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Matthew A (matford)

Cessna C-150, C-152, C-140, C-172

Album image #1
C-150 1959 

Album image #2
C-150c 1963 

Album image #3
C-150 1976 

Album image #4
C-152 1983 

Album image #5

Album image #6

Album image #7

Album image #8

Album image #9

Album image #10
Cessna Guidebook Vol 1 

Album image #11
Cessna Guidebook Vol 1 

Album image #12
C-172C Toshiro Mifune 

Album image #13
C-172C Toshiro Mifune 

Album image #14
C-172C Toshiro Mifune 

Album image #15
C-172C Toshiro Mifune 



1 | 29. July 2019, 07:56
7. August 2019, 12:31
Greg Baker
Ok... this is useful! As always... you're a resource unto yourself!
7. August 2019, 12:35
Gordon Sørensen
Have this kit in my stash too. Hopefully some day will do it in the colours of the aircraft I did my private pilot flight test.
7. August 2019, 13:29
Matthew A
I have plans to convert the 172 into an early 150
7. August 2019, 18:28
Alex K
Hi guys! Greg, Matthew, Gordon... I silently follow (all three of) you for several months (no, that's not stalking!), I really enjoy and appreciate your endeavors... - but here's a chance to come out and say hi... well, searching just now all Cessna-related things on Scalemates, I just stumbled upon a post by Gordon... about future releases by KP... including the Cessna 180/185 AND (more to the point) the 150/152! 🙂 Here's the Czech article Gordon initially posted, last November: http://www.modelarovo.cz/maly-nahled-pod-poklicku-cast-1/?fbclid=IwAR0vhkl_seCJZj4LXax0PCHc-SRQugSyefqetMzie8rW_3X6FJRIJ25VxgE - And the precise translated quote: "Finally, molds for the Cessna C-150/152 and Cessna C-180/185 models are being prepared after several years of delay." I understand Matthew is going after an early 150 - but, nonetheless, if a mainstream manufacturer like KP comes out with an 1/72 150/152... well... that will be good news (for me as well)! My respects to all - A.
7. August 2019, 22:48
Greg Baker
First off, you don't need an invitation to jump right into the discussion Alex, but thanks for doing so. That link looks pretty interesting. I'll have to defer to Mathew as to whether or not that will help us in our plans for an early Cessna 150, but it looks promising. Thanks!
7. August 2019, 23:08
8. August 2019, 06:08
Matthew A
That will help enormously - would only have to change the back and tail which would be a lot easier on a plastic kit.
8. August 2019, 11:03
Matthew A
Bought the Hales boxing of the Eidai kit. The good news is most of the wing and part of the canopy can be used to make what I want. The bad news is only the wing and part of... &c
23. August 2019, 10:55
Matthew A
Going to have a break from keep starting projects as I have a lot of books to read and half started builds.
23. August 2019, 10:57
Greg Baker
Good... wait for me to catch up and then I can follow the "model by numbers" method based on your hard work. 🙂
23. August 2019, 11:31
Matthew A
It's going to be more of a scratch build i fear
23. August 2019, 11:39
Daniel Klink
interesting... hm the left guy in the pic hides soemthing under his shirt..
A main gear wheel?
23. August 2019, 14:42
26. February 2020, 15:51
Alex K
Thanks for posting interesting reference material!
26. February 2020, 23:36
12. August 2020, 12:06


1:72 Cessna 172 Skyhawk (Hales 005)

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