that way, that the decal will be placed between the top part and lower part. It looks like, that it mustn't be put on like a decal. I think it is good enough to cut it out an glue it in place somehow. I'll look at it by the time when I need it. I'll see, how bad it looks through the windows. If it will be seen, that it is worn, I'll scan the decals of another kit in my stash and replace it. I'm looking relaxed forward 😉
10 October 2021, 19:53
Christian W
Another round for the paint. Stripped the color and did it from the start up.
2 January, 12:14
István Szücs
Not good news... Head up, next time you will do it!
2 January, 15:16
Christian W
Thank you. It's done. Second paintjob.
4 January, 23:47
István Szücs
Looking good.
5 January, 08:30
Villiers de Vos
The paint finish is beautiful.
7 January, 20:10
Christian W
Thank you very much. There are tiny little / very small imperfections where I don't think, to lay my hands on it.
7 January, 21:57
Martin Oostrom
The second one is superior
8 January, 08:17
Christian W
Today it was "painting weather strips and rubber" day. Went well
13 January, 20:07
Villiers de Vos
14 January, 03:41
Robert Podkoński
What a colour!!! Fantastic!
14 January, 06:20
Christian W
Thank you very much 🙂

I think I've been done with ist the next days. There are less parts all together.
14 January, 09:07


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1:24 Honda Prelude Si VTEC (Aoshima 00109)

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