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1984 Corvette Coupe C4 - 1 of 91 - wip

"Copper Metallic" (WA8754)

"In 1986, Chevrolet offered a new paint color for the production Corvette. Called "Copper Metallic," the paint was introduced as an available color but seemingly NOBODY took notice. Because of this, finding an original 1986 Copper Metallic Corvette is next to impossible – there were only four made that year! The color continued being offered for a second year, and a modestly larger number – 87 total – Copper Corvettes were produced for the 1987 model year."
Source: corvsport.com/the-ra..rvettes-of-all-time/

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btw. This C4 has the wrong rims. They came 1988 on the market. 


1 9 June 2019, 21:02


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