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Christian W (christian-w)

1996 Corvette ex-"Collector Edition" C4 - wip

During the build of the 2002 Camaro I had to rob the rims. So this Corvette wasn't complete at all. I decided, to build it stock. My choice is a dark green metallic.


6 7 September 2021, 21:29
Christian W
I did some painting. Only detailing and it is done.
23 September 2021, 15:36
Christian W
More painting. Details are sheduled
27 September 2021, 21:06
Dominik Weitzer
well be a nice Corvette. beautiful color Bro.
28 September 2021, 05:17
István Szücs
Great, I'm watching!
28 September 2021, 12:58
Christian W
Thank you. I decided, to repaint the soft top. Instead of black, it will have the same color like the interior tube. Also the sunvisors will be repainted. It doesn't look quite right.
29 September 2021, 03:55
Dominik Weitzer
i would go with the black top.
29 September 2021, 10:59
István Szücs
I think, for the green body a buff soft top could be better choice.
29 September 2021, 11:48
Christian W
I put the soft top on yesterday and it doesn't look right. It was kind of swallowed up by the dark body color. I missed the contrast. I'll give the buff top a chance and show the picture here. It is being repainted in black easily if it "sucks" 😄.

Thank you for your suggestions!
29 September 2021, 12:27
Christian W
I painted it buff. You can compare them. What do you think?
29 September 2021, 16:57
Dominik Weitzer
No, just kidding. It is not my taste, i prefer black. why? i don't know. feels right for me.
30 September 2021, 05:07
Christian W
I'm between two rocks. Galdly, I have a handful convertibles in the shelf so I can put a black soft top on it like I'm in the mood for it.
30 September 2021, 05:44
István Szücs
I think, it's better than in black.
30 September 2021, 08:29
Christian W
Done. It turned out good. I'm satisfied with the result. Going to take pictures for the gallery.
8 October 2021, 17:10


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