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Ingo Fuchs (albatros32)

Wolf Squad......


14 30 January, 13:10
Casey Rupley
Great build, and fantastic paint and weather! Nice to see something different.
31 January, 15:56
Ingo Fuchs
Thank you!
4 February, 22:10
i agree with Casey!
4 February, 23:04

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It's been a few decades since I first encountered this strange device, back then as a kit from the "Huma" brand in 1/72. After I discovered the MiniArt Kit in 1/35, I had to take it home with me, and now (after just a few years 🤔aint: ) it's already built!

The original at least made it to the wind tunnel model before the end of World War II, and its design (and certainly some technical refinements) later served the Allies to develop their VTOL projects....

More on this :

Focke-Wulf driving wings - Wikipedia

The Kit :

The MiniArt kit was very easy to build thanks to its accuracy of fit.
The included decals for the fittings and the etched straps upgrade the kit cockpit!
On the outside, I just added a few service covers and the gun wiring.
Since I didn't like any of the proposed decal options, all markings were created with self-made masks via airbrush.
In order to provide a size comparison to the high-flyer on a (not yet completed) wingette, two Tamiya figures were built by carving and parts from the fundus, which fit well at the foot of the model...

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1:35 Focke-Wulf Triebflügel (MiniArt 40002)

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