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Bob Hall (springfieldm14)


2010 Shelby GT500 -WIP-

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This album is attached to project 2010 Shelby GT 500.

Albums: 1 with 24 images
In progress
1:12 2010 Ford Shelby GT500 (Revell 85-2623)No Metal Decal for Ford Shelby Mustang (Easy Decal 4262)


27. August at 17:11:27 Share
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Nathan Dempsey Nice custom plates Bob :)
30. August at 00:54:15
Bob Hall Thanks ! My loyalty lays with my Branch, Corp and State ! LOL !!!!!!!! ????????
30. August at 01:10:42
Nathan Dempsey The blue came out spot on.
5. September at 22:36:20
Bill Newcomer Very nice! I was curious about "" It seems they have abandoned the website.
6. September at 04:51:49
Bob Hall Mike goes totally though eBay, He makes all my custom plates by request.
6. September at 05:49:28
Bill Newcomer I found him. Lots of gauge options. I most always make my own plates.;plate=1969&r=1089994017
6. September at 06:54:53
d hadley that is a beautiful blue!what color is it?
23. September at 17:03:28
23. September at 17:25:56
d hadley perfect thanks!
23. September at 17:27:24
Bob Hall No problem, I try to use Factory color paint if I can and this is who I get it from.
23. September at 17:35:26
Chris Greathouse I forget, do you decant or spray from the can? And if so, do you use a straw into a collection cup, or some other method?
5. October at 03:23:41
Bob Hall No, I think that was Tom.
5. October at 04:00:36
Tim Heimer Looking real good!
6. October at 00:40:57
Bob Hall Going slower than Christmas, but hopefully it will be done by then, Thanks tough ! LOL !
6. October at 02:33:01
Munkyslut Looks great Bob ;)
Any problems laying the colour down?
6. October at 08:49:02
Tim Heimer Take your time. hurry up and screw up go together.
6. October at 12:46:21
Bob Hall Oh yes, Slow is how I roll. Color was easy, I just hate that it's molded in 3 Colors, so masking and primer is a must or paint color won't match,
6. October at 17:16:30
Tom ... Vroom, vroom!
8. October at 22:49:24
Bob Hall Got a little more work done this week, interior and motor and a bit of the undercarriage.
18. October at 03:28:24
Nathan Dempsey Lookin nice Bob.
18. October at 03:46:54
Tim Heimer Looking real good! Is that a K&N air filter or a ford air filter?
18. October at 03:58:25
Bob Hall Shelby uses the K&N Cold air intake factory on their cars.
18. October at 04:13:35
Tim Heimer Interesting. TY
18. October at 14:39:02
Bob Hall [img1]?fit=around%7C875:492
18. October at 17:03:06
Bob Hall [img1]
18. October at 17:03:14
Munkyslut Nice ;). 500 plus rampaging ponies
18. October at 17:09:33
Tom ... Wow super clean work! Isn't there dust in Texas?
18. October at 20:25:37
Bob Hall Sealed Room, sealed off the windows and cover the AC vent when painting and clear coating.
18. October at 21:07:22
Tom ... hmmm and the gimp in its box in the corner....
18. October at 21:59:46
Bob Hall I just call that the wife with her dustbuster and swiffer brush ! LOL !
18. October at 22:16:18
Munkyslut Looking good Bob, realism seems to get harder the bigger the scale, you nailed that tho ;)
31. October at 23:23:49
Bob Hall Thanks ! Still have to do the black trim around the doors and windows and lay down the Shelby stripes and side decals, tail lights and door handles. Going slow on this one.
1. November at 01:07:03
Chris Greathouse That's some sharp, clean work. Looking forward to the finished car.
1. November at 01:12:00
Bob Hall Next will be finding the right size display case for it.
1. November at 01:25:49
Bill Newcomer oo00OO00oo... Supercharger
1. November at 01:36:57
Chris Greathouse Wow, that's a good comparison of size.
1. November at 04:15:46
Peter Hardy If you happen to know what size an American dollar note is!
1. November at 07:31:40
Bob Hall PROJECT SCRAPPED ! GLUE GOT ON PAINT AND MESSED UP THE TRUNK DECK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. November at 01:55:04
Nathan Dempsey All I can think of is the Happy Gilmore bleep scene. Its what I do when this happens. What a bummer!
9. November at 02:10:43
Chris Greathouse Boo! Sorry to hear... Not fixable at all?
9. November at 02:10:56
Bob Hall About the words that were yelled ! Rear stripes and spoiler jacked up and screwed ! 3 months of work down the drain !
9. November at 02:15:30
Tom ... So so sorry to hear that, Robert. She was looking so good! Fingers crossed you can still salvage her....
9. November at 06:11:02
Bill Newcomer If you were still in Jr High, I bet an M-80 could relieve some of the stress.
9. November at 08:35:49
Munkyslut Ah shit Bob!!! I feel ya pain......
9. November at 10:39:34
Chaz Gordon Surely you have the technology - You can rebuild it.
9. November at 11:10:24
Tim Heimer Man sorry to hear that! Takes the air right out of the balloon! Time to IMPROVISE!
9. November at 13:43:50
Bob Hall [img1]
9. November at 17:56:44
Munkyslut Haaahaha good pic Bob!
Surely there could be a chance of saving it?
Show us it, someone here may have a secret magic trick ;)
9. November at 18:26:39
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