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Scott Dutton (ScottieD)

Rafale M

My combination of interesting elements of Rafale single seated. A naval version but with modified air force paint scheme, the anniversary of Normandy.


6. January 2016, 10:38
Nice!!!!! 👍
21. February 2016, 04:58
Nice, but you took the wrong Rafale. You used one from Marine Nationale, and it should be the Armée de l'air version...
21. February 2016, 05:12
You are right Eric, but still nice. I like the scheme, and the job is nice and tidy. Very good.
21. February 2016, 06:20
Scott Dutton
Yep, there is an apology there, I just loved the scheme and was only building one single seater and it was a marine, artistic licence Don't have the space for 3 Rafales in the collection.
21. February 2016, 07:07
Stefan Fraundorfer
Very nice, Scott. I like colorful fighterplanes. But do you know why there is a red star on the Rafale? It is an russian symbol and the Russians were not in Normandy.
21. February 2016, 08:18
Normandie Niemen, Free french squadron who fought in USSR against germans.
21. February 2016, 09:47
Roberto Rocat
Impressive subject! Well done.
21. February 2016, 09:50
Scott Dutton
Stefan, Eric has explained, I hadn't realised either, just thought it looked great, but friends explained it to me and now very interested as I do quite a lot of Russian stuff. Very interesting, pity the books are mostly in French and is great that they keep this tradition. I learnt last night that the Russians unfortunately disbanded their unit in about 2006. Do a wiki search on Normandie Niemen, its very interesting and I suspect little known.
21. February 2016, 12:13
Stefan Fraundorfer
Thank you Eric and Scott for the information. Interesting.
21. February 2016, 12:26
Scott Dutton
Guido, yep you read my mind. I haven't put a Kittyhawk kit together yet, I have a few. I picked up an Italeri one last weekend for less than US$10 so will make do with it, they actually had the other one as well but I wasn't quick enough. Trying to decide on scheme, think the black one with red star from the link you gave me. Now also looking for correct Yak's at swap meet in 2 weeks and Russian friend here has put me in the right direction for a modern Russian version, for a SU -25. Have just started an Aussie Seahawk, having just done some work on the real beast and seen one in a museum has me Aussie inspired again. So many models so little time. Really hope someone does that 1/32 Rafale as it such a pretty aircraft, the French certainly know how to design a nice plane.
21. February 2016, 20:52
Ulf Petersen
Nice costume of your Rafale, Scott!👍
22. February 2016, 07:14
Bart Goesaert
nice one, good to see one in another scheme than standard...
22. February 2016, 09:05
Scott Dutton
Guido, might be a while yet, current build is S-70B2 Aussie that I have just come back from working on and so was inspired, then Viggen with complex cam, then SU-33, add in the armour so probably close to Xmas, unless I do a quickie for sanity, and the italeri is probably a contender for that????
22. February 2016, 12:40
Mike Gromley
Very Nicely Done!!
22. February 2016, 13:55


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1:48 Dassault Rafale M & bomb rack (Revell 04517)1:48 Dassault Rafale C/M Cockpit Set (Wolfpack WP48175)1:48 AM-39 Exocet (Eduard 648194)

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